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Going through natural drug detox is a sure way to get negative results on a drug test. Abstaining from weed, alcohol and other drugs, exercising and eating healthy for several days helps well to reduce the number of drug toxins in your system.

But if you’re a marijuana enthusiast, flushing out THC can be a long and tedious task, sometimes taking a month or two to complete. Luckily, you can significantly shorten that time by using detox pills that help your body get rid of toxins.

In this article, we’ll talk about how drug detox pills can help you pass a drug test naturally. We’ll also review some of the best detox pills for drug test and a few popular brands that you should avoid. You can jump to reviews or keep reading to learn how body detox process works.

Do Detox Pills Actually Work For Drug Tests?

The biggest misconception about THC detox pills is that they’re some magic formula that makes your body instantly clean from drugs. Though it sounds impressive, that’s not how they work. Even the best detox pills for weed are merely cleansing supplements meant to help your body eliminate toxins naturally.

To get a better picture, you have to understand how the body detoxifies itself. Drug toxins in blood are filtered out by the liver, while soluble drug toxins are filtered out by the kidneys and expelled through sweat and urination1.

All drugs are eventually eliminated from the body. They may be eliminated after being chemically altered (metabolized), or they may be eliminated intact. Most drugs, particularly water-soluble drugs and their metabolites, are eliminated largely by the kidneys in urine.Jennifer Le, PharmD

Whichever drug you consume, it gets converted to metabolites in the blood. For a light user who smokes once a week, these drug toxins are quickly expelled, usually by urination. However, a heavy user can have higher levels of toxins in their system, so it takes days or weeks for the body to eliminate toxins naturally.

  • THC is the most problematic of metabolites, since it attaches to the body’s fat cells.
  • Because of its solubility in fat, flushing out THC requires more time than any other drug metabolite.
  • And that’s where detox pills for drugs come in.

They speed up natural detox process almost by 50% and they work for any drug metabolite. There are no drug detox pills that are targeting specific drug metabolites, like “cleansing pills for weed” or similar things. You shouldn’t trust the label or the seller telling you otherwise because it’s just a marketing trick designed to get your money, not to help you pass a drug test.

But if you’re wondering if pills can clean your system from weed, the answer is – yes, they can.

How To Use Detox Pill Kits To Remove THC

The best way to use detox pills when facing a urine drug test is to take them according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. Just remember, that they’re a body detox supplement meant to speed up the natural detox from drugs, so make sure you treat them as such.

Relying only on flush pills to remove marijuana from your body, without adhering to the rules of natural detox, will not help you in passing drug tests.

Instead, you should follow a drug cleansing routine at least for a week (or better yet, 10 days), coupled with detox pills. During the natural detox, you’ll need to:

  • Drink plenty of water to help your kidneys get rid of toxins quick
  • Eat healthy, non-fatty foods so your liver can excrete drugs with bile
  • Refrain from heavy exercise as this can release THC metabolites into the blood
  • Also avoid too much sweating (e.g. sauna)
  • Abstain from introducing new toxins like marijuana or other drugs

You can intensify the process by taking drug test pills, as they can significantly speed up the process. They are not, in any case, a substitute for a natural detox from drugs. But without detox products, you may need more than a week if you’re a light user or 30+ days in case of heavy use.

One of the things you can expect when using these tablets is going to the bathroom frequently. This indicates that body detoxification process works.

Where To Buy Detox Pills Near Me

Detox pills, like marijuana cleansing drinks, can be found in any big pharmacy or store near your location like Walmart, GNC, CVS and Walgreens. These stores offer their own brands, which are usually of low quality, without any guarantee of their efficiency.

The best detox pills for drug test are sold exclusively through online shops, that provide discretion and overnight shipping. We strongly recommend ordering these online directly from official supplier for the best available deal in terms of price and quality.

Here Are The Best Detox Pills For Drug Test

Now that you understand how marijuana flush pills work, you can more easily find a brand that suits your needs. Still, you may want to know which are the best detox pills for drug test available on the market and which ones to avoid. We’ve already done the research you need to successfully pass an upcoming drug test.

