Rescue 10 Day Detox Kit


Rescue 10-Day Detox kit is a complete detoxification system that will help rid your body of harmful substance buildup and reduce toxin levels before a urine drug test. It does so by improving your body’s natural detoxification process with ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

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Use coupon MEDSIGNALS for a special discount!

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These revolutionary permanent detox kits were created by Rescue Detox, people who are health and detoxing professionals in the US.

  • The product includes three types of capsules to be taken every day with water, and ICE caps for the final cleanse on your drug screening day.
  • Rescue Detox 10 Day kit works by increasing metabolism in order to flush out free radicals and THC toxins from your fat cells.

Rescue Detox is suitable for individuals with weight over 200 lbs, but a chronic weed smoker may want to consider Toxin Rid, which is the most powerful detox program currently on the market.

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