Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo


Clear Choice shampoo is designed with the finest ingredients specifically to cleanse residues and toxins from your hair and scalp, so you can pass drug tests.

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The difference between this detox shampoo and other hair care products is it can remove residual drugs from your hair follicles, resulting in a negative hair follicle test result.

  • Provides Clear Zone for up to 8 hours after application to pass a hair follicle drug test
  • Easy two-step process works for any hair length and type of hair drug test
  • Product is safe for the hair, including any body hair sample
  • Contains Propylene Glycol for effective treatment

For best hair testing results, use a clean towel, clean comb and don’t allow hair to touch surfaces that may contain toxins. It’s also a good idea to include a self-test kit in your order.

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