When selecting the best available option, you should consider the amount of time you need for detox. Some drug cleansing kits are designed as 10 days body detox supplements, some are five day courses, while others fall under the same day flush category. Our reviews will help you decide what is the best detox pill to clean out your system:

1. Toxin Rid 10 Day – Best Detox Pills In 2020

Toxin Rid has several cleansing courses, ranging from same day to 10 days full body detox program, which is #1 top rated detox pill kit available. This is an ideal solution for a heavy marijuana user and those with higher BMI (more fat cells) as it provides the best results.

Toxin Rid’s 10-day complete cleanse contains detox liquid, capsules with supplements and dietary fiber, all three of which need to be ingested according to the instructions (including foods you can eat), for maximum results.

  • Pre-rid capsules contain natural diuretics like alfalfa leaf extract, so naturally they will make you pee more frequently.
  • Detox drink is reserved for the last day and should be used according to the instructions.
  • Dietary fiber can be replaced with a detox drink for extra insurance (we recommend to use Mega Clean).

Both Toxin Rid pre-rid capsules and detox liquid contain electrolytes like magnesium, potassium and chloride to make up for the ones you lose by peeing. The fiber mix works a laxative and contains psyllium husk. It will help to get rid of the toxins through bowel movement.Best Detox Pills For Drug Test - Clean Weed From Your System 1

Overall, it’s the best choice on the market to speed up toxin release from your body. If you’re looking for a proper 10-day body detox cleanse, Toxin Rid is number one recommended brand. You can read our full Toxin Rid reviews for more info or buy it from the official store:

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program

2. Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Pill Course

Toxin Rid’s 5-Day detox program is recommended to buy if you’re short on time or money for a 10-day course. It contains nothing but natural ingredients, which work to increase the efficiency of body’s detox process.

This 5-day detox pill kit by Toxin Rid includes a course of pre-rid capsules, dietary fiber supplement and detox liquid that you need to take on the last day of the course. The only difference between this detox program and a 10-day one is in the number of capsules you need to take each day.

  • During this course, you would take 15 Toxin Rid capsules each day, for five days.
  • According to the instructions, you should drink the liquid detox supplement on the last day, after the final round of Toxin Rid capsules.
  • The dietary fiber supplement is to be taken before the drug test to make sure all toxins are flushed out.

Toxin Rid 5-Day body detox cleanse is suitable for a moderate cannabis user. Chronic smokers and people with higher BMI levels should opt for Toxin Rid’s 10-Day detox reviewed above. Here’s a link to the official store:

3. Rescue 10 Day Permanent Detox

Rescue Detox’ 10-day supplement kit is our ultra budget pick. It’s formulated to assist natural detoxification process, cleansing you permanently as long as you don’t introduce new toxins. 10-day Body Detox is designed to eliminate the built-up toxin levels and free radicals from the body of light to medium smokers.

  • Rescue 10 day body flush contains four pre-cleansing capsules, 60 morning tablets, and 60 evening tablets that you take for ten days.
  • Take six pills in the morning, with 32 ounces of water and six pills in the evening, one hour before dinner, with an additional 32 ounces of water.
  • The kit also contains 8 ICE pills that you only need to take in case of toxin re-introduction to your system.

Here’s a link to the official store:

4. Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

Top quality detox pill kits can be expensive, and a proper natural detox gives better results after 10 days time. In case you can’t afford either, five day version of Rescue Detox is the last resort. This course will yield the best results for light weed tokers.

Rescue’s five days cleanse works by helping your body get rid of toxin buildup. It uses all-natural ingredients to aid your system in expelling drug metabolites at a faster rate. The instructions are pretty straightforward.

  • You start by taking four pre-cleanse pills.
  • Then each day you take six morning and six evening tablets followed by 32 ounces of water.
  • After you completed detox pill course, you should also take the ICE capsules provided, as they will flush out any lingering toxins.

