Most MedSignals® units are sold through distributors and re-marketers

MedSignals® encourages medication adherence and vital sign monitoring services through Distributors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). We welcome opportunities to partner in serving these enterprise and group buyers who discover our suite of products and wish to present them to their customers.

•  Novel solutions to client needs, integrated with other VAR-represented products
•  Tailored software and website displays rebranded to your clients’ needs
•  Materials, collaboration, and demo products for your presentations and booths 
•  Sales exclusivity for a defined period for defined client list
•  Leads captured in your defined geographical area or vertical
•  Excellent wholesale pricing
•  Incentivized collaborations between our sales teams
•  Post-sale warranty and maintenance support
•  Post-sale training packages for volume buyers, group managers and trainers
•  Cooperative advertising 
•  Invitations to work from MedSignals® booths at national and international conferences
•  Customized or co-branded product re-design and packaging, labeling, and language 
•  Shared subscription fees in return for account maintenance
•  Call-center support to your client base, customized and personalized
•  Engineering and regulatory support for specialized client requirements
•  Cellular products applying M2M networks can be tailored to your carrier’s 
•  Pre-certified Bluetooth and cellular modules that expedite your specific regulatory 
   approval needs
•  Cloud environments offer extended geographical presence for the SmartCharts™ 
   system in North America, Europe and Asia
•  Cloud environment offers scalability
•  System servers in host countries, keeping citizen’s health records in-country
•  Ease of inventory management. We ship on demand.
•  Opportunity to influence future product designs and tailor to customers’ feedback

Current trends and collaborative opportunities

Want to be part of developing a smart phone app that suits your specifications?  At MedSignals®, we are busy building apps that bring medication management systems right to your customer’s cell phones and laptops. 

The pharmaceutical industry (pharma) has adopted medication adherence as a primary driver in designing drug delivery systems and new packaging -- and for good reason: For a drug selling $1 billion annually, a 5% increase in patient adherence can reap $30-40 million in revenue.  MedSignals® can now design customized technology and systems that improve your buyers’ vital sign monitoring and medication compliance. Click to schedule a discussion with us.