How To Use UPass 8.3 Or 8.4 For Urine Drug Test

Medically reviewed by Haiko Maaswinkel (B.Sc., MPH) — Last update on Transparency Disclosure

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Quite a lot of people face mandatory drug tests like Labcorp issued by their company, and there’s no way around that – you’ll have to oblige. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if you weren’t an avid connoisseur of THC.image of upass box

Synthetic piss is one of the most reliable methods you can use to pass on the test even though you have traces of THC in your system. That said, it’s not easy to find the best suiting artificial pee kit (see our recommendations), especially if this is your first time.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of fake piss and are interested in finding more about it, stick around and read some of the points we made in this article. Upass is a reliable product with a lot of advantages, but then again, it does come with a few shortcomings.

We’ve made a short synopsis of how it should be used, where to buy it, and whether it works. Take a moment and check it out, you’ll get a much better idea of how to deal with sudden and unplanned tests.

Why choose U-Pass 8.4?

There are several factors you should pay attention to when choosing the best fake urine. UPass includes the following advantages –

Real chemical properties

This product contains uric acid, which is a compound that most labs test for because it can only be found in real urine. Another good thing about it is that it works both for males and females. The pH range is between 4.8 and 8, which also matches perfectly with the real thing.

Under the radar for most labs

The vast majority of laboratories calibrate their equipment with popular products such as Quick Fix (see our review). That means you have a slightly bigger chance of failure with the top-selling product in comparison to the ones that go under the radar. The UPass is not targeted by laboratories, at least not yet.

Reputable company

The company behind this product (Safeguard) is well-known in the world of artificial pee, and their products are quite sought-after. While some people don’t consider this to be too much of an upside, we think it deserves to be mentioned.

The Ingredients

The main ingredients that are responsible for making this product resemble the real thing are –


The creatinine levels are of the utmost importance when it comes to the viscosity of one’s urine. Safeguard always makes sure to keep the levels of creatinine over 15mg per kilogram of body weight. This is done to ensure the consistency of concentration and to retain the impeccable similarity to the real thing1.


Just like creatinine, urea is also one of the crucial parts of every synthetic pee. It’s a component that can be found in real urine and is thus an essential part of every fake one. An absence of this element immediately raises a red flag on the test and renders your efforts useless.

Consistent pH range

Keeping the solution in an optimal pH range isn’t easy and can’t be fine-tuned arbitrarily. In other words, UPass offers a regular interval between 4.8 and 8, which correlates perfectly with real piss.


The set contains 3OZ of fake urine, a heating pad, plastic bottle, rubber band, thermometer, and of course, a booklet of instructions. It’s of utmost importance that you follow the instructions carefully and make sure you do every step accordingly, or else you might run into issues.


Even though some people find the whole process a bit complex and tedious, it’s not that big of a deal. This is how you should do it –image of u pass kit

  1. Open the product and microwave it for about 10 seconds. The temperature range you should be aiming for is between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Close the bottle and shake it to make sure everything is mixed up properly. In case the bottle feels too hot, let it cool off for a bit before continuing.
  3. Strap the warmer to the container using the rubber band. This is done to keep the temperature consistent and prevent the liquid from cooling off too much.
  4. Once the moment comes, and you need to submit your sample, make sure it’s at a proper temperature. On top of that, we would recommend using a bit less than the whole 3OZ in order not to come off as suspicious.

We highly recommend that you take a few dry runs before the real test to make sure you don’t mess something up due to being nervous and anxious. On top of that, please make sure you read the instructions a couple of times and follow every step accordingly.

Does It Really Work?

The opinions are quite mixed when it comes to the sheer effectiveness of this product. Some people had great success with it whereas some had an unpleasant experience.

It more or less comes down to the individual level and whether you’ve gone through all the necessary steps of preparation before submitting your sample. As we have pointed out, it’s incredibly important to follow the instructions carefully, or else everything is in vain.

As far as our recommendation goes, you might have better chances with the top-selling Quick Fix, but U-Pass (version 8.3+) is also a viable solution.

Potential Reasons For Failure

Not following the instructions

This is one of the most frequent reasons why people fail on these tests.

Every company issues a comprehensive guide with their products to minimize the chances of user error. Nonetheless, many people decide against reading and consequently fail their tests. Once again – read the instructions and follow them carefully!

Exposure to heat and light

Excessive heat or light can change the properties of some chemical compounds found in fake piss, thus rendering the whole operation useless. That’s why you must keep your sample in a cold and somewhat dark place until the moment of submission comes.

This also applies to overheating or reheating it. Those two are a big no-no.

Using stale or expired products

This is a pretty apparent reason. Please pay attention to where you buy your products and avoid purchasing from 3rd party sources that aren’t reliable and proven legitimate. It’s not worth risking failure for a little discount.

Upass For Sale Near Me

The most important thing you should keep an eye on is the credibility of the source you’re buying from. That means you should avoid sellers like Amazon and eBay as they can potentially sell an expired or counterfeit product.

There are plenty of credible websites that sell synthetic piss exclusively, and those are the ones we would recommend. Try finding a couple of reviews of the seller and other people’s opinions about their service before submitting an order.

U Pass vs. Quick-Fix Plus

Most people who have tried both of these products lean more towards Quick-Fix. Given that it’s the most popular fake piss product on the market, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that people favor it over any other product. That being said, quite a lot of people reported being successful on the test by using UPass.

In conclusion, Quick-Fix comes with a 99.9% guarantee for success, which is pretty hard to beat in the first place. Therefore, if it comes down to a fight between these two products, we would recommend going with the Quick-Fix as a safe option.

The Conclusion

The modern technology is advancing daily, meaning sooner or later, your fake sample will be detected. When it comes to this particular product, it’s an okay alternative to the popular Quick-Fix, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a first option.

It comes at a lower price than the aforementioned product, but as far as we are concerned,  it’s not worth saving a couple of bucks for the cost of potentially failing the test .

It comes down to your preferences, but we would recommend resorting to Quick-Fix in most cases. However, if you’re not able to get your hands on one of those for whatever reason, the You Pass might come in handy as a good alternative.

Our rating: 4 out of 5