Pass Your Drug Test With MedSignals

MedSignals was founded in 2000 as a medical consultancy firm. Fast forward to 2021, we’re proud to open our novelty and smoke accessories shop. Our experts with medical background will continue reviewing drug test products and writing guides for you to educate yourself.

In this research, we’ll go over popular methods people use to cheat their drug tests. We’ll also cover various myths and misconceptions regarding drug testing. Keep reading to learn how to pass a drug test for weed or other drugs safely.

Drug Testing Myths

Online community of drug enthusiasts regularly comes up with new homemade remedies and other things someone friend’s cousin heard that’s supposed to help in passing a drug test. Instead of trusting your job opportunity to some anonymous user’s words on the Internet, let’s see what the science says.

Urine tests can measure impairment and frequency of use
Depending on the substance, more thorough lab testing can trace drug use over prolonged period. However, most common urine test can’t indicate whether a person has an addiction problem, or the severity of impairment, unlike blood tests.
Staying clean from 48 hours to 30 days is enough to pass guaranteed
The amount of time needed for detoxification process depends on several factors, notably current THC levels in your system. Meaning it’s impossible to cleanse from frequent cannabis use in 48 hours naturally. Moreover, chronic marijuana users may need weeks, if not months, to completely remove THC metabolites.
Excuses will let you slide
Some over-the-counter medicine can trigger a false positive for amphetamine on ELISA test, but not on confirmatory GC/MS testing. On the other hand, there are no known substances to cause false positives for marijuana, and anything above 50 ng/ml makes you test positive. Exposure to second-hand smoke solely won’t cause this concentration of THC molecules.

Urine Drug Test Facts

Dilution can be detected
It’s true that drinking water in copious amounts can reduce concentration of THC-COOH in your urine sample. However, this may also cause low specific gravity, which together with abnormal creatinine levels will flag you as a cheater.
Drug test can’t tell prescription medicines from street drugs
Even if you’re using legitimate prescription drugs, this can cause positive test results for opiates, benzos or meth. Meaning you’ll have to disclose your medical condition to the employer, which is a serious privacy invasion.
Many companies still test for marijuana use
Despite ongoing cannabis legalization across the United States, most employers are still testing for marijuana usage. According to recent inquiries, more than 61% of US companies conduct multi-panel drug screenings, which include cannabinoids. Unfortunately, medical cannabis users aren’t protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act and can be fired.
Discrimination includes drug tests
According to numerous studies, African Americans are 25% more likely to be “randomly” tested for drugs. Also, hair follicle drug tests are more sensitive to thicker and darker hair1. This makes hair testing biased against African Americans. Despite criticism, employers and government are still using hair follicle test to determine substance abuse.

How To Pass A Drug Test — 4 Ways

Despite high accuracy, drug tests aren’t infallible, and there are methods people use to successfully pass drug screens.

Detoxing From Marijuana

Natural cleanse is the safest way to pass a urine drug screen. However, due to THC’s solubility in body fat, detoxing can take too long for marijuana user to be clean before a drug test. More info in our THC detox study.

Substitution & Synthetic Urine

This is the most popular way of beating drug test, since it requires very little preparation. The hardest part is sneaking substitute urine sample into the bathroom, while modern synthetic urine kits do a good job at fooling most urine testing methods.

Adulterants & Additives

Commercial urine additives and adulterants made from household products are easier to smuggle than substitute urine due to their small size. The downside of additives is that they require some time for chemical reaction to complete, so they’ll only work for tests sent into laboratory.

Home Remedies

The Internet is full of miracle DIY recipes supposed to quickly flush or mask drug metabolites in your body. There’s even one that calls for taking antibiotics. We’ve investigated most of them and we must warn you that some pose serious health risk, apart from being unreliable. Here are some examples:

Activated Charcoal

It seems that lately this black powder found its way into just about every product, including bread and toothpaste. Activated charcoal does indeed have toxin-absorbing properties, so it can be used for treating food poisonings and overdose. Problem is that this detox only works while the substance is still in your stomach, so it won’t flush drug metabolites.

Lemon Juice

Citrus juice has many health benefits due to its alkalizing properties and vitamin C content. DIY remedy we’ve found online suggest that you:

Dissolve one tablespoon of lemon juice in 18 ounces of water.
Slowly drink this lemon water over several hours.
Repeat the process 7-8 times in the days before your drug test.

The issue with this method is that scientists haven’t found any confirmation of lemon’s detoxifying properties.


The idea behind coffee detox is that it’s a diuretic, meaning it’ll make you urinate more frequently, much like cranberry juice. The downside is that it’s easy to dilute your urine this way, so labs will flag it as tampered. Due to being acidic, coffee can actually hinder detoxification, and it will also leave you dehydrated, so it’ll be difficult to fill the specimen cup.

Pickle Juice

Store-bought pickle juice is basically a solution of vinegar in water, which is another home remedy we’ve covered. Natural, fermented pickle juice can be used as a source of electrolytes due to its salt content, and it contains some antioxidants. However, pickle water doesn’t have any instant detoxifying properties, so it won’t help you pass a drug test.


To summarize this study, there are both legit ways to pass a drug test and never-ending urban legends. Due to potential termination of employment or even legal consequences, preparation for drug screening should be taken seriously. We’re trying to deliver facts about all popular methods, so you can make an educated decision.