MedSignals® is the choice of investigators in over 20 research studies

Since its first use, MedSignals® has continually been used in clinical trials—the only medication adherence monitor that can serve multiple drugs with real-time data collection… and now with cellular communications. 

Besides our own studies, MedSignals® is being used now in 23 other investigators’ research at leading universities worldwide.

Our studies showed significant effects, measured several ways

Each study looked at MedSignals® efficacy, and each showed statistically significant improvement in medication intake when the MedSignals® alerts were activated.

Each study was funded by National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research grants to develop and test new technologies.

Our medication management system has its roots in clinical research – few other biomonitors can say that. Click the links below to read summaries of our trials:
•    Medication monitoring in HIV treatment
•    Medication management for geriatric care
•    Improving compliance among children

Shifting the effectiveness of
patient adherence
may have
a far greater impact
on the health
of the population than any
improvement in medical treatment."
The World Health Organization