Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Review

People are starting to open up to using marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. However, not every setting is bound to agree with this. For example, most workplaces require a mandatory company drug test, and users have to find ways to pass it.

There are many Toxin Rid reviews online because of this detox product’s claim of helping the body get rid of marijuana traces. While there are other detox methods, nothing beats the effectiveness of the natural detoxification process.

And you may wonder, are these claims valid? Let us find out in this Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox review.

What is Toxin Rid Detox?

Test Clear is a company that provides various drug testing solutions, including detox pills and detox kits. Each Toxin Rid kit contains only natural ingredients, such as vitamins, herbs, and minerals. All these are meant to help your body’s natural detoxification process. 

Toxin Rid detox kits also contain no fillers or animal products. You may or may not go for the most comprehensive Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox because you have many options, depending on your exposure to toxins and body type.

The programs vary from 1-day and 2-day detox pills to a 7-day or ten-day kit if you’re a frequent cannabis user. Today, we’ll talk about the most popular 5-day Toxin Rid pills course. First, let’s find out what makes this detox product a top choice for many marijuana enthusiasts.

Who is Test Clear Toxin Rid for?

Detox pills work differently depending on the body type and toxin exposure. Every time someone takes drugs, their active ingredient turns into metabolites. These circulate in a person’s bloodstream and eventually work their way out through stools, sweat, and urine.

The amount of time needed for these metabolites to clear out depends on many things. This includes a person’s lifestyle, body type, type of drug, and volume of how much they took in. With that said, a 5-day Toxin Rid detox kit is best for moderate to heavy drug users.

Chronic and heavier users may want to opt for Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox. On the other hand, light users may prefer a shorter Toxin Rid 3 Day Detox program.

What’s included with Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox?

When you purchase a 5-day course of Toxin Rid pills, you can expect the following:

  • Dietary fiber supplement
  • Pre-rid tablets
  • Liquid detox component

Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Review

Toxin Rid kit works its magic through its powerful detoxifying effect. So what makes this brand effective in drawing more toxins from the body faster?

The package comes with three essential components with specific roles to play. Hence, understanding each detox component will make it easier for you to follow through.

Pre-Rid Tablets

5-day Toxin Rid kit includes a set of pre-rid tablets rich in minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients for detoxification. Drugs tend to attach to electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which then cleanse your system.

The Alfalfa leaf extract works as a fat burner and diuretic. Meanwhile, boron, kelp, and chloride are critical for the body’s healthy detoxification. Here is a detailed list of the pre-rid tablets’ contents:

  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Alfalfa leaf extract
  • Calcium
  • Boron
  • Iron
  • Kelp

Detox Liquid

This detox liquid has a lot of the same components as the tablets. Lithium and magnesium are among the elements in this compound. Essentially, they are natural minerals and electrolytes that help maintain the equilibrium.

This mechanism acts within and outside the cell’s selectively permeable membrane. As a result, all of the chemicals in the detox liquid stimulate urine production, allowing the body to detoxify as quickly as possible.

Toxin Rid pills are most effective in detoxifying through urine as it removes around 20-30 percent of THC from the body. Apart from these, there are other ingredients found in the liquid, namely:

  • Sulfate
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Boron
  • Sodium

Dietary Fiber

Fibers come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. In particular, the psyllium husk powder is a laxative that works with the components mentioned above. It also improves the likelihood of the metabolites being eliminated by feces.


  • Works in as fast as an hour
  • Good for overall health
  • Versatile and effective
  • Easy to take


  • A bit expensive
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Toxin Rid instructions

Since there is a wide variety of available detox programs under the Toxin Rid brand, it helps to understand how to take each component correctly. Following the Toxin Rid instructions below can help you pass urine drug tests as fast as in five days.

Taking detox pills

You will take 75 pre-rid tablets for the entire detox program.

Take three pills every five hours for a total of 15 tablets each day.

Repeat this process for five days.

Before your drug testing

On the drug test day, drink half of the detox liquid and 16 ounces of water to prepare.

After two hours, drink the leftover detox liquid with 16 ounces of water again to complete the process.

Then, an hour before the test, take the dietary fiber to ensure your urine is clean of drug metabolites.

Place the dietary fiber mixture in eight-ounce water, stir, and leave it to sit for two minutes.

This timeframe allows proper absorption and mixing.

Drink it and then take 15 ounces of water after 15 minutes of taking the dietary fiber mix.

This process allows the remaining metabolites to leave your body.

It is always ideal to try and urinate at least two or three times before taking the test.


The steps of taking the components of the detox program are essential.

However, it is also vital to ensure that your fasting time and the entire regime are at par with the program.

Where to buy Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox near me

The official store to purchase Toxin Rid detox kits is the website. Their fast deliveries come in handy for short notice drug tests. You also get to enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work.

They also ship globally, convenient and accessible for everyone who needs it. Additionally, you can check customer reviews before buying.

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Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox is a healthier and better way to pass a drug test. However, if you have no time to cleanse, you can always resort to other alternatives.

Test Clear powdered urine is an excellent option if you are looking for an easy-to-prepare sample. It comes at an affordable price along with a straightforward preparation. In addition, since it uses real urine in powdered form, the chances of passing a urine test are pretty high.

Does Toxin Rid work?

After looking at the product and several Toxin Rid reviews, we concluded that Test Clear 5 Day Detox delivers on its promise. It is a natural and healthier way of getting metabolites and other toxins out of your body.

This method is unbeatable in terms of peace of mind because fewer risks are involved. In addition, it is easy to follow and guarantees promising results. Another factor that makes the deal sweeter is the company’s money-back guarantee.