Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Review

People are now open to anything new from activities, places, and even substances in this modern age. Everybody has their reasons. Some drug users consume weed for medical use, while others enjoy it for recreation.

Regardless of the motive, losing everything to a failed supervised drug test is not good.

You came to the right place if you find yourself looking for Monkey Whizz reviews. Hence, we will talk about this fetish urine product and break down the critical points you need to know.

About Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt

If you are among those who use substances to relax or play around sometimes, Monkey Bizzness fake pee company might be familiar.

Serious Monkey Bizzness established a name by helping people beat urine drug tests, and its fake urine product line has grown in 15 years of the company’s operation. Monkey Whizz synthetic urine has made it possible for people to pass urine sample drug tests easily.

What is Monkey Whizz used for?

People can use Monkey Whiz for clearing a piss test for their studies, employment, licenses, or visa approvals. Monkey Business synthetic urine products and accessories are designed for people who can’t afford to fail. 

Fortunately, this isn’t exclusive to those who can afford hefty price tags. Instead, Monkey Whiz’s price point caters to even those on a tight budget.

Another benefit of this fake urine product is it comes as a complete package. Monkey Whizz belt is pre-loaded with Monkey Business synthetic urine. 

What’s included?

Here are the inclusions you can expect from the Monkey Piss kit:

  • 100% cotton elastic belt
  • 3.5 oz of high-quality fake urine
  • Two organic heat pads
  • Temperature strip
  • Instructions

Monkey Whizz Review

Let’s discuss what makes people choose this fake urine kit over other best synthetic urine products.

  • Substitution method

One of the selling points of the Monkey Whizz is its application and usage. The design is quite ingenious. Both men and women can use Monkey Piss. In fact, it works particularly well for imitating urination while sitting, when release line is ran down between butt cheeks.

  • Elastic Belt

The set includes an adjustable cotton elastic belt that is easy and comfortable to wear. This device helps secure the pouch containing fake urine. So instead of bringing a urine bottle with you, the belt holds it discreetly and spares you of that trouble.

  • Monkey Whizz Flask

The Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is a hit among weed enthusiasts because of its exceptional human pee characteristics.

This pre-mixed urine uses ingredients that make it look and smell like urine. It contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. In addition, monkey Business has set the product’s pH to ensure the product tests like the real thing.

  • Heat Pads

Another addition to the kit is slim heating pads. These work in making sure your urine is warm like a fresh human pee specimen.

  • Temperature Strip

A strip for checking the sample temperature is essential for your success.

  • Clear Instructions

It would be a problem if you ever had a urine kit come without instructions. Also, since you can only take a urine drug test once, you’d want to ensure a negative result. Fortunately, Monkey Business values the peace of mind of its customers.

Hence, the Monkey Whizz kit comes with detailed instructions on using the product.


  • Unisex
  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Long shelf life


  • Heating the urine several times can be difficult
  • You can’t microwave Monkey Whizz
Monkey Whizz fail

How to use Monkey Whizz belt

As with any other synthetic urine kit, the execution of the instructions is crucial to the results. Improper preparation and use can jeopardize your chances of success. If this is your first time trying this substitution method, make sure to follow these instructions:

Step 1: Prepare the heating pad and urine belt.

Turn on one heat pad and insert it between the belt and urine bag on the day of your test. You should do this roughly one hour before the scheduled drug test.

For optimum control, tie the urine bag around your waist, so the temperature strip is in contact with your skin. When strapping a urine belt, pay close attention to the release tube.

Given that Monkey Whizz is a gravity-operated gadget, you should always point the release tube downward. It is worth remembering that you can cut the release tube shorter if it appears to be excessively long for you.

It’s important to mention that Monkey Business warns that you can’t microwave Monkey Whizz. Instead, they advise using the heating pads to regulate the temperature because microwaving it can harm the urine quality and container.

Step 2: Check the Temperature

Heat pads take approximately 15 minutes to bring the sample’s temperature to the proper range. After the said timeline, make sure to check the heat strip often.

Your heating pad and body heat’s combined action should be sufficient to maintain the required temp. You would want it to stay within a reasonable average temperature range of 98 to 100 degrees for an extended period.

Step 3: Proceed to the Lab and Collect Your “Sample”

To release your sample, open the two clips that hold the release tube closed and let gravity do it. After filling the cup, pull the pipe back into your underpants before giving the sample. After this, you can now submit it and wait for the urine drug test results.


People will always have preferences regarding convenience and ease of use. For example, if you think the Monkey Whizz kit is too much for you, you can opt for Monkey Flask urine. However, if you’re male and want to add convenience and security to the process, you can try the next option.

Monkey Business offers a Monkey Dong kit, which can be considered an upgrade. It comes with a prosthetic penis readily available in six different colors. This kit is excellent for supervised drug tests but costs more than the Monkey Whizz set.

Does Monkey Whizz work for drug test?

So, are the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine reviews accurate? Can this kit help you pass urine drug screenings?

After looking at the set’s features and application, we concluded that it works. The convenience of using the kit makes it worth the purchase. The design, use, and fake pee quality will have nobody doubting your results.

Though a massive chunk of its effectiveness falls on the execution of the steps, Monkey Whizz can help you beat a lab drug test. In terms of the price, we can say that it is affordable compared to other brands in the market.

Where to buy Monkey Whizz near me

Monkey Whizz is not sold on Amazon or other big retailers officially. If you find it on a discount website, it’s probably counterfeit or expired specimen. The product should only be obtained directly from the official website to make sure it works for a drug test.

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