Rescue Detox ICE Drinks 32 oz


Instant Cleansing Energy in 32 oz bottle is a powerful detox drink designed for people with higher toxin exposure looking to pass a drug test for marijuana or other toxins.

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Rescue Detox ICE drink contains necessary B vitamins, creatine monohydrate and special herb extract to augment your body’s cleansing process and flush out impurities before a urine test.

  • Applied Sciences is a reputable name on United States detox product market
  • Rescue Detox ICE contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Reduces toxin levels in 90 minutes and provides up to 5 hour clean window to pass drug tests

For a frequent or long-time smoker, it’s worth looking into top-shelf detox drinks like Mega Clean, since ICE cleansing drink doesn’t come with pre-cleanse pills included.

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