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Should responsible employees lose their job because they smoked some marijuana at a weekend party? We think not. But until antique “drug-free workplace” laws are abolished, most cannabis users have to cheat to get negative test results.

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about most popular way to fool drug testing program – synthetic urine. In this research we’ll try to find out what is the best synthetic urine on the market.

What Is Fake Pee And Its Purpose?

Synthetic urine is a special formula designed to closely resemble real urine and mimics its characteristics. Since its discovery, fake urine has found a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Science and other research
  • Alternative medicine, such as urine therapy
  • Upass is commonly used as fetish urine and for pranks
  • Urine substitution for nicotine, alcohol or substance abuse test

How Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?

Apart from looking for adulterants in urine specimens, labs also verify that chemical and physical values are correct1:

  • pH balance in the range of 4.5 – 8.0, with 6.0 being optimal
  • Specific gravity, which must be between 1.002 and 1.0030
  • Creatinine levels from 601 mg to 2936 mg/day

Laboratory technicians also check urine temperature immediately after collection, and incorrect values might put you in trouble. Natural urine has an average of 98°F as it leaves the body. The labs are legally obliged to accept urine samples within the range of 94°-100°F for testing. That’s why it’s important to keep fake pee at correct temperature (more on that later).

Does Synthetic Urine Work For Drug Test?

In the past, synthetic urine formulas were less sophisticated and could only be used for sexual fetish, pranks or to repel animals. Due to simplicity of previous formulas, they were quickly spotted by laboratory urine testing, which is why they weren’t used as synthetic urine for drug test.

Nowadays, best synthetic urine kits contain all the necessary elements like urea and uric acid, creatine, B vitamins and various minerals.

In other words, synthetic urine from reputable companies can’t be detected by laboratory test. Even well-known collection sites like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp can’t tell the difference between good fake pee and natural urine.

Unfortunately, high demand from people created many low quality kits that won’t pass a drug test. Drug tests are continually improving and catching people using cheap synthetic urine such as these:
  • Dr. Green’s Agent X
  • Ultimate Gold
  • P-Sure
  • Magnum Detox
  • Quick & Clean
  • Clean Stream
  • Ultra Klean (Ultra Pure)
  • BC Entities Field Kit
  • Go Number 1
  • SweetPee

Only the best fake pee products feature all the right ingredients, balanced pH, correct ratios, specific gravity, color and smell that can fool a drug test.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands’ Reviews

A failed drug test can cost you employment, and the wrong synthetic urine product is potentially a shortcut towards that. To successfully pass a urine drug test and avoid legal repercussions, make sure you’re purchasing the best synthetic pee.

1. Clear Choice Quick Luck

Quick Luck is currently #1 most reliable synthetic pee on the market. It features regularly updated formula that contains uric acid, urea, creatine and eleven more elements present in human urine. In addition, the product features correct specific gravity and pH values, as well as right color and odor.

As its name implies, Quick Luck is sold in liquid form, saving you the hassle of having to mix it yourself, making it one of the safest and simplest urine products available. The kit includes:

  • 3oz urine container with temperature strip
  • Two Clear Choice heating pads
  • A packet of heat activator powder

You can also include a practice kit in your purchase, which allows you to rehearse preparing your fake specimen. It costs a little extra, but it’s worth the expense.

Clear Choice Quick Luck

2. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix

If the price tag of Quick Luck shocked you, don’t despair. Of course, the Lamborghini of fake piss comes at a cost, but the good news is that the vast majority of employers only cough up money for cheap drug tests. And for another great brand called Quick Fix urine beating these tests is like stealing candy from a baby, hence it’s the best budget option.

  • Quick Fix urine contains uric acid and urea, which give it color and odor just like real thing.
  • Spectrum Labs has been around for years and updates the formula regularly to keep pace with drug testing nerds.
  • Current version 6.2 of Quick Fix urine doesn’t contain biocide, making it completely undetectable by 99% of drug tests.
  • Quick Fix Plus is pre-mixed and comes in a microwave-safe bottle that allows faster heating and reheating.
  • Temperature strip and heating pads are also included with Quick Fix urine kit to keep the specimen warm before you get it tested.