Like other courses, Rescue Detox will also be effective only if you adhere to the rules of natural detox and abstain from introducing new toxins into your body. Here’s a link to the official store:

5. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Created by Clear Choice, a company that makes Sub Solution, Pre Cleanse Formula Pills are supplements that work to aid natural detox, and are meant to be paired with detox drinks. For an affordable price, you get a monthly supply of 60 capsules that will help you get rid of toxins faster.Herbal Pre Cleanse formula

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, as its name states, is a pre-cleanse detox supplement that speeds up elimination of toxins. However, this product is not your typical detox pill. It’s more of a method to slowly bring your toxin levels down so you could effectively expel them with a high-quality detox drink. You shouldn’t rely on this product alone to detox your body from drugs.

Pre Cleanse is designed as an ongoing detox course that will drastically reduce your toxin levels, despite constant introductions of new toxins into the body. That way, when combined with a good detox drink, it reduces your cleansing time by 20%. Still, we recommend that you abstain from drugs during the course.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz and Pre-Cleanse Capsules bundle

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It’s much more economical than buying Pre-Cleanse alone. Click this button to reserve it at the official store:

6. STAT! Flush Pills

Stat Flush is formulated to temporarily clean your urine for drug testing by masking metabolites. It’s the cheapest option in our roundup meant to be used if you don’t have the time to perform a full natural detox. However, this brand offers short-term effects and after a while, THC metabolites in your urine will become detectable again.

  • Stat Flush proprietary formula contains over ten plant extracts, several vitamins and minerals.
  • Caution is advised when using it, since caffeine can seriously hinder its results.
  • It’s recommended that you abstain from any caffeine source for at least 72 hours before using this product.

Stat Flush detox pills are another supplement that works only if used together with detox drinks. Here’s a link to the official store:

THC Detox Pills That Don’t Work

When facing a drug test, using a sub-par product can actually compromise the entire detox process. The market is flooded with cleansing products of poor quality that don’t provide satisfactory results. Learning about these products will help you avoid becoming a victim of false marketing and fake products. Here’s a list of cleansing pill brands you should avoid:

Herbal Clean Super QCaps

Quick Caps are marketed as the same day cleanse for all type of drug metabolites and any level of toxin exposure. Herbal Clean’s Q Caps supplements contain the same ingredients as detox drinks like vitamin B, creatine, several proteins and plant extracts.

You take four Herbal Clean capsules at once, with 24 ounces of water, followed by another 12-24 ounces within 15 minutes. After ingestion, you should urinate as frequently as possible to flush out the toxins from your bladder. Herbal Clean remains effective for the next several hours.

This sounds more like a detox drink that isn’t premixed but instead comes in the form of capsules. Herbal Clean has no useful capabilities of a detox pill. The short-term effects it provides are those of a detox drink, without any long-term detox effects.

Stinger 7 Day Detox Pills

Stinger 7 Day Total Detox comes as a liquid, much like the cough syrup, rather than a pill. Still, it has aggressive marketing, with claims of removing unwanted toxins from your blood, saliva and urine so you can pass drug tests.

The company producing Stinger 7 Day Total Detox offers a wide range of cleansing products like 5X Extra Strength Detox and Whole Body Cleanser. However, there isn’t a lot of details about the company even on their website, which should raise some concerns.

Don’t get confused by the stellar reviews this product received on the official website. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find tons of unsatisfied customers online, stating that this product is a hoax and that it doesn’t work for drug tests. We wouldn’t recommend Stinger detox pills as a means of passing a drug test, due to the poor quality of the product.

Champ Flush Out Detox Pills

Being on the market for over 30 years and still in demand by some weed enthusiasts, Champ Flush Detox claims effectiveness against all drug metabolites. The product is actually the same formula as Champ Flush Detox drink, but it comes in capsule form.

The product works by increasing the amount of urine produced by your kidneys and expelling drug metabolites through frequent urination. However, we’re not convinced in the effectiveness of this product and its ability to cheat a drug test properly.

The formula contains some chemical ingredients of real urine, but not all. The absence of critical chemical elements otherwise naturally found in urine will flag your sample as diluted, resulting in a failed drug test.

Despite your toxin exposure, we urge you not to fall victim to false advertising and avoid this product. It lacks the potency and the required chemical makeup to clean your urine and help you successfully pass a drug test.

