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Drug testing of hair follicles has a track record of being difficult to cheat compared to urine drug tests, so it’s becoming a more frequent obstacle on the way to your dream job, particularly in United States. However, hair follicle testing isn’t completely foolproof, and people often report they’ve beaten it using Aloe Rid detox shampoo and the Macujo method.

What Is The Macujo Method?

The Macujo method, otherwise known as Growman method or “the Mac”, is a seven-step hair cleansing routine for drug test. Supposedly, Macujo method works by opening up the outer layer of your hair (cuticle) to access the inner layer called the cortex, and remove any drug metabolites found within.

Despite rising popularity of drug testing home remedies, they’re inefficient when it comes to removing THC metabolites from your hair strands. The Macujo method, on the other hand, reportedly has a success rate of over 90%, which is quite impressive. Macujo method is time-consuming, but relatively straightforward, and it requires the following items:

Before you begin, make sure to wear protective gear to prevent damage to your face or eyes.

The Macujo Method Steps

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, it’s time to start step-by-step detox process. For the Macujo method to work for drug tests, you need to complete these tasks:

Step one

Alcohol drinkers, marijuana users and tobacco smokers should stop drug use immediately after receiving the notice of upcoming hair drug test. This will prevent new toxins from entering the hair.

Step two

Thoroughly rinse your hair using warm water, then apply Heinz vinegar, massaging it down into the scalp. It contains acetic acid, which may cause a tingling sensation.

Step three

Without removing vinegar, apply salicylic acid shampoo (pink Clean and Clear or T-Sal) to your hair, and massage it into the scalp. It may further increase tingling, but salicylic acid is considered safe in these quantities.

Step four

Cover your head with shower cap, and distract yourself for an hour. This will allow vinegar and salicylic acid shampoo to penetrate the cuticles.

Step five

After an hour, rinse your head using warm water, then wash your hair with Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo two times, in accordance with product’s instructions. Thoroughly rinse out your hair every time.

Step six

After rinsing Aloe Rid from your hair the second time, it’s time to wash your hair with Tide liquid laundry detergent. Make sure that Tide detergent never contacts your eyes and ears. If you’re using protective glasses, remember to wash the hair under the goggle strap. Rinse again.

Step seven

The final part is to apply Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo to your hair and scalp. Rinse it out with water.

People with heavy drug usage should repeat this process at least five times with 8-10 hour breaks to prevent skin irritation. However, if you’re out of time, this can be done during a shorter period and once more on hair test day.

Note that it’s crucial to use old formula of Aloe Rid instead of a newer Nexxus version, which doesn’t contain propylene glycol. Also, avoid any contact of your head with contaminated surfaces and items like your old comb, towel, pillowcase, car headrest, hoodie, hat, etc. until you’ve received your drug test results.

Why Macujo Doesn’t Work With Nexxus?

The problem is that Nexxus have discontinued their original Aloe Rid shampoo and replaced it with a completely different product. The old formula was popular with people who consume illicit substances trying to pass hair tests, but it was causing scalp redness, so the manufacturer has recalled it. has bought out leftover detox shampoo from Nexxus in gallon bottles and rebranded the product as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid, which is now sold exclusively on their website available for everyone while supplies last. The only difference to original version is the product name.

Does The Macujo Method Work?

We’ve found many success stories of the Macujo method posted by people on Reddit and Internet forums, such as this user:

I told myself if it works to beat a hair test I would find the best forum I could find and post that shit. Background first, I’m a mildly athletic 6ft 200 pound dude who smoked heavy for quite some time, nothing major just puffin on the one hitter all day every day. When I found out I had to get a hair test done for a good ass job I was after I had about a 5 week window to get my hair clean and ready.Macujoman, Grasscity

A vast majority of Macujo method reviews were positive, but we did find a small number of negative ones. Upon further research, we’ve concluded that the reason for failure and resulting negative user reviews is individuals being “creative” and inconsistent in following the procedure, like skipping specific steps or using inappropriate products.

Make sure to follow everything listed in Macujo method instructions to achieve maximum effectiveness in removal of marijuana, opiates and other drugs’ traces to pass a hair drug test.


While it may employ harsh chemicals and strange steps, the Macujo method has a strong track record. Many people have been using it to pass a hair follicle drug test for marijuana and other drugs successfully. Make sure to stay away from toxins, use the Macujo method according to the instructions a few times, and you should be able to pass a hair follicle drug test.

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  1. I smoke a lot of weed daily, so no chance this thing will work for me! – me 2 weeks before hair drug test
    This shit burns my head! Should I keep doing it? – me 1 week before the test
    Holy moly, this actually works! – me after hair follicle test!
    Macujo method works folks, if you do what they tell you to it will work!

  2. Just recently heard about the Macujo method and I was intrigued. I heard it worked but was still not sure if it would help in my place. Vaping is my weapon of choice and I do a lot of it so passing hair drug test seemed impossible. Talked to a buddy and he said to try jerry and macujo methods as they worked for him and many others on several accounts. Tried it, did everything and anything there was and to my surprise, I passed hair drug testing and got the job, success!

  3. My forehead and ears are red from the mixture but I’ve managed to pass employer screening for marijuana. Should’ve put vaseline on them before the procedure silly me. Make sure to use everything listed and buy new brushes and towel. I think that in case of drug tests everything counts, even small things. Tried different ways, formulas and so called solutions but nothing worked like this cleansing method the Macujo. This should work for THC, cocaine and other types of drugs.

  4. I followed your step-by-step instructions to the letter coz I’m a long-time weed user and I needed this one to work! Got the tingling sensation which increased a bit after contact with Clean and Clear shampoo. It was hard to bear at first but I got used to it and continued. I’ve heard many people saying they smoked weed a few days before the hair drug test and still passed using macujo method but I wouldn’t do that. If you start doing this 2+ weeks before the test then you’ll be in the clear. It’s a worthwhile investment despite the high price of Aloe Rid old formula if it helps u secure jobs.

  5. The procedure sounds like and is a harsh one for your head or body hair. But, does the Macujo method work? Yes, it does. And if you really want to pass hair screen clean, then this is the way to do it. You need to stop smoking marijuana (or anything else) and do the treatment as many times before your hair follicle drug test as possible for best results.

  6. While the protective gloves and shower cap are recommended, I think they should be mandatory. Believe me when I say you don’t want Tide laundry detergent or other products in contact with your eyes, forehead, hands, or other body parts that aren’t hair. On that note, seven-step macujo method has higher success rate than other methods I’ve tried to get clean! Do at least two washes, like many people said here or elsewhere on the Internet, and get a new towel.

  7. I have a few questions for people who’ve used this method. Can Nexxus Aloe Rid hair shampoo be switched for something else? I can’t seem to find that at the moment so I don’t know what to do next. Also, Clean and Clear or T-Sal? Which is better to wash your hair on step 3? Thanks.

  8. You will probably not find the original version of Aloe Rid shampoo anymore in Amazon, supermarket or other place. But you can order Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid hair cleansing product from mentioned in this method, it’s the same thing. Also, use Clean and Clear. Hope this helps you!

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