How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test

Drug testing is a common procedure that many people have to go through for a variety of reasons. For example, random drug tests can be used to detect substance abuse by employees at a range of drug-free companies. And if you violate probation, then you also may be required to submit to a drug test. It’s also common for these tests to be done under supervision before a job offer.

In this article, we’ll discover how to pass a supervised drug test.

We’ll go through methods that can work whether you’re under direct supervision or being monitored.

Let’s begin with an important question.

What is a Supervised Drug Test?

In a nutshell, a supervised drug test is a urine drug test that is done within the presence of another person. That’s the basics. But there are actually two types of supervised drug tests. Let’s have a look at each of them, so you can understand what the differences are and what to expect.

Direct Observation: 

If you take a supervised drug test under direct observation, it means that a trained professional will watch you urinate. The professional will always be of the same gender as the test subject, i.e., males will be observed by males, and females will be observed by females.

Before you begin the test, you will be asked to show your waist and upper thigh area to the professional. The reason for this is to check if you have brought with you a false bladder or another product that can be used to dispense synthetic urine formula or substitute urine. The supervisor will inspect you visually. They will not be able to touch you during this procedure.

When you begin to produce your urine sample, the observer will stand somewhere where they can see you urinate. They will need to see the collection process.

If the observer believes that the test subject is attempting to cheat or is acting in a manner that suggests irregular behavior, then they have the right to call a halt to the test.

Once you’ve produced your sample, then the collection cup will be inspected before it is then taken to the collector to take it to the collection site.

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Female drug test supervisor

Monitored Collection:

The monitored collection urine drug test is slightly different to direct observation. When you’re monitored, you will be under the supervision of a trained professional – sometimes a staff member of the company – or a medical professional, such as a doctor or a nurse. This person does not need to be the same gender as the test subject.

Your body will not be inspected. The supervisor will not have the permission to inspect you, so you must ensure that you refuse any inspection if you’re attending a supervised drug test.

When you urinate, you will do so in the privacy of a stall. If you’re not producing the same in a stall, then you will still have privacy from the observer when you’re urinating. The monitor will be inside the same testing room as you. The monitor will also be listening to you as you urinate to check for any irregularities. If they notice someone peculiar or suspect the testee of cheating, they will call an end to the test. You will then be required to attend another supervised test under direct observation.

Can Pre-Employment Drug Tests Be Supervised?

Pre-employment drug tests – even for the Department of Transportation – should never be done under direct observation. This is in breach of the law in many states across the USA. Usually, direct observation will only be used in certain situations, such as if there is suspicion that the person being tested is going to tamper with the sample. This will usually mean that they have been found tampering with a test when being monitored.

A monitored collection is possible for pre-employment drug tests. The Department of Transportation may require urine tests to be monitored. For non-DOT companies, then it is rarer for the drug test to be monitored. It will depend on the legislation in your state.

When Can You Refuse a Supervised Test?

You can always refuse to do a drug test. The problem is that this will be reported as ‘refusal to test’. The consequences of a refusal to test declaration are often equal to a positive test result. This means that employers can choose to fire employees if they refuse to submit to testing. Unfortunately, the law is on the employers’ side. While legislation differs from state to state, as the situation stands, drug testing is seen as a way to create a safe working environment.

Ways to Pass a Supervised Drug Test

Let’s have a look at three methods that can be used for supervised drug tests. Each comes with risks, but people have had a lot of success with these methods too.

Urine Substitution:

One sure-fire way to pass a supervised drug test is to use urine that you know is completely clean. You could either use synthetic urine or powdered urine from a donor who you know has no drug toxins (including THC metabolites) in their system. It is, of course, illegal and risky to use the urine substitution method. And if you are detected, then it will be reported as a ‘refusal to test’.

This method will work best when you’re attending a monitored test rather than a urine test that’s done under direct observation.

For this method to work, you will need to get hold of a urination device, such as the Whizzinator. These devices will feature a false bladder, a syringe (for inserting the urine into the false bladder), and, for men, there will be a false penis. For females, the urine pouch will be drained by removing the nozzle from the tube. We’ll have a look more closely at these urine belt devices later.

It’s also possible to bring in substitute urine in a ziplock bag. The downside to this is that you may raise suspicions when you pour the substitute or fake urine into the collection container as it may not sound like a natural human urine flow.

