Upass Synthetic Urine Review

Slowly but surely, the presence of marijuana is, at the very least, becoming more acceptable now. Unfortunately, we are still being plagued by the “drug-free workplace” legislation. That means daily users, regardless of why they are taking cannabis, can still lose their employment over a positive drug test.

That’s where fake urine can come in handy, so today, we’ll review one of them: the U Pass Drug Test. It’s a product formulated to protect medical marijuana users from the urine drug test most of us would have to pass annually.

What is U Pass Drug Test Kit?

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Before we move on to our Upass Synthetic Urine review, allow us to introduce the product first. It is an affordable, yet efficient synthetic urine product developed by Safeguard Laboratories initially intended to be used as a fetish product.

With its almost indistinguishable similarity to actual human urine, researchers also use it as a control for calibrating urinalysis equipment. This usability makes it a reliable solution for those who take full-spectrum CBD products and broad-spectrum CBD products to pass urine tests, not just to protect their employment but also from being indirectly discriminated against in doing so.

Who Is UPassProducts For?

As mentioned, U Pass is intended for medical marijuana users who want to achieve peace of mind when taking their basic drug tests at work or DOT physical. Job seekers can rely on it for the basic level pre-employment drug test.

Since it is fake urine, it won’t help you in hair testing and blood tests. Don’t worry, though. These two tests are now rarely used to detect cannabinoids for their inaccuracy.

According to Drug Rehab, marijuana usually only stays in the bloodstream for up to a week. Meanwhile, even non-users could test positive in hair testing due to passive exposure.

So why urine tests? That’s because traces of marijuana can still be found in urine for up to two months一sometimes even longer for a heavy user.

What’s Included?

Those who have decided to purchase this synthetic urine kit can expect the following:

  • A heat pad (or hand warmer)
  • A rubber band
  • A set of instructions on how to use the synthetic drug testing kit
  • Lastly, a three-ounce bottle of urine with a temperature strip pre-attached to it

Overview of the Features

Here are the features that set this synthetic drug testing kit apart from most of its competitors:

U-Pass Synthetic Urine Ingredients

Since this fake urine was also intended as a tool for sexual activity, you can expect that Upass’ chemical composition won’t contain any harmful toxins and microorganisms.

However, since it was formulated to pass for genuine human urine, it will contain the following ingredients:

  • Creatinine
  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Sodium chloride

These ingredients are compounds found in real human pee.

The synthetic product will also come with components to recreate real urine’s realistic color, smell, and pH range. 

Even the specific human piss gravity was taken into consideration.

All that’s left for the user to do is heat it up to achieve the correct temperature needed to simulate human urine.

Complete Set

The best feature that U Pass has against their competitors is that their product comes in a complete set. They have even considered including a rubber band you can use to strap the bottle to your leg conveniently.

It will also come with a pre-mixed formula, whereas other brands come in a powdered form that you would still need to prepare yourself. The problem with using these types of powder formulas is that it has very little room for error.

Just a single missed step in preparation can lead to a failed drug test.

Detailed Instructions

The next notable feature is the detailed instructions that come with each kit. It is straightforward, so it’s easy to follow.


We also appreciate that this synthetic urine doesn’t contain toxic ingredients and bacteria. The solution is very clean and won’t put your health in any type of harm. That is why this fake urine is also popularly used for pranks.


  • Pre-mixed formula
  • Easy to use
  • Budget option
  • High efficiency


  • Hard to purchase
  • Illegal in certain states
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UPass pee

How To Use UPass Fake Urine?

Are you ready to use U-Pass for your next drug urine testing? Then here’s a quick step-by-step guide as detailed in the product’s instruction manual:

1. Activate the Hand Warmer

The first step is to activate the hand warmer. You can easily activate chemical hand warmers by shaking their packets. 

Just be careful not to tear the actual packet when you’re opening the outside packaging to prevent any chemicals from seeping out and causing any injury.

2. Microwave the Synthetic Urine

Once the hand warmer is ready, you can then move on to microwave the bottle of U Pass synthetic urine for about 10 seconds.

3. Check the Temperature

You can then check the temperature strip attached. It should be around 94°F to 100°F.

If it’s too low, then you can go ahead and heat it up further for another five seconds.

4. Keep It Warm

Once you have achieved the right temperature, all that’s left to do now is to keep it warm until your drug test. That’s what the heating pad is for.

Safeguard Laboratories recommends strapping the prepped bottle to your legs as well with the rubber band that came with your kit. This isn’t just to conceal your fake urine sample, but it will also help maintain your synthetic urine’s ideal temperature with your body heat.

The heating pad is designed to keep the synthetic piss’ temperature stable for five hours.

5. Submit Your Sample

Finally, you can go to the facility, shake the bottle, transfer its contents to the urine collection cup (privately), and give it to the administrator of drug tests. Just a couple of tips before submitting your fake urine:

  • Be Careful in Handling the Synthetic Urine: Make sure that you don’t overheat the urine. Doing so can result in chemical changes in some of its ingredients that can impact its efficiency.
  • Relax: Don’t give any indication that you’re submitting a fake sample. Don’t grin or get fidgety. If you have obtained your U Pass kit from a reputable vendor and you’ve followed the instructions to the letter, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Does UPass Work for Labcorp?

U-Pass Synthetic isn’t the only fake urine product in the market. In fact, we have noticed a significant boom in the industry in recent years. This can be associated with the growing, active cannabis legalization efforts these past few years.

Not all of these products are as effective, though. Hence, if you’re looking for a viable fake urine alternative, we recommend getting one from another reputable company or laboratory such as Quick Fix.

Like U-Pass, Quick Fix is a product formulated to be completely identical to human urine in terms of appearance, smell, and chemical structure. So much so that it will be difficult for anyone to distinguish the difference between actual urine and their formula, even if it involved laboratory analysis. Their only difference is their offered prices and packages.

Quick Fix is a bit more expensive compared to U-Pass. However, they also come in 10-pack options that can significantly lower the price.

Why do you need batches of urine samples? That’s because aside from cannabis users, Quick Fix is also marketed for game hunters and wildlife photographers who might need it to prevent animals from picking up (non-urine) human scent.

Quick Fix

UPass Reviews

Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse recognizes the medicinal properties of marijuana for medical use [1]. A report stated that the Food and Drug Administration approved several THC-based medications, such as dronabinol and nabilone. These pills are prescribed for patients seeking relief from nausea and other harsh side effects of cancer chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, our current legislation is still designed to discriminate and incriminate daily users, including those taking it for medical purposes. The presence of marijuana in your urine can risk the loss of employment.

Using products such as U Pass Drug Test can help. UPass 8.4 is an affordable, pre-mixed synthetic urine indistinguishable from actual urine. It can give you added confidence during drug tests that only a few other formulations can provide.

Good luck!