Mega Clean Detox Drink Review

Medically reviewed by Haiko Maaswinkel (B.Sc., MPH) — Last update on Transparency Disclosure

Drug detox drinks have been around for quite some time, and the reason for their popularity is that they work in a way of masking toxins in the body, so anyone can pass workplace drug tests. The problem is that market is flooded with vitamin water brands marketed as ultimate detox drinks for drug test.

If you’re looking for number one rated product, Mega Clean cleansing drink is the winner in this category, as we’ve discovered. This Detoxify drink has enough potency to cleanse your body of the most pesky drug metabolites, like THC-COOH.

In our Detoxify Mega Clean review below, you’ll find out what exactly is this cleansing drink, how to use it to make sure you pass a drug test, and which stores have it for sale.

What Is Mega Clean Cleansing Drink?

This premium detox is produced by Detoxify, a well-established company, and contains only natural plant-based ingredients, along with Vitamin B complex. The formula features a blend of herbs that will cleanse your system of toxins by making you urinate frequently. Thanks to these potent diuretic ingredients, this product works for people with heavy toxin levels:

  1. Uva Ursi
  2. Burdock Root1
  3. Milk Thistle
  4. Dandelion
  5. Hawthorne Berry
  6. Cloves
  7. Stevia
  8. Fruit Fiber

A diluted urine will surely raise a red flag during a drug test, which checks for things like low creatinine levels and pale color. To counter that, Mega Clean detox drink contains the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Creatine
  • Pantothenic Acid

Package Contents

Mega Clean cleansing drink comes in a box that includes:

  • 32oz bottle of detox drink
  • 6 Pre-rid pills
  • A set of instructions.

The drink features 2 distinctive flavors, wild berry and tropical fruit, and you should follow the directions for maximum efficiency. We also recommend that you opt for a home drug test at the moment of purchase to monitor your cleansing process, allowing you to confidently submit your sample for lab testing.

How To Use Mega Clean For Drug Tests

Abstaining from drugs plays a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness of Mega Clean detox drink, so you should follow the instructions included with the product to the letter. We’ll provide a brief summary here:

  1. Avoid consuming weed at least for 48 hours before your drug test.
  2. Take six Pre-rid pills 12-24 hours prior to your test for marijuana use.
  3. You may consume up to 20 oz of water every 2 hours before and after drinking Mega Clean.
  4. You can eat on the day of drug test; however, stick to light meals and avoid fatty foods.
  5. Two hours before drug test, shake the bottle of Mega Clean and drink it slowly over 15 minutes.
  6. Fifteen minutes later, refill the bottle with water and drink it over 15 minutes.
  7. Mega Clean takes about one hour to lower toxin levels in your urine.
  8. Afterward, produce your urine sample and submit it for drug testing.

Please keep in mind that the effects of Mega Clean detox drink are temporary and last for up to five hours with peak efficiency window at first three hours.

Does Detoxify Mega Clean Work?

Given it contains nothing but herbal diuretics, Mega Clean provides a very high chance of success. According to reviews on Reddit, Mega Clean works just as we’ve described – it dilutes your urine, but replenishes lost vitamins and minerals. Further inspection of a few negative reviews people have left points to improper use of the product.

Where To Buy Mega Clean Near Me?

Thanks to its popularity, you may have seen Detoxify Mega Clean at large store chains. We did a quick research for this review:

  • Mega Clean appears as “out of stock” on Walmart website
  • Not available at GNC and CVS pharmacy
  • Available at TestClear with overnight shipping
  • Available on Amazon and eBay, though these may be expired

We would avoid purchasing from the last two, especially if the price looks too low, since there’s no guarantee against receiving expired or counterfeit product, and it may be too late when you discover this. We’ve also negotiated a special discount for our readers at TestClear, as it appears to be the most reputable store selling Mega Clean:


Does Mega Clean Work For Opiates And Alcohol?

Yes, Mega Clean flushes out all drug toxins from your urine, including alcohol and opiate metabolites, as long as you avoid consuming substances for at least 24 hours.

Will Mega Clean Give You Diarrhea?

No, Detoxify Mega Clean shouldn’t give you diarrhea or other side effects, unless you have pre-existing stomach issues or you’re allergic to one of its components. Please read product label to familiarize yourself with the ingredients to avoid any unpleasantries.

Can I Use Mega Clean If I Have Kidney Or Liver Disease?

Mega Clean is a dietary supplement, and generally it shouldn’t have adverse effect on your health. However, make sure to consult your physician before using this product, as this product is not recommended for people with liver or kidney problems.

Is Detoxify Mega Clean Sold With PreCleanse Pills?

Yes, when you buy Detoxify Mega Clean from Test Clear, it ships out with six Toxin Rid PreCleanse capsules that help break down metabolites in your circulatory system. If you have time before drug test, we recommend adding extra PreCleanse tablets to your order, especially for people with high BMI or chronic smokers.


To summarize this review, Detoxify Mega Clean seems to work well when it comes to temporarily flushing toxins from your urine. It features a potent formula made of natural diuretics and also contains replenishing vitamins and minerals to combat the over-dilution of your pee samples.

It’s a premium product that will, when used properly, cleanse urine of people with any levels of toxin exposure. However, we highly advise that you don’t omit pre-cleanse pills if you’re a heavy smoker, as it helps to prevent toxins in your blood from re-entering the bladder too quickly, or better yet — use it as part of marijuana detox program.