MedSignals® gives you peace of mind

Caring for elderly loved ones should be a rewarding experience, but it’s often incredibly stressful. MedSignals® gives you much-needed peace of mind — it ensures your loved ones get the timely doses they need, and you’ll always know they did – even when you are miles away.

Medication monitoring brings peace of mind

Relax! Wherever you are, you’ll know that your loved one is taking their medicine on time. And if they are not adherent, you can act immediately — before it becomes a crisis. 

Our medication management system saves money

The cost of MedSignals® is small compared to your peace of mind and the savings from unnecessary health crises. Improper medication management can result in an ER visit, a hospital stay or even relocation to a nursing home — but MedSignals® pill reminders and real-time intake updates make it an incredibly cost-effective solution.

MedSignals® can make a difference for you

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Increased use of a blood-thinning drug saves $600 million annually, because of the strokes it prevents.
(Matchar D, Samsa G)