You can read our full Quick Fix synthetic urine review or order it from official retailer:

Quick Fix Plus

3. Clear Choice Sub Solution

If you need synthetic urine that you can store in your desk drawer, Sub Solution is your guy. With more than 13 years of established success in helping people pass their drug test, Clear Choice Detox developed the best powdered urine available. It’s the same company that produces Quick Luck, meaning the formula is updated regularly to remain undetectable.

  • The formula contains thirteen different chemicals like urea, uric acid and creatine, all balanced to resemble the makeup of real urine, and doesn’t contain biocide.
  • Package contents include two vials with powdered urine and heat activator, as well as a 3oz container and detailed instructions.
  • Powdered formula features longer shelf life, so you can store it until the need arises. Plus, heat activator is quick and easy way of heating in case of a surprise test for drugs.

You can read our full Sub Solution synthetic urine review or order it now from the official retailer:

box of Sub Solution

How To Use Synthetic Urine Products

A well prepared synthetic urine has 99.9% success rate in lab tests. But you have to prepare the specimen correctly and, most importantly, bring it to the correct temperature. You can do that by using provided heating pad or heat activator.

The temperature is the first thing lab technicians check when validating urine material, so it pays to know how to warm it up it correctly (more info). Without necessary caution, you can quickly overheat the product and destroy its makeup.

Or, you can buy Clear Choice Practice Kit and hone your skills at home. Here’s a link to the official retailer:

Best Synthetic Urine Brands On The Market - Our Reviews 1

Synthetic Urine Laws By State

Stoners can rejoice because Mississippi Urine Trouble Act (HB1080) was “flushed” by the Senate2. This bill could’ve become a precedent for completely banning fake urine.

The sale of synthetic urine is legal in most states, as well as its use, except when it comes to drug testing area. For instance, New Hampshire banned the sale of artificial pee for the purposes of cheating during drug testing process but allowed its other uses. If you’re caught using synthetic urine product to cheat a drug test on testing facility, it may entail legal responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tried answering some of the frequently asked questions regarding urinalysis and best synthetic urine brands.

Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me?

Typical places that sell synthetic urine include truck stops and local head shops, but the products they stock aren’t always the best available and may be counterfeit or expired. Therefore, we advise purchasing it from specialized stores. You can learn more in our study.

How To Make Synthetic Urine At Home?

While some people claim they have a perfect recipe for DIY-ing your way out of it, it’s usually a bunch of nonsense. The vast majority of manufacturers use specific ratios that are precisely measured up to a 0.1% offset. In other words, you shouldn’t even begin to think about making your own fake pee if you want to pass a urine test for drugs.

Does Synthetic Urine Go Bad?

Yes, synthetic urine can go bad. Apart from passing the expiration date, storing conditions, exposure to oxygen, and sunlight have adverse effects on fake pee. Powdered urine will last longer than premixed synthetic urine.

What Happens If I Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine?

If your sample gets flagged as fake or adulterated, you automatically fail a drug test. Depending on where you live, that might result in employment termination or mandatory rehabilitation. In some states, you might suffer more severe liability. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk to use fake urine in your location, or it’s better to resort to detox drinks.

How Much Urine Is Needed For A Drug Test?

Test facilities usually require two to four liquid ounces of urine for a drug test, which is why most synthetic urine brands come in 3oz packs, which is good enough to meet the requirements.

Will Putting Bleach In Urine Make It Clean?

No, it won’t. Mixing bleach and urine is potentially hazardous to your health, as the mixture releases chlorine gas, which can cause eye, sinus, and lung irritation. When it comes to drug testing, adding bleach to your piss might dilute it, labeling your sample as adulterated. Better stick to urine additives instead.

Can I Use Animal Urine For A Drug Test?

No, human urine has a specific chemical composition. Labs use gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to test the composition of urine for drugs, which detects even the smallest amount of chemicals – as little as 0.000000000001 gram. If any of the components isn’t within specified limits, urine sample will be flagged as either adulterated or invalid.


With so many options available on the market, choosing the best synthetic urine isn’t always easy. If you opt for a cheap and unreliable kit, you’ll probably fail the test. In contrast, using best fake urine brands like those we’ve mentioned will help you pass a urine drug test without any issues.

If you need to take an observed piss test, we recommend using fake urine belt like Monkey Whizz (read review) or Monkey Dong device. And if you don’t have any experience using synthetic urine, you can get training kit and come to the test prepared.

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