MedSignals: Medication Management Systems

The smartest pillbox available uses automated reminders to support health and independence, as well as peace of mind.

MedSignals® is a medication management system that:
•    REMINDS the patient when and how to take pills correctly

•    MONITORS when each drug is taken
•    COMMUNICATES use automatically to the patient’s secure file online
•    REPORTS  medication adherence via email, text, or phone alerts to authorized care managers

MedSignals®:  the right pill… the right time… taken properly.

Getting smarter about medication use is a challenge for all of us.

  • The forgetful patient needs an easy-to-use “smart” reminder system.  
  • The remote caregiver — many miles away — wants to keep an eye on a loved one’s pill-taking patterns. Peace of mind is precious.
  • Health professionals need to track medication adherence to improve prescribing decisions.  

Improper medication management results in prolonged pain and suffering, greater burden to caregivers, and enormous costs. Yet,taking drugs correctly can earn a high payback with the right affordable aids. Pill reminders are key to more consistent self-management and longer independent living at home.

Value-Added Resellers and Home Health Providers

Be certain your clients are getting the optimal in medication management.

The life-changing medication monitoring technology of MedSignals®eases the strain on elderly clients and their care team. Be sure your clients always get the right pill … the right time … taken properly. 

Wholesale pricing is available for:

  • Insurance providers 
  • Mobile health distributors
  • Senior assistance organizations
  • Strategic partners and re-marketers


Save money and effort in your next clinical trial.
MedSignals® makes it easy to capture real-time pharmaceutical use data, while eliminating errors that often accompany self-reports. 


Prolong independence, promote peace of mind.
Your loved ones’ health matters. Relax knowing MedSignals®‘ automated pill reminders ensure that the people you care about won’t miss a dose of their medication, no matter how complicated their regimen. Our user-friendly medication management systems include text, phone and email alerts. That means more independence for them, and peace of mind for you.

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