Services We Provide

Bringing a new employee into an organization exposes your workforce, shareholders and clients to many potential risks. In order to keep your business successful, you want to minimize potential hazard by collecting all the critical information about your candidates.

At MedSignals we believe that mere fact of having criminal history shouldn’t prevent an applicant from being hired. We leave that decision to our customers through providing detailed information for every case. All our services are performed by certified professionals to ensure you access only accurate and legally obtained intelligence.

Here’s a complete rundown of services we provide: 

  • Criminal Records Check – hiring an employee with a history of criminal behavior poses a considerable liability risk and might cost your company unnecessary time and money. Furthermore, it poses a risk in terms of property theft, fraud, embezzlement, or bodily injury to other employees. MedSignals has access to the country, state, or national criminal records in all 50 states, effectively checking your potential employees wherever they’re from. We can provide you with any information made public regarding any misdemeanor or felony charges, while also checking the validity of their documents, such as driver’s license.
  • Alcohol & Drug Testing – hiring individuals with substance abuse issues might damage your business’ financial goals and reputation. Employing just one illegal drug user might cost you up to $13,000 annually in increased time-off, accidents, and a decrease in productivity. It can cost you up to one million dollars for a negligent hiring lawsuit. Our company’s goal is to help your organization protect its reputation, clients, and workforce through the implementation and management of employment drug screening. Depending on your needs, we can provide a Department of Transportation compliant program, or non-DOT drug testing solutions and online program management. We also offer a statistical summary report with categorized test results by type, date, and result.  
  • Employment History Verification – When looking for a potential employee with relevant experience, you need to make sure that their credentials aren’t falsified. We offer thorough checks and verifications of someone’s employment history, revealing whether your applicant has relevant skills and experience needed by your organization. We also provide you with the applicant’s work performance history and any history of exhibited undesirable behavior. By collecting all the necessary data, you can make a well-informed, sensible decision.
  • Academic Verification – Academic history is the most commonly falsified information on job applications. Trusting that an applicant can fill a role that requires academic qualifications, based on their CV, exposes your business to potential risks. 
    Our company works alongside institutions and authorized personnel to ensure that our examination of the candidate’s full academic history is as accurate as possible. By performing an educational verification, you confirm that your candidate has the skills and qualifications to perform the required duties.

All services offered by MedSignals are custom-tailored to meet our client’s specific hiring needs and requirements of the applicable position. Besides helping your organization hire hardworking, honest individuals, we help you save both time and money through time-saving screening processes and prompted communication between the employer and the employee.