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Since cannabis became legal in several states, off-hours have never been more fun and relaxing. So, you might smoke a joint or two during your night out, pop a pill, or even do some coco puffs. Why not, life’s fun.

Well, it tends to be less fun when you’re waking up with a massive headache. And that headache is the least of your problems if it’s accompanied by a notice of an upcoming mandatory drug test.

Employers are getting stricter by the day, and your little “sporting” habit might get you in trouble if you fail that drug test.

The best way to beat a drug screen is to go through a natural detoxification process. Problem is that it takes days or even weeks to complete. But even if you’re short on time, you still have two possible solutions for this situation.

The first solution is sneaking in a synthetic urine sample, which is a common method of passing a pee drug test. However, it carries certain risks, since you have to discreetly swap the sample and present it as your own.
The second solution is detox drinks and it might be your best bet, since it’s completely undetectable.
Detox drinks, like the one we’re discussing today, work in a way that enables you to naturally produce a clean pee sample and pass a drug test.

Choosing a good detox drink often makes all the difference, and helps you pass the test with flying colors. Rescue Cleanse, by Clear Choice, is one such detox drink. You can learn more by reading our Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review below.

What is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

Rescue Cleanse is a fruit-flavored detox drink that’s been around for several years now. It’s produced by the well-established and acknowledged company Clear Choice, dedicated to helping people pass a drug test.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse has an excellent reputation among detox drinks, with many satisfied users attesting to the effectiveness of its cleansing properties.

  • The drink comes in two sizes, a regular 17oz bottle, and a stronger version – the 32oz bottle of Rescue Cleanse.
  • We recommend using the latter, especially if you don’t have 72 hours to prepare. More on that below.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz Extra Strength

We strongly recommend the 32oz bottle of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, regardless of your body mass, as it provides better results.
The formula doesn’t differ from the 17oz version, but the quantity of ingredients does.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink features several vital ingredients that will flush out drug toxins from your body so that you can produce a clean urine sample for testing. They’re all part of Clear Choice’s proprietary blend of ingredients, which have different effects on your metabolism and your body. Here’s a link to the official store:

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse 17oz (Budget Option)

For a light, occasional smoker, or those with low BMI, a 17oz bottle of this detox drink should be more than enough to flush out the toxins from their system. Problem is, it may take some time to remove THC from fat cells, even if you’re a skinny person.

There is a stronger, 32oz version of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink, which is most suitable for a heavy smoker, or those weighing over 200 pounds.
And that’s the one to use if you only have 24 or 48 hours before the test.

Another great thing about this drink is its straightforward use, as it is described in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Here’s a link to the official store:


For optimal effects, it’s strongly recommended to avoid any drugs, at least 72 hours before your test. This includes weed, alcohol and nicotine, as the constant presence of these particular toxins may hinder the effectiveness of the drink. The same rule applies to fatty food, so you should pay attention to your diet.
According to instructions, you should drink Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse on an empty stomach, about two hours before the test. Shake the bottle well and drink its contents within 10 to 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes after finishing the drink, refill the bottle with water and drink it for another 15 minutes.
Due to the effects of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink, you should feel the need to urinate more frequently. Urinate as often as possible, at least three times within the hour of finishing the drink, to properly flush out the toxins from your bladder.
Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse will provide a 5 hours “clear zone,” during which your sample is toxin-free and ready for testing. Once those five hours have passed, the drug toxins will slowly re-enter your bladder and urine.


Vitamin B complex found in Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse helps with urine detox and gives it its natural, yellow color1.

Some of its components, like Riboflavin, additionally oxidize weed metabolites, further detoxifying your blood and urine. Thiamine (vitamin B1) works as an antioxidant, helping your body in the removal of harmful toxins and residues of illicit substances2.

However, the B vitamin complex alone isn’t enough to pass a drug test.
Because of frequent urination, you’ll lose precious minerals and other essential components of human urine, resulting in a diluted sample.
If the lab test concludes that your urine is diluted, you’ll fail the test immediately.

To counter the dilution of your sample, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink contains additional Creatine Monohydrate, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, and Selenium as a part of the proprietary blend formula. These elements serve to replace those you lost through bladder cleansing.

