About MedSignals

Our company was founded with its primary goal to help organizations create a safe and reliable workplace through employee background checks and drug screening. MedSignals is here to help you separate honest applicants from those who might’ve falsified their credentials and those using illegal drugs. 

MedSignals provides access to the most comprehensive and sophisticated background screening systems in the United States, delivering these reports domestically and globally. We also offer custom-tailored programs carefully developed to suit your screening requirements, effectively reducing turnover and training cost and increasing your company’s profits. 

Besides background checks, MedSignals also offers professional drug testing solutions and help with implementing drug-free workplace policies. Companies interested in keeping a dependable workforce will undoubtedly value our professional expertise, customer support and updates on regulations we provide for all our customers.

MedSignals.com Team

Website Administrator

Jonathan is a professional in medical cannabis industry who keeps track of latest legalization policies and writes on topics such as CBD therapeutics.

Jonathan Hardy
Jonathan Hardy

Content Manager

Julia is our editor and head of marketing department. She is in charge of curating educational content on medsignals.com.

Julia Oliver
Julia Oliver

Medical Reviewer

Haiko is MedSignals’ resident medical expert. His job is to make sure our blogs are fact-checked and referenced.

Haiko Maaswinkel
Haiko Maaswinkel, BSc, MPH

If you’re interested in more detailed information about our company or services we provide, feel free to contact our offices, and together we’ll help your organization implement smarter hiring solutions.