5 Best Marijuana Detox Drinks For Drug Test

Many people need to pass a drug test for their job. This can be hard, because most people don’t want to stop using cannabis.

Luckily, there are special drinks and pills that can help you pass a drug test. These products will remove the cannabis from your body.

I recommend Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse as the best THC detox drink. This drink effectively eliminates THC metabolites with natural ingredients and has a high success rate.

Additionally, consider a holistic approach with Toxin Rid, formulated to target toxins and eliminate them permanently.

What Are THC Detox Drinks?

More people are using medical cannabis these days. But drug tests and societal views can still be a problem. THC detox drinks are a way to quickly remove THC from your body before a test.

THC is the part of cannabis that gets you high. Detox drinks aim to flush it out of your system.

Detox drinks usually contain:

  • Water – to keep you hydrated and make you pee more
  • Electrolytes – to balance your body
  • Herbs – to support your liver and detox
  • Vitamins and minerals – to support your health

Pros of THC detox drinks:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Discreet
  • Promote hydration
  • Support natural detox
  • May aid digestion and boost energy

Cons of THC detox drinks:

  • Not much scientific proof they work
  • Only a temporary solution
  • How well they work varies person to person
  • Could give a false sense of security

Detox Drinks For Weed

If you smoke weed often, you may be concerned about passing a drug test. Many people try to find drinks that can help them pass these tests. Let’s look at some of the best detox drinks for weed.

1. Lemon Juice

One good option is lemon juice and water. The acid in the lemon can help flush out toxins in your body. Mix half a lemon’s worth of juice with 8-16 ounces of water. Drink this mixture several times in the days before your test.

A glass of lemon water for drug test detox

2. Cranberry Juice

Another classic is cranberry juice. Like the lemon, cranberry juice can help flush out your system. Drink cranberry juice with lots of water or a sports drink. This will make you urinate more, which can remove more toxins.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a strong diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate frequently. Drink coffee in the days before your test, but also make sure to drink a lot of water. This will help flush out your system.

4. Same-Day Detox Drinks

There are also some specialized detox drinks you can take on the day of your test. These include:

  • Mega Clean
  • Rescue Cleanse
  • Stinger Detox

These drinks are designed to quickly flush toxins from your body right before a test. Follow the instructions carefully.

Depiction of hands of two people drinking detox drinks for drug test

5. The Best Approach

The best way to pass a drug test is to stop using weed as soon as you know about the test. Drink lots of water and exercise to flush out your system for a drug test. Then use one of the detox drinks on the day of the test. This combined approach gives you the best chance of passing.

Some other natural drinks that may help detox THC include:

  1. Dandelion tea – Increases urination and liver detox
  2. Green tea – Flushes out THC, aids digestion
  3. Apple cider vinegar – Boosts metabolism and well-being
  4. Ginger tea – Reduces nausea, has anti-inflammatory effects

Remember, no method is 100% guaranteed to pass a drug test. But following these tips can improve your chances. Good luck!

An assortment of natural detox drinks for weed

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse: Best THC Detox Drink

I am a scientist who studies cannabis. I also speak up for the use of cannabis. I wanted to find out the truth about how cannabis affects our bodies.

I tested a product called Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. This product claims to remove toxins from your body. I wanted to see if it could help me pass a drug test.

I will tell you about my personal experience with Rescue Cleanse detox drink.

What Is Rescue Cleanse?

Rescue Cleanse is a drink that is meant to cleanse your body of drugs. It works in just one hour. It can keep your urine clean for up to 5 hours.

Rescue Cleanse works by flushing out the THC (the main drug in cannabis) from your urine. It does not actually remove the THC from your body. It just removes it from your urine for a few hours.

How to Use Rescue Cleanse

To use Rescue Cleanse properly, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Stop using cannabis and other drugs for 48 hours before your test.
  2. Do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours before taking Rescue Cleanse.
  3. Drink the entire bottle of Rescue Cleanse.
  4. Wait 1 hour. During this time, urinate frequently to help flush out the THC.
  5. Take your drug test during the 1-5 hour window after drinking Rescue Cleanse.

My Experience With Rescue Cleanse

I am a 220 lb man who exercises regularly. I smoke cannabis a few times a day.

I followed the instructions and drank the Rescue Cleanse drink. I then took 5 different drug tests over the next 4 hours.

Here’s what happened:

  • After 1 hour, I was still testing positive for cannabis.
  • After 2 hours, I was testing negative. The Rescue Cleanse had worked!
  • After 3 and 4 hours, I was still testing negative.

So, the Rescue Cleanse worked for me and kept my urine clean for at least 3 hours.

The best place to buy Rescue Cleanse is from the official website, Other websites may sell fake products.

Alternative: Toxin Rid Detox Pills

If you need to pass a drug test, Toxin Rid can help. Toxin Rid is a powerful detox pill course that can get the drugs out of your body permanently.

Drugs stay in your body for different amounts of time. For example:

  • Cannabis (marijuana): 4-30 days
  • Amphetamines: 2-3 days
  • Cocaine: 2-3 days
  • Heroin: 1-3 days
  • Ecstasy: 2-3 days
  • Benzodiazepines: 4-6 days

If you use drugs often, it takes longer to get them out of your body. It can take up to 7 days for most drugs.

Cannabis is especially tricky. The cannabis chemicals can stick to fat cells in your body. This means they can stay in your body for over a month, and sometimes up to 2 months.

What Is Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is a powerful detox kit. It has strong natural ingredients that can:

  • Help your body remove toxins through your kidneys, liver, bowels, and bladder faster
  • Help remove toxins from your blood faster
  • Specifically target cannabis toxins

You take the Toxin Rid pills each day. Along with living a healthy lifestyle and not using drugs, Toxin Rid can help you get clean 50% faster than normal.

Toxin Rid comes in different course lengths:

  • 1-3 days for a partial cleanse
  • 4-6 days for a full cleanse if you have lower levels of drugs
  • 7-10 days for a full cleanse if you have higher levels of drugs

How To Use Toxin Rid

Here are the steps to use Toxin Rid successfully:

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle – eat well, exercise, drink water, get rest
  2. Take 3 Toxin Rid pills with water for the first 5 hours each day
  3. Drink lots of water and urinate/have bowel movements frequently to flush out toxins
  4. On the last day, drink the Toxin Rid detox drink
  5. Consider taking a fiber supplement a few days after to help remove cannabis toxins
  6. Use home drug test kits to check your progress

You can also use a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse on the day of your test as an extra insurance policy.

Does Toxin Rid Work?

Yes, Toxin Rid does work to get you clean in time for a drug test, if you use it properly. I used it successfully to pass a drug test after being a heavy cannabis user. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle and follow the Toxin Rid instructions, it can help you get clean quickly.

You can only buy Toxin Rid online from the manufacturer, Test Clear. Don’t buy it from other websites or stores, as it could be fake.