Quick Fix Plus Review: How Good It Really Is?

With drug tests becoming more frequent and lab screening being increasingly harder to pass, it’s good to know there is a reliable method to being able to pass the test. The only problem is that there are many synthetic urine kits on the market. 

If you want to ensure that you’ll have a good success rate, then it’s crucial to find reliable fake urine. In this Quick Fix Plus review, we’ll help you determine if this synthetic urine is worth the hype.

What is Quick Fix Plus 6.2 and 6.3?

Currently, Quick Fix Plus 6.3 is the best-selling synthetic urine kit on the market, which is crafted by Spectrum Labs. Since it was released more than 25 years ago, its unique formula has remained the most effective among synthetic urine products. This is mainly because it has accurate measurements of biological chemical structures. 

Who is Quick Fix 6.3 for?

Using synthetic urine is becoming a more reliable method for people to pass their drug tests. In America, there’s a good number of employees who fail their drug tests, which leads to them losing out on a good job [1]. To help prevent this, why not use realistic synthetic urine that is almost identical to human urine?

Since Quick Fix Plus mimics the same chemical structure as real human urine, it works as a urine substitute for drug tests.If you’re taking one for your job, you can use it to pass because it includes amino acids, accurate creatinine levels, and uric acid. The unique blend of ingredients is also useable by both males and females.

On the other hand, some use the Quick Fix urine for their sexual fetishes. Synthetic urine perfectly mimics the human scent odor, color, and gravity of actual urine, so it’s the perfect saline solution for sexual play.

Does Quick Fix work?

When used properly, the newest formula boasts a 99.97% success rate at passing drug tests. Spectrum Labs updates its formula to ensure that it keeps the qualities that normal urine has. As a result, you’re guaranteed to have the best synthetic urine kit on the market.

It might be worth noting that Quick Fix Urine includes biocide, which can show up on a small number of urine tests. That said, it can only be detected by expensive lab technicians, so you’ll be protected for job screenings.

What’s included with Quick Fix pee?

The Quick Fix Plus 6.3 package includes the following:

  • 3-ounce bottle of synthetic urine
  • A temperature strip
  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band
  • Instructions for use

The Quick Fix Plus fits a wide variety of uses and is currently the best fake urine kit on the market. Whether you’re looking to pass a drug test screening for a job, health check, or mandatory court order, you’ll be protected. Aside from that, its sterile contents make sexual play fun and exciting.

When buying the Quick Fix Plus, make sure you purchase from their website and use their latest formula. The current formula is 6.3 and is guaranteed to work. The Quick Fix older versions 4.0, 6.1, or 6.2 will have already gone bad due to their limited shelf life, and they won’t pass a drug test screening.

Quick Fix 6.3 Plus synthetic urine
Quick Fix 6.3

Quick Fix synthetic urine review

Here is a review of the QuickFix 6.3 features:

Accurate Color

Even at close inspection, you’ll notice that the Quick Fix 6.3 Plus synthetic urine has a color that is similar to that of real urine. It has a faint yellow tinge and is almost indistinguishable from the naked eye.

Specific Gravity

Similar to real pee, Quick Fix formula 6.3 includes the same liquid profile. What this means is that the urine moves just like human urine.

Correct pH Balance

More than anything, the urine’s pH levels is one way to distinguish if pee is fake. For this, Quick Fix Plus does not disappoint, having the same pH level as real urine, which is around 6 or 7.


When you shake the bottle, the synthetic urine will form tiny bubbles. This is a property that real human urine has, making it look more authentic.

High-Quality Ingredients

The Quick Fix Plus makes use of high-quality ingredients that come with accurate biological measurements. Among other things, this includes urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

Long Shelf-Life

The Quick Fix Plus shelf life is 18 months if properly stored. Currently, it’s the longest-lasting synthetic urine on the market.  You’ll want to make sure you store it in a dark and cool place. On top of that, check the batch number to ensure that the urine is good to use and not past its expiration date.


  • Formula gets adjusted
  • Each batch is labeled
  • Realistic complex formula
  • Biologically accurate


  • Detectable if not heated correctly

How To Use Quick Fix Plus

When using synthetic urine, it’s essential to heat the urine according to the instructions. Otherwise, it will show up as fake on a urine test. Luckily, the Quick Fix Plus includes a detailed step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to pass a urine test properly:

Step 1: Start by taking out the heat pad and activating it.

Allow the heat activator powder to heat up for 45 minutes until it’s within the correct temperature range of 92 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Microwave.

Once the heat activator powder reaches the ideal temperature reading, microwave the Quick Fix Plus solution for 10 seconds.

If you don’t own a microwave, you can stick the heat activator powder pack to the bottle of urine one hour before the urine test.

Step 3: Check the temperature.

Take the urine and shake the container gently to help evenly distribute the heat. Then, use the temperature strip to check the urine sample.

You can microwave the synthetic urine sample again for 10 seconds to bring it up to the correct temperature.

Once properly heated, the urine sample will stay warm for up to five hours.

You must follow the instructions very carefully. If you don’t, you could end up failing the urine sample drug test.

To ensure you don’t, make sure the liquid does not exceed the correct temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does, allow it to cool before submitting it for processing.


Based on this Quick Fix urine review, there’s no denying that it’s an excellent synthetic urine product, though it may be a bit complicated to heat up.

Luckily, other synthetic urine products are available and proven to be just as effective. Two alternative fake urine samples many people swear by are the Sub Solution and Clear Choice Incognito Belt.

Sub Solution

Sub Solution is a high-tech alternative to Quick Fix Plus and is very effective. Unlike other urine kits, SubSolution comes with a chemical heating agent designed to quickly achieve the correct temperature. It is also biocide-free, so it’s less detectable by expensive lab tests.

All of this helps ensure that it’s completely undetectable and that you’ll pass a drug test with flying colors.

Sub Solution

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Another alternative is the Clear Choice Incognito Belt. 

This nifty synthetic urine device provides a way to smuggle in the urine for a drug test via a urine belt and bladder bag.

The complex formula is also easy to use, and the urine has a shelf life of up to one year.

The solution is already premixed, which means there is less of a hassle getting it ready.

Like the Sub Solution urine, this product is also biocide-free, making it less detectable by expensive labs.

Overall, it’s a discreet enough method to pass a drug test because you can strap it onto your body and sneak it in.

Can Quick Fix 6.3 fail?

Finding reliable synthetic natural urine is a bit tricky, which is why it’s good to know you can choose from a handful with a high success rate. The Quick Fix Plus is the leading choice because it has a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Still, if it’s too complicated to use, we recommend Clear Choice Incognito Belt. Either options are reliable enough to help you pass your drug test, but Incognito Belt is much easier to hide on your body, and it comes pre-assembled.


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