Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

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Weed is something the vast majority of people resort to when they want to relax for a bit, watch a movie, or even write a novel. Contrary to the archaic belief, the pot should not be classified as a hard or addictive drug, but it is still illegal all around the world.

Even if it is legal in your country, your employer can face you with a test that could affect your career and future depending on the outcome. To cheat and pass this test, most people turn to fake piss.no cheating sign

Synthetic urine grew in popularity in the past couple of years because it has been perfected to the point of being virtually undetectable by the conventional tests. Some in-depth methods could render your endeavor useless, but most employers don’t do it because it’s quite expensive.

Quick-Fix is one of the top-selling fake piss kits on the market (see our list) because it has the best success rate and is being updated continuously to battle with advancements in technology.

It’s probably one of the safest bets on the market currently, and we’ll take a more in-depth look into it to see whether that’s true.

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What Is Quick Fix 6.2 Plus?

While it seems like a gimmick, there is real science behind this particular product. Artificial urine is usually used by individuals who are facing a mandatory drug test at work and are not sure how to pass it.picture of quick fix kit

The great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re an occasional or a heavy user – the chances for success are the same1.

The manufacturer of this product is Spectrum Labs, which is a well-known reputable company in this space and thus a right choice for people who aren’t sure who to trust.

Furthermore, most people with a pee fetish resort to products like these because they offer the same properties as the real thing but without the potential dangers of exposure to bacteria found in real urine.

The proper use for this product is for calibrating laboratory machines that are used for drug detection tests. Therefore, it’s not something you can only buy in a dark alley but rather a laboratory-grade sample used by many businesses.

Last but not least, a lot of people use it to prank their friends and family as it is a harmless way of inducing a good chuckle. On top of that, some people also use it as an animal repellent to keep away pests.

Does Quick Fix 6.1 Work In 2020?

The critical thing to remember here is that updated versions all always better than the previous ones. That being said, 6.1 as well as 6.0 and even 4.0 do work in 2020 and will yield similar results as the newest version.

Most changes are mainly related to the packaging instead of them being a massive shift in chemical properties. The thing with patented formulas is that they should be consistently updated to penetrate through layers of new testing technologies.image of quick fix box

However, it’s not a rapidly changing industry meaning the laboratory equipment upgrades don’t happen too often. Therefore, older versions do work, but we usually recommend getting the latest one to make sure.

The company behind this product usually adds a couple of tweaks to every new version, but most of them do not affect the overall effectiveness of the sample itself. In other words, there is no need to worry about the chances for success if you’re facing the ‘outdated’ version in most cases.

Most previous versions already boast a 99% success rate, and every subsequent one is just a minuscule improvement in comparison to the older one.

How To Use Quick Fix Urine And Not Fail?

As a pre-mixed solution, this product doesn’t require too much hassle in the first place. If you’re facing a drug test, these are the steps you should take –

Heat it up

Before you leave your house and submit the sample, take the lid off and heat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. In case you can’t use the microwave for whatever reason, strap the heating pad against the bottle and let it heat up.picture of heat pack

Achieving the right temperature is one of the essential elements for success because any temperature discrepancy can be suspicious and denied2.

Test the temperature

Once you take it out of the microwave, make sure to shake it hard to equalize the heat throughout the whole bottle. Then, use the temperature strip and read the current temp. It should be between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep it consistent

The heating pad should keep the temperature steady for about 6 hours. The good thing about Quick Fix 6.2, in particular, is that it can be reheated per need.

Besides drug tests, fake piss is used by people who have a pee fetish, want to prank their friends or want to use it as a repellent for animals.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt

The belt kit comes in handy if you’re facing a supervised test. It allows you to fill up the reservoir with pre-mixed urine and pour it into the sample cup without bottle opening sound.quick fix pro belt

It comes with a waist harness and a nicely placed tube that allows you to replicate real peeing without actually doing it. It’s important to point out that the belt itself should not be microwaved, only the sample.

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Quick Fix Leg Strap

In case you’re looking for a comfortable way to store your urine sample, the leg strap is one of the best solutions. Some companies have people who will even check your pockets before you go into the bathroom to prevent cheating.picture of the strap

The Stash Strap is made of high-quality neoprene and fits most leg sizes. It also doesn’t cause any skin irritation so you can use it to hide your phone or wallet when you travel. It also helps keep the temperature of the sample at control due to it being close to your body.

See It In Action

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How Does Quick Fix Synthetic Pee Work?

