About Us

Striving for excellence and improving our customers’ lives

At MedSignals, there is nothing we strive for more than being the BEST, FIRST and ONLY among innovations that help clients take medicine properly. No other system can boast as many breakthroughs in the telehealth field.

MedSignals is:
•  The first medminder to organize pills by drug, dedicating each compartment to a prescription with its unique
   dosing instructions and ability to individually adjust each drug regimen pattern, instead of sorting pills by dose.
•  Only mobile multi-drug medication monitor.
•  The first “talking” medication monitor, verbally announcing how to take pills when you open lids.
•  The first to send automated caregiver-specified missed dose alerts for critical meds.
•  The only medminder to also serve as a wireless gateway for vital sign monitoring and communicating health
    status along with medications taken.
•  The best at winning scientific grants to develop and research improvements – 18 and counting!
•  The first to send pill records to the user’s file via cellular.
•  The best server system ever for medications monitoring!  
•  First to send alerts and reports in many formats: fax, email or text message.
•  First to provide reports as EMR uploads, physician faxed summaries and pharmacist refill alerts.
•  First to provide remote setting changes, allowing authorized care managers to reset the MedSignals device
    from a distance — saves trips to the user’s home when a prescription changes.

Vesta Brue   |   CEO and President

“Innovation is our middle name at MedSignals. The team takes pride in building FIRST, BEST and ONLY systems to aid medication adherence every day.”

This woman-owned business was founded by MedSignals CEO Vesta Brue. The concept for this innovative medminder began in 2002 when Vesta won our first grant from National Institute of Health (NIH) to build a smart pill case to remind HIV/AIDS users when to take pills on their highly complex regimens. She envisioned many more models in the MedSignals product line and secured seed funding through a dozen more NIH grants for her pioneering inventions.

First products entered the market in 2008, and now MedSignals is a category leader in medication adherence and pill management programs. The brand is used with many diseases, often combined with wireless vital sign monitors in the home. MedSignals is now multi-national, also selling medication monitors throughout Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Vesta was awarded several patents and numerous trademarks worldwide for MedSignals components. She holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and a journalism degree from Kansas State University.

MedSignals is the second among our award-winning product portfolios. Previously the team invented a smart cigarette case to aid stopping smoking, SmokeSignals, which inspired the technological platform used by MedSignals.

Jerome Hahn   |   Executive Vice President

“The famed song ‘Nobody Does it Better’ certainly applies to the MedSignals team. We’ve attracted world-class expertise in health topics and a team of technologists who have made MedSignals best of class.”

Jerome Hahn has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MedSignals since 2002 and is a partner in company operations. A mechanical engineer by training, Jerry has led the product’s industrial designers, electronic engineers, and manufacturing teams to bring MedSignals from concept to the marketplace. He is well suited to the position, having led divisions and management consulting teams with several large national technology companies, where his specialties were supply chain, manufacturing, product design, and systems architecture. He holds a BSME degree from Santa Clara University.

Jerry founded VitalSignals Enterprises Inc. in Alberta Canada, which builds and markets category-leading VitalSignals monitors that interface with the MedSignals hub in many disease-specific programs.

Haiko Maaswinkel, BSc, MPH | Medical Reviewer

Haiko is MedSignals’ resident cannabis expert. When new medical marijuana products like Liposomal CBD come to market, it’s him we task with diving into the hard science behind product efficacy, quality, and real therapeutic benefits.

Haiko also helps untangle controversies like those surrounding how some medical marijuana users might be at a disadvantage when it comes to workplace drug testing.