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Detox process for marijuana users is relatively simple, but unfortunately, it requires some time. As a result, getting short notice about drug screening leaves you with the only viable alternative – using synthetic urine. In this Upass synthetic urine review we’ll study one of the oldest brands still available and whether it’s effective for modern drug tests.

What Is Upass For Drug Test?

U-pass is a cheap brand of fetish synthetic urine product made by Safeguard laboratories, which at some point became popular for passing drug tests. As a fetish urine, Upass doesn’t contain harmful toxins or bacteria, and it’s also used as control sample for calibrating urinalysis equipment, which makes it a potential solution to pass said urine test for drugs.

Package Contents

Upass synthetic urine kit comes with:

  • 3oz bottle with fake urine sample;
  • A temperature strip (pre-attached to the bottle);
  • One heat pad (hand warmer);
  • A rubber band;
  • A set of instructions.

Upass synthetic urine ships premixed and only needs to be heated to the correct temperature. The purpose of rubber band is to strap the container to your leg.

Upass Synthetic Urine 8.4 Ingredients

Initially designed for purposes of sex activity and pranks, Upass 8.4, like previous version 8.3, features ingredients and properties necessary to resemble human pee, such as:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium chloride
  • Realistic color and smell
  • Specific human piss gravity
  • pH range of real urine

All that, and correct temperature range of 94-100 degrees are is enough to fool drug testing labs into believing you’ve submitted the real thing.

How To Use Upass Urine For Drug Test

According to the instructions provided with Upass 8.4 urine kit, you’ll need to:

Activate the hand warmer before microwaving U-Pass to allow it to warm up.
Microwave the bottle with synthetic pee sample for about 10 seconds.
Close the cap tightly on the bottle and shake well, then check pre-attached thermometer.
Temperature strip reading should be in acceptable interval of 94-100 degrees.
If the temperature is too low, you can microwave Upass again for 5-10 seconds.
Make sure it’s not overheated by checking the temperature strip, as this may destroy some ingredients and make U-Pass useless. After Upass urine has reached correct temperature, stick the heating pad to the bottle.
Once activated, heating pad should maintain the temperature of 100 degrees.
Strap the bottle with fake urine sample to your leg using included rubber band.
With your body temperature as additional heat source, Upass should be warm for up to five hours.
Upon arriving to the testing facility, transfer the product into urine collection cup.
Submit your sample cup for drug testing normally and try not to grin.

Does Upass Synthetic Urine Work?

So, will you pass or will U-Fail? In Upass synthetic urine reviews on Reddit, people say they’ve used it with no problems and received “pass” results:


Apparently, it even works for Labcorp test, though these reviews are quite old:

Just want to let you guys know I have passed and my promotion will be starting the 25th of this month. I work for Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics. Things are finally looking up and I appreciate anyone who responded on here. Cheers 🍻DaBears5252, Reddit

Will Upass Be Detected By A Lab Test?

Nowadays, laboratories like look for multiple markers to match human urine:

Creatinine levels are of the utmost importance when it comes to viscosity of urine. Safeguard laboratories worked to make sure to the levels are over 15mg per kilogram of body weight. This is done to retain similarity to human urine.
pH balance
Keeping the solution in an optimal pH range is crucial to fool a drug screen. That said, UPass synthetic urine has a pH value between 4.8 and 8, which correlates with real pee.
Urea and uric acid
These are also vital components of a good synthetic urine product, which are present in Upass. An absence of either would immediately raise a red flag on the test and render your efforts useless.

Other tested properties include:

  • Temperature
  • Color and odor
  • Specific gravity
If you’re worried, you can choose one of premium synthetic urine products (see the list), which are updated regularly to match the ever changing lab protocols and have 99,9% success rate. If you decide to choose Upass as human urine substitute, make sure to follow the instructions from the box.
Sub Solution

Sub Solution

  • Powdered formula
  • Heat activator
  • Premium product
Quick Fix

Quick Fix

  • Premixed formula
  • Hand warmers
  • Affordable product


  • Premixed formula
  • Hand warmers
  • Budget product

Where To Buy Upass Synthetic Urine Near Me

Based on our research, Upass synthetic urine is:

  • Not available for sale on Amazon
  • Out of stock on eBay
  • Not available in Walmart
  • Available on BuyFakeUrine.com (official website)

Even if you find Upass urine somewhere else, it’s best to purchase fake pee only from BuyFakeUrine.com due to abundance of faux products (yes, we see the irony of that). Typically, counterfeit synthetic urine is diluted with bleach and other toxic chemicals, and listed for sale at very low price, but it’ll most likely make you fail your urine test.

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Upass synthetic urine is one of the oldest fake urine products on the market, but as we’ve found out, it still works for urine drug test. Alternatively, you choose Quick Fix (most popular brand), which is about same price, or Sub Solution, which has the most advanced formula on the market.

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