USB Detox Pills

Purity Labs advertises this product as a full body detox that will flush out toxins from your urine, saliva and blood. However, these are not typical detox pills that speed up your metabolism and flush out the toxins more effectively. This is another case of detox drink in a pill form.

USB pills are just another dilution method, which requires you to drink a lot of water and frequently urinate. The product does have some added vitamins to help balance out the ones you lose by cleansing toxins.

When following the provided instructions, you are required to take the entire pack of drug test pills on an empty stomach, followed by four 8oz glasses of water. After one hour, your urine should be clean with the effects lasting up to 12 hours.

The USB is not a proper detox supplement, but just another detox drink in capsules. And while it might clean your urine for a limited amount of time, we seriously doubt it will do the same for saliva and blood drug tests.

Potable Aqua Tablets

Potable Aqua tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water, making it biologically suitable to drink. It’s used by militaries and emergency organizations worldwide, and just about anyone in need of clean water.

Rumors are circling the web, stating that Potable Aqua pills also purify the human urine of THC metabolites. Allegedly, there are two methods through which this is achieved.

The first method says that you should purify the water with PA tablets, and drink it2. The active ingredients in the purified water will, in turn, also clean your urine. This method is an ineffective dilution method, with no scientific proof that it will help you in passing a drug test.

The other method states that you should dissolve a PA pill in your urine, and it will purify it. The chlorine inside the capsule should break down all the THC metabolites and any other metabolites, as well.

However, modern laboratories have rapid urine tests that detect diluted urine, and you can easily fail a test due to urine sample contamination so it’s definitely not the best idea to use these pills for drug or alcohol test.


There are many misconceptions regarding detox pills and their effects. To combat these misconceptions, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do Detox Pills Work For All Drugs?

Detox pills are supplements that increase effectiveness of your body’s natural detoxification process. As such, they work for all drugs and toxins.

Can Drugs Test Detect Detox Pills?

Detox pills are comprised of natural herbal ingredients that aid detoxification and are not detectable by any drug test. These products do not contain any illicit substances that might raise a red flag.

However, detox pills of questionable quality may overdilute your urine sample, which can lead to a failed drug test. To avoid issues such as sample dilution, we advise you to use only top quality detox pill brands like those reviewed in this article.

Do 3 Day Detox Pills Work?

Toxin exposure plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of a product. A 3-day detox course may lack the potency to deal with high levels of toxins but can easily help someone with lower toxin levels. If you’re a light or an intermediate drug enthusiast, a 3-day course may work for you, especially if paired with detox drinks.

Can Detox Pills Help You Pass A Hair Test?

Unfortunately, detox pills are not an effective solution for hair detoxification and can’t help you pass a hair follicle drug test. Instead, we advise you to use top rated hair detox shampoos or a structured hair detox method.

Why Is Creatine Important For A Drug Test?

Creatine and creatinine concentration in your urine can indicate whether or not you’re trying to cheat a drug test. Normal creatinine levels range from 0.5 to 1.2 mg/dl depending on gender. Drinking excessive amount of fluids lowers creatinine levels in your sample, causing your urine to become diluted.

To combat this specific issue, best detox products contain creatine that replenishes creatinine you lost due to more frequent urination.

Do Cranberry Pills Detox Your System?

Cranberry pills are a great way to rid your body of harmful and cancer-causing toxins, and prevent urinary tract infections. They’re so effective in removing free radicals that people try to use them as drug detox. Unfortunately, cranberry pills don’t have the potency required to deal with drug toxins in your system.


In conclusion, drug test pills are a great way to speed up the otherwise natural detox process and produce a clean sample. It’s highly suggested that you use top rated 10-day detox programs, since they offer higher chances of success, especially if you’re a chronic smoker.

For light users of drugs, a 5-day course or even same-day cleanse will be useful in purifying their urine for drug tests. Please keep in mind that these products do not substitute the body’s natural process of cleansing toxins. Relying on these products alone without putting in the effort of detoxifying naturally will most likely result in you failing a drug test.

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