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Sometimes, good synthetic urine kit is the only thing standing between you and failed drug test. That’s why it pays to invest in a trustworthy product like the one we’ll cover in this Clear Choice Sub Solution review. Read on to find out if it will pass a lab test and where you can buy Sub-Solution.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is the most popular powdered synthetic urine kit currently sold on the market. It’s manufactured by Clear Choice company, a prominent name in drug testing and detox products industry, best known for their reliability and quality level. So, if you need synthetic urine sample for an upcoming urinalysis, keep reading to learn more about this product.


Nowadays, it’s important that synthetic urine formula replicates real human urine as closely as possible. You can’t expect to pass a urine drug test with colored water that only looks like pee. Luckily, Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine contains all essential compounds like uric acid, biologically correct pH1, specific gravity and creatinine.

As you can expect from premium synthetic urine kit, the formula is completely toxin-free and balanced to the point of being indistinguishable from the real human urine. It contains 11 chemicals naturally found in pee, including the most important ones:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
Another important factor is that Sub Solution synthetic urine doesn’t contain preservatives like biocide, which may raise a red flag during testing. Some manufacturers of synthetic urine kits add biocide to increase shelf-life. Today, preservatives are the first thing testing facility will check for, which is why it’s crucial to use only premium formulas.

Package Contents

The urine kit includes:

  • One powdered synthetic urine vial;
  • One chemical heat activator vial;
  • A 3oz mixing container with temperature strip;
  • A set of instructions.

Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is sold in powder form, so it still has a relatively long shelf-life without using biocide.

How To Use Sub Solution For Drug Test

The product ships with detailed instructions on how to use Sub-Solution, but we’ll briefly cover them here so you’ll know what to expect.


Preparation of Clear Choice Sub Solution is relatively easy:

Fill the mixing container with lukewarm tap water, just under the screw cap, and add urine powder.
Screw the cap back on, and gently shake bottle with the mixture.
Once the powder dissolves, carefully add heat activator (glass amber vial).

Use of heat activator formula is optional if you choose another heat source, like your own body temperature.


Check the temperature strip pre-attached to the mixing container.

  • No readings indicate that temperature is below 88°F, which means you should add 1/3 of heat activator powder.
  • If the temperature strip reads between 88°-92°F, add ¼ of heat activator powder.

Your synthetic urine sample needs to have temperature within 94°-100°F, so use smaller quantities of heat activator powder if necessary and check the temperature strip often.

  • If temperature rises above 102°F, lay mixing container on the coldest surface available.
  • To easily monitor the cooling process, make sure that temperature strip is facing up.
Heat activator powder is a convenient heating method, as it allows you to bring urine sample to the correct temperature range minutes before drug test. However, adding excessive heat activator may overheat Sub Solution and render it useless, so caution is advised.

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution Work?

The manufacturer boldly claims 100% success rate for Clear Choice Synthetic Urine when used correctly. According to our research, Sub-Solution has overall positive feedback on the Internet. Users noted its high price, but also the fact it’s a proven product worth the peace of mind. Here are some of the reviews on Reddit:

I followed up with HR and let them know results would be there within 24hrs, as this was the last piece of my on-boarding, and honestly, about 20 minutes later I got a response that results were already in, and I passed.NorCalWeedologist, Reddit
I passed this test without any issues. I took the test on a Tuesday, and heard back from my employer that Friday, and they confirmed that the background and drug screenings were clear.rolltide0327, Reddit
The most common reason people why fail urine drug tests is incorrect temperature of the specimen they submitted. The values below 94°F will automatically flag it as invalid, and lab technician may ask you to fill sample cup again. Overheating synthetic urine, on the other hand, may destroy some of its ingredients and render it useless.

If you’re a first-time user or worried about urine temperature, you can get Sub Solution combo with practice kit. For a few more bucks, you’ll get additional mixing container and a heat pad (alternative way of heating), so you can practice at home before going to the lab.

Sub Solution and practice kit combo

Where To Buy Sub-Solution Near Me?

You might come across Sub-Solution on various e-commerce websites. At the moment of writing this, it’s:

  • Not available on Amazon
  • Available on eBay with 07/31/2020 expiration date
  • In stock on with overnight shipping

Note that Clear Choice strongly advises against using products close to expiration date, and they’re eligible for free replacement if you’ve purchased from website and there’s less than 6 months left.

box of Sub Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sub Solution Smell Like Real Piss?

Yes, Sub-Solution smells no different from human urine. It also looks and foams, just like real urine, which is a clear indication of a good fake urine product.

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution Expire?

Yes, like all synthetic urine products, Sub-Solution has an expiration date printed on the box. guarantees that every box of the product they sell has more than six month shelf-life, otherwise they’ll replace it for free.

Can I Microwave Sub Solution?

Yes, you can nuke your specimen up to reach the correct temperature range. Remove the screw cap from container and microwave it  at 7-second increments. Use the product within 8 hours after removing the lid. 


The complex and undetectable toxin-free urine formula, coupled with a straightforward preparation, earned Sub-Solution a place among best synthetic urine brands (see the full list). This product should be able to pass any urine test, including GC/MS laboratory analysis, given it’s used correctly.

Clear Choice also offers a new, premium-grade synthetic urine product that comes in liquid form. Quick Luck is a pre-mixed and slightly upgraded Sub Solution formula that saves you the hassle of mixing the specimen yourself. It’s a bit pricier, but more straightforward alternative to Sub Solution synthetic urine.

Quick Luck kit