If you use synthetic urine or the urine of someone else, like a donor, then you need to make sure that you keep it at the right temperature for the temperature strip. If the urine of the donor is too hot or too cold, then the sample collection process will flag this up. You want it to be at around 38c, which is what it would be when it naturally comes out of the human body.

When you purchase a urine substitution kit, there will be warmers included to keep the right urine temperature. If you do not buy such a detox kit and instead plan to use a ziplock bag, attach it to your thigh area. You’ll then be able to take advantage of the human body temperature, which should keep it warm enough so that it won’t be flagged.

Detox Drinks:

Our previous way of passing a supervised drug test will work fine if you’re simply being monitored. But if you’re under direct observation, then one of the best options to pass the urine test is to purchase a detox drink or detox pills.

A detox type drink needs to be used in combination with a process called flushing. Flushing means that on the morning of your drug test, you need to drink lots of water to flush out the THC. Ideally, you’d be best drinking at least three bottles of water. The aim is to dilute your urine and flush out the THC metabolites in your system. Many people try this method on its own, but the problem is that there will be too much water in your pee, and the testing facility will recognize that you’d drank too much water, as it does not appear as natural urine.

Detox products counteract that. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals, which make your urine sample appear as normal urine that’s come from your body. Detox products are readily available online and are ideal for marijuana users. They have a very high success rate, and you can find countless articles attesting to this fact. And there’s also no need to worry about getting caught with a urine substitute or urine from a donor.

They are also available for users of other drugs than marijuana, but most are designed to remove THC metabolites. They also need to be consumed within a certain window, so make sure that you check the information on the drink before consuming it to remove THC.

You may also want to do a home urine test before going for your drug test, as then you can be sure if the flushing of THC is working and you can know if you’re going to pass the test or now.

How to Pass a Supervised Drug Test 2
Using detox drinks to pass a supervised drug test

Oil Change

One other way that you can use to pass a supervised drug test is a method called an ‘oil change’.

This method will require a urine substitute, either synthetic urine or from a donor. You’ll also need a catheter and a syringe. You will need to empty your bladder completely, and you need to do this as close to the test as possible. Then, using the catheter and the syringe, you will have to inject the urine substitute into your bladder.

The idea behind an oil change is that when you then empty your bladder during the sample collection, then you can urinate as usual, even in front of a supervisor, but the urine will be clean. The problem with this method is that your body continues to create urine, so there is a chance that your urine sample will be contaminated with your pee. You also need to ensure that the urine from a donor is completely clean too.

Passing Supervised Drug Test When Being Monitored

If you’re following the flushing with the detox method or you’re using the oil change system to pass a drug test, then you will simply need to pee as normal when you’re at the test.

If you’re going to use synthetic urine or urine from a donor with a fake bladder to pass a drug test, then it will work in the following way:


After you have filled the artificial bladder with synthetic urine, then you want to attach it to your inner tight. This helps to use your natural body temperature to keep the synthetic urine at a natural temperature. The kit might include warmers, too, so check the kit’s container for the instructions on when and how to use the warmers. When someone orders the kit, they should pick one that has a fake penis with the same skin tone as themself. This is recommended if you’re attempting this method under direct supervision or if you think that video cameras may be present. When it’s time to provide your sample, then with your right hand, you want to take the false penis, pinch about halfway down, then open the valve on the bladder with your other hand. The urine will now leak into the collection cup. Keep in mind that the supervisor can hear you, so try to make it sound as if natural urine is leaving your body.


Women will attach the kit to their bodies via a belt. You also want to keep the bladder close to your body so that the urine stays the right temperature. When it comes to collection time, simply sit as you usually would, open the valve on the bladder, and let the urine come out. Remember that the supervisor is outside, so it should sound as if the urine is coming out of your system as per usual.

You should always check the information on the urine substitute kit’s container before you use it, as some products will have different ways of working from others.


The surest way to pass supervised drug testing is to use a urine substitute kit or to flush your system with a combination of detox drinks and water. If you’re simply being monitored, then you can ensure a pass with a 100% negative result if you’re willing to take the risk of being caught with a fake urination kit by the supervisor or staff member at the testing facility. A detox drink is a better option to pass a test if you provide a sample under the observation of a supervisor. They work particularly well for flushing out marijuana metabolites.