Review – TestClear Powdered Human Urine Kit Failed?

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If you’re employed in a big industry or are looking to score a lucrative job, chances are you’ll be facing a drug test sooner or later. This wouldn’t be an issue for those who don’t do drugs, but a growing number of people likes to take a hit from the bong and relax after a stressful day.

In case you’re among those people and are panicking because you have a drug test in two days, don’t worry, we might have a solution.

Fake urine has been growing in popularity in the past couple of years because it’s one of the most reliable methods of cheating on a drug test. However, finding the product that meets one’s requirements and expectations isn’t an easy task by any means.

There are many brands on the market, and most of them are not worth the effort because they have a meager success rate. TestClear might be a different story, stay with us, and find out whether it’s a worthy investment in our review below.

When To Use Substitute Urine?

If you’re a light smoker who only hits the spliff once in a blue moon, artificial urine is probably not the best first option. In that case, you should probably resort to detox drinks (see recommended brands) or one of the many DIY solutions that can be found all around the Internet, such as Certo method.

However, if you’re a heavy smoker and are in dire need for a quick solution to pass a pee drug test, then we would recommend looking into the synthetic urine (see top rated brands). While it’s one of the more straightforward methods to use, it does require a bit of attention and a lot of preparation.

Artificial pee can also be used for other purposes like pee fetish, pranks, and as an animal repellent1. That said, the vast majority of people use it to fake a drug test.

Dry Human Urine vs. Synthetic Pee

This is somewhat of a never-ending battle, and the conclusion is based on one’s personal preferences and likings. Both of these types come with a set of advantages and shortcomings; thus, neither is an ideal solution.

The  dehydrated pee  is usually used by people who aren’t facing a supervised test but are instead making their sample at home. On top of that, the powdered type has a significantly longer shelf life meaning you can buy stacks of it and not worry about the expiration date anytime soon.

It’s also somewhat easier to set up and prepare, although that’s also a matter of personal preferences. Nonetheless, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The  liquid form  is a better option for people who are facing a supervised test. Some other units on the market come in discreet packaging and also can be mounted on a harness that keeps it safely tucked under your shirt. For best results, we recommend using urination device such as Monkey Whizz.

Who Is Test Clear And Are They Legit? is a pretty reliable and well-respected online drug test company. They have been rapidly growing for a while now due to the massive outburst of mandatory drug tests.image of testclear website

Many athletes and professionals alike use their services to bypass some requirements and get their VISAs approved. The good thing is that all of their services and products are available for the public.

Given that there is a sea of companies of suspicious credibility, finding a credible one isn’t easy. As far as goes, it’s safe to say that they fulfill most people’s expectations and are indeed legitimate.

TestClear’s Powdered Urine Kit

While offers much more than just urine kits, it’s among their top-selling ones for obvious reasons. This particular kit is very similar to some others that can be found on the market today, but with a few essential differences.image of powdered urine kit

The first and most obvious difference is its form. Instead of coming in liquid form like most other units, it comes in powder form. That means it requires a bit of preparation and mingling, but it’s not something you should worry too much about. All you have to do is read the instructions and follow them accordingly.

The downside of this product is that it expires rather quickly once mixed (usable within 48h) and its price is somewhat high. On top of that, while it’s an incredibly popular product, it does not come with a consistent success rate. Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, but it can cause some unpleasant situations if not used properly.

How To Use This Kit?

The best way to increase your chances for success is to thoroughly go through the preparation steps and make sure you’ve done everything according to the instructions. It’s of utmost importance that you go through every step as per manufacturer’s instructions, or else you risk facing a failed test.picture of pee heater

Before the test, mix the product with water and put the heater on the other side of the temperature strip. Make sure you keep an eye on the temperature strip because it’s one of the essential factors for successful tests. If the lab finds a massive discrepancy in temperature, they will proclaim it unviable.

That’s about it, all you need is lukewarm water and a bit of patience. It’s good to carry the sample as close as possible to your body to keep it warm. On top of that, make sure you never cover the temperature strip with the heating pad or else it will show inaccurate readings and jeopardize your chances for success.

Does It Work?

While the opinions and experiences are quite mixed, as long as you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it should work. As far as freeze dried urine goes, the TestClear is among the best on the market. Some others offer similar or better results, but they are either of questionable quality or too expensive.

image of test clear testimonial

There isn’t a way for us to strongly recommend this particular unit because it works in most cases, but there is still potential for things to go wrong. It can depend on a variety of different factors, including user error, faulty product, expiration date, etc.

That said, if it’s your only option and you’re in a dire situation without too many options, then yes, you should check out the Test-Clear kit.

Where To Find Clean Human Urine For Sale

In case you’re looking for a reliable sample, the best course of action is to order it directly from the official website. All you have to do is create an account and add the desired product to the cart. Once you’re ready to put an order navigate to checkout and fill up the required info.Review - TestClear Powdered Human Urine Kit Failed? 1

I want Powder Urine

TestClear Coupon Code

There is a unique coupon code that will save you 10% off of any purchase. All you have to do is enter “CLEAN4ME” during checkout, and your discount will show up on the final page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TestClear Real Human Urine?

Plenty of reviews claim that this is indeed clean human urine that has gone through a process of pasteurization and was freeze-dried. However, the product itself contains more than 3000 different compounds meaning we can’t know for sure. The company has not disclosed this fact as of yet.

Can Laboratories Detect It?

Given that it contains both urea and uric acid, it’s doubtful that labs will detect it. It could be perhaps done with a more in-depth analysis of your sample, but the vast majority of employers won’t go to those lengths to prove your wrong.

A more thorough analysis is significantly more expensive than the conventional one, and it’s not an economically viable solution for most employers.

How Do I Dehydrate Urine?

While some methods can be found on the Internet, most of them are unreliable and not worth the hassle. There is a complex process involved behind urine dehydration, and it’s not something you can do at home with great success. It’s not a good idea, mainly because there are commercially available solutions at an affordable price.

Has TestClear Ever Failed?

It would be a lie to say that it hasn’t. However, the more important question is – why has it failed? The most common reasons include human error and failure to follow the instruction instead of it being an inherent flaw of the product itself. That’s why we always emphasize the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I Buy It On Amazon?

We strongly recommend buying it from the official website instead of major retailers. The main reason behind this is that resellers tend to offer counterfeit and expired products.

The Conclusion

Our overall impression of this product is quite positive. There are plenty of reviews online of people claiming it works perfectly, but there are also some that have had a subpar experience.

As we have pointed out, it all comes down to how you prepare it and whether you stick with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. As long as you strictly follow them, you shouldn’t have any issues.

On top of that, we have provided a coupon code that will cut off 10% off your purchase, which is more than enough for you to consider it a viable solution.

Our rating: 4 out of 5

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