The formula behind this product is continually being tested in controlled environments by many different laboratories around the world. As we mentioned before, these fake samples are usually used for calibration of the equipment as a faithful substitute for the real thing.picture of quick fix open box

Spectrum Labs is one of those manufacturers that produce calibration samples, but people have found a better alternative – cheating on drug tests. The best thing about it is that you can rest assured the product has been thoroughly tested in laboratories before it hits the market.

Another good thing is that these samples are gender-neutral, meaning both men and women can use them. These labs don’t account for gender in their equations, and it’s, therefore, safe to use it in both instances.

So, even though these fake pee samples aren’t foreseen for cheating on drug tests, they are incredibly useful regardless of their original purpose.

The Ingredients

The vital thing you should know about the ingredients is that there are less important and more important ones. The one that makes all the difference is – urea. Many manufacturers claim that their product contains urea and that turns out not to be the case.

The reason why Quick Fix is so popular is that you can rest assured that it contains urea, which is an essential compound in the whole equation. Many machines are calibrated to detect the absence of urea and automatically drop the sample as invalid.

Another frequent misconception is that urea and uric acid are the same things. They are far from being the same thing, and you should not fall for it. It’s a frequently used gimmick of many manufacturers who want to come off as legitimate.

Therefore, regardless of whether you’re planning on buying QuickFix or any other fake pee kit, always make sure it contains urea. Uric acid is a nice bonus, but it’s not the same thing!

Other important ingredients that define product quality include nitrates and creatinine.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Plus Kit Near Me?

Given that many sellers like Amazon or eBay tend to sell at a discount, it’s somewhat reasonable that most people resort to buying from those sources. We strongly recommend that you avoid buying from anyone other than the official website.

You may stumble upon a lucrative discount and think that it would be a good deal, but rest assured it’s not worth the effort. You don’t want to risk buying something that has expired or has been tampered with.

The good thing about going through official channels is that they take special care when it comes to customer’s privacy and discretion.

In other words, they will ship your package in an unmarked box, and on top of that, you won’t have any traces on your credit card receipt.

The best course of action is to order it from the official website and you will have nothing to worry about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it pass a lab test?

This product allegedly has a 99% success rate meaning it’s virtually undetectable by conventional lab tests like Quest Diagnostics. Now, that doesn’t mean it literally can’t be differentiated from the real deal.

However, to detect anomalies, people in-charge would have to conduct a more detailed analysis which is expensive and therefore not commonly used.

Therefore, someone who suspects in the legitimacy of your sample could do a more thorough screening and detect certain anomalies, but that very rarely happens in practice.

That said, we encourage you to buy the latest version of the product to minimize the chances of failure.

How long is it good for?

The shelf life of this fake urine kit is about a year, which is the most extended shelf life of any synthetic piss on the market. You can find the expiration date on the top left-hand side of the instructions that came included with the product.

If you’re ordering a couple of kits, always make sure they are up to date and valid for at least six months. Many people buy a batch and store it away for future tests and forget to check on the expiration date, which can consequently lead to some unpleasant scenarios.

However, in general, you shouldn’t worry too much about shelf life as long as you use your sample within a year.

Can it go bad?

As long as you follow the instructions and act accordingly, it shouldn’t go bad. However, some instances can affect your sample. For example, prolonged exposure to UV rays (sunlight) can break down the chemical structure of fake urine and render the sample useless.

On the other hand, you can freeze it and use it again because QuickFix will not be compromised if frozen.

Can I reheat my sample?

Yes, you can! This particular product is the only one that can be reheated and even frozen countless times without compromising authenticity and chemical properties.

That is one of the main reasons why many people put their complete trust in this thing – it can be reused with no consequences.

In case you’re planning on reheating it, make sure to get enough heating pads and invest in Leg Strap that allows you to carry the sample everywhere.

Is it illegal to use artificial piss?

It depends on where you live, but in most cases, it’s completely legal to use and buy fake piss. New Hampshire and Indiana have banned the sale of synthetic urine but only to subvert drug tests3.

However, quite a few concerns are being raised on a federal level meaning the legislation questions might get answered pretty soon.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry too much about the legal side of things because it’s still legal, but no one knows for how long.

The Conclusion

Quik Fix is known as one of the best products on the market when it comes to artificial pee. It does come with a couple of shortcomings and is therefore not perfect, but it’s the closest you will get to the real thing.

The newest formula comes at a price of about $30 for 2 oz bottle which is affordable, especially in comparison to other brands that claim to have similar properties but are more expensive.

As far as our recommendation goes, we would recommend this product as your first line of defense. It’s easy to use, offers excellent benefits, and most importantly – it’s quite budget-friendly.

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Our rating: 5 out of 5

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