Shelf Life

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse can be stored for future use, within the limits of its expiry date, since the drink doesn’t require special storage conditions. You can store it in your kitchen cabinet or your work desk drawer and use it when the need arises.

This would keep you away from stressful situations in which you require a detox drink, but don’t have access to one.

Does Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Work?

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink is among the best detox products on the market, as it is reliable and effective. It’s also relatively affordable when compared to other detox drinks of the same quality.

On top of those fantastic features, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is backed up by an astounding number of satisfied customers. According to users’ good reviews, this detox drink provides the required results if you follow the instructions to the letter.

Its active ingredients will flush out the toxins from your bladder and urine through frequent urination. It will also replenish the levels of essential minerals and other substances that are naturally found in human urine. Through this method, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse will help you produce a clean sample for testing, without diluting it.

Rescue Cleanse vs. Mega Clean

Another drink with similar potency, often compared to Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, is Mega Clean by Detoxify. It’s an herbal detox drink that’s combined with pre-cleanse pills, which reduce your pre-test abstinence period to 24 hours. It’s a significant advantage over the Rescues Cleanse’s 72-hour period of natural pre-test detox.

However, that advantage is only ensured by taking the pre-cleanse pills, 24 hours before drinking Mega Clean detox drink. Without pre-cleanse capsules, both Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse require at least 72 hours of abstaining for maximum effect.

Lucky for us, Clear Choice currently bundles their drink with Pre-Cleanse capsules too, making it suitable for 24 hour detox. More on that below.

Both drinks have a good record of flushing out toxins for urinalysis, but Rescue Cleanse is cheaper. If you can splurge, Mega Clean is probably a better choice since it’s so popular and has a massive number of positive reviews, and you can also get a discount on a home test kit.

Where To Buy Rescue Cleanse 32oz Near Me

To the great misfortune of all the drug enthusiasts in need of a detox drink, Rescue Cleanse is unavailable for purchase at your local stores.

You should keep in mind that while local stores and pharmacies do sell detox products, they are usually undistinguished and of poor quality.
Places like Walgreens, GNC, CVS or even Walmart do sell various detox products, but Rescue Cleanse isn’t among them.

Local smoke shops and specialized stores may have this detox drink in stock, so they’re worth checking out. Most of those shops have their websites, so you can check what products they offer, or inquire about a specific product, like Rescue Cleanse.

Online Stores

Rescue Cleanse can be found on various e-commerce sites, at affordable prices or combo deals. However, most of these products you’ll find on Amazon or alike website are outdated, expired, or simply fake.

Please exercise caution when purchasing Rescue Cleanse online, unless you’re obtaining it directly from the manufacturer.
The absolute best option for purchasing Rescue Cleanse is through official online retailer.

Online purchase is a fantastic option since it eliminates the need to inquire about the product by talking to the seller face-to-face. This way, they guarantee discretion, as well as fast, overnight shipping for those who are in urgent need of a good detox drink.

Also, the official online store offers the best deal in terms of price, service, and product authenticity, combo deals, and even money-back guarantees.

For a limited time, Rescue Cleanse is bundled with free Pre-Cleanse capsules
Click this button to reserve it at the official store:

Rescue Cleanse 32oz and Pre-Cleanse Capsules bundle


None of us should have to pay the price of relaxing and having fun by failing a drug test and losing our job. The manufacturers of Rescue Cleanse understand that, and that’s why this fantastic detox drink is one of two best on the market (along with Mega Clean).

It has thousands of satisfied users, claiming that Rescue Cleanse does a fantastic job of cleaning out their body for weed and drug screens. It features several natural ingredients that aid your body in cleaning your urinary tract through more frequent urination, providing you with a 5 hours “clear zone.”

To summarize our Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review, this product remains the most potent detox drink for a heavy smoker, requiring no additional pre-detox cleanses.

Based on various factors like potency, affordability, personal experiences, and several thousand good user reviews, we conclude that Rescue Cleanse is among the best detox drinks available. It has all the things necessary to help you pass a drug test for weed or other drugs.

We recommend buying Rescue Cleanse only from TestNegative.
They offer free support and warranty for their customers.

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