Remote medication monitoring gives caregivers
peace of mind knowing meds are taken properly

Our innovative MedSignals® medication monitoring device assures users effortlessly stay on track 
with their medicine. Medication adherence means more years of independent living. Caregivers can 
control audio and alerts remotely. MedSignals® is loaded with features that make it the smartest pill 
case available. The pill reminders ensure you never miss a dose. Real-time alerts and reports assure 
your care team knows that you are OK. Click here to learn more about remote medication monitoring.

MedSignals® can be used as a Gateway in Europe and Middle East for VitalSignals® monitors pending regulatory approvals.   if it is in your country. 

Remote weight monitoring keeps
you alert to unhealthy changes

The VitalSignals® precision scale sends weight recorded via Bluetooth to your private file. Audio alerts and optional spoken readings remind you when to weigh. This device lets trusted caregivers to receive alerts of real-time changes in weight. Reliable to within two-tenths of a pound, up to 400 pounds. 

Remote blood pressure monitoring
cuts down visits to the hospital

Save a trip to the ER with a user-friendly
blood pressure monitor at home that
reports the results wirelessly to those
who need to know.

Read more about remote blood pressure
monitoring here.

The most advanced Bluetooth blood
glucose meter available offers
easy-to-report results

Our blood glucose monitor uses a smaller blood sample than any other device to provide faster results than any other device. Pair it with MedSignals® to send your glucose readings straight to your file, along with your diabetes drug history.