Urine Luck Review – Detoxifying Agent By Spectrum Labs

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Urine Luck Review - Detoxifying Agent By Spectrum Labs 1

Failing a mandatory drug test can have serious repercussions, besides losing your job. While it shouldn’t get you in any trouble with the law, in specific circumstances, your employer might notify the unemployment agencies or the DMV.

Your employer might also choose to disclose test results to any potential, future employers willing to hire you.

Refusing to take the test, on the other hand, usually results in the employer terminating the employment relationship. So, it’s in your best interest to take the drug test and pass it.

However, passing a drug screen after partying hard last weekend seems highly unlikely – unless you resort to specific methods that may fool a urine drug test to show negative result (no drugs).

The first method that comes to mind is to use synthetic urine, a watertight way to pass drug screens by replacing your real pee with a synthetic one (“fake pee”).

Or you might resort to urine additives – detoxifying chemicals that you add to your pee sample, which will make sure it’s clean for drug screening and will trigger negative result.

In this Urine Luck review, we’ll analyze one of the best urine additives on the market, a product with a good reputation and high pass rates.

What is Spectrum Labs Urine Luck Additive?

Urine Luck, manufactured by Spectrum Labs, falls under the category of urine additives – detoxifying agents which, when mixed with your urine, destroy any traces of drug metabolites.

Unlike Quick Fix Plus, Spectrum Labs’ most famous synthetic urine, Urine Luck doesn’t replace your sample – it purifies it, making it clean from drugs and ready for urine test.

Urine Luck Ingredients

Urine Luck contains a solution of chemicals that affect drug metabolites and other toxins, neutralizing them without a trace.

Unfortunately, the exact mechanics of this process remain unknown. The manufacturer keeps the recipe concealed, and isn’t legally required to reveal it since Urine Luck isn’t meant to be ingested or injected into the body.

Still, the proprietary formula does a pretty good job of changing the molecular structure of the urine sample, removing all sorts of drugs, including tobacco and alcohol. And since it doesn’t contain nitrates1, acids, or pyridine, it’s completely undetectable by the test.

Thanks to the systematic tweaking of the said recipe by Spectrum Labs, it will remain undetectable and effective, no matter how advanced drug tests become.

How To Use Urine Luck

Besides being effective, and undetectable in your sample, Urine Luck is quite easy to use, eliminating the need for any form of preparation.

The additive comes in two small vials whose contents are to be poured into the sample before submitting it to testing. These two vials contain enough active ingredients for a 3-ounce urine sample that you would usually subject to a random test.

It doesn’t change the smell or the color of your urine, which is crucial as it could cause a red flag during the drug test.

Shake both two vials and pour the entirety of their contents into your freshly produced sample. You should always add Urine Luck to the pee sample and not the other way around. The substance in two vials is fast-acting and starts breaking down drug metabolites once it’s introduced to the urine sample.image of urine luck

However, for optimal results, you’ll need to use it 90 minutes before your test, which may add other problems, like keeping the temperature of your clean pee sample to an average 98°F.

Still, the manufacturer remains confident about the pass rate of their product, even without the aforementioned 90-minute period. However, Urine Luck has some issues on its own.

It’s designed to be used with GC/MS tests only since those are considered a “golden standard” for drug screens2. Still, some labs may opt for other types of tests, rendering the usefulness of Urine Luck to none. The detoxifying agent doesn’t affect the urine the way it should when it comes to other testing methods, so it works specifically for GC/MS type of tests.

Also, Urine Luck 6.1-6.9 has a 90% chance of testing negative when used correctly. The other 10% depends on your toxin levels exposure. And while a 90% pass rate is still impressive, we feel like 10% is the unnecessary risk, given other options on the market with positive reviews – like Quick Fix synthetic urine.

Urine Luck vs. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

image of quick fix boxQuick Fix Plus is Spectrum Labs’ synthetic urine, which has a higher pass rate – above 99%, which is a substantial advantage over Urine Luck. Given its chances of testing negative, Quick Fix synthetic urine (link to our review) seems like a more logical choice, even though Urine Luck requires no preparation time or additional heating.

We  strongly recommend using Quick Fix synthetic urine , over Urine Luck, when facing a drug test.

However, if you lack time to purchase or prepare the synthetic urine, Urine Luck remains your best bet. When used correctly, the product provides solid chances of desired result, and it will remove any toxins and metabolites from the sample you produced.

Does Urine Luck Work For Drug Test?

According to the manufacturer’s website, when used correctly, Urine Luck has above 90% chances of passing (or up to 99,6% with latest version) in getting your real pee rid of drugs and achieving negative result on the test.

Based on online reviews and personal experiences, we found that Urine Luck has a well-deserved reputation and does a good job. After further research and inquiry, however, some restrictions and flaws in the design became apparent.


For instance, you should never heat your treated sample above 102°F; otherwise, some of the ingredients might break down. This can change certain concentration levels within the substance, making it detectable. Once heated, you should never reheat your treated sample, as it will considerably reduce the effectiveness of Urine Luck.

Refrain from storing it in a freezer, as well. Using a chilled product may affect the temperature of your sample by lowering it. The sample temperature is the first thing that labs test and lower values will most certainly cause a red flag.

Urine Luck is intended for immediate use, so it should be open before sample submission. Opening the product before immediate use might compromise its effectiveness and significantly drop your chances of success.

You  shouldn’t use your “first load” of the day  since it typically contains the highest concentrations of metabolites. Urine Luck also proved to be less effective for alcohol and nicotine. But when it comes to THC metabolites, it does a pretty good job, providing the best chances of success to moderate cannabis smokers.

Chronic smokers should instead use Quick Fix synthetic urine as a means to pass drug tests. Urine Luck, besides success rates, lacks the potency to deal with high levels of drug metabolites and works best for moderate marijuana smokers.

Where To Buy Urine Luck Near Me

Unfortunately, Urine Luck doesn’t feature a store locator app, and you’ll have to find another means of obtaining this or any other Spectrum Labs product.

Local Retailers

Urine Luck is not available in any of the major stores or pharmacies, like Walmart, GNC, or similar retailers. You might come across Urine Luck, sitting on a shelf in some local smoke shop.

However, local smoke shops tend to stock up on products, and Urine Luck additive you’ve come across might be one with an outdated recipe.

In case you’re buying Urine Luck at a local head shop, please check if the product is genuine, featuring a current version of the additive.

Online Stores

You’ll find Urine Luck all over the Internet e-commerce websites, like Amazon or eBay, usually at a more affordable price, or cut deals.  However, purchasing Urine Luck additive from an e-commerce website carries its risks. 

Firstly, and foremost, you usually don’t know what you’re getting, as most Urine Luck products listed there are expired, outdated, or fake.

Secondly, the company and the official retailers cannot guarantee that the product will provide the same results (that is if it will work at all) as Urine Luck you’d buy from the official source.

Hence,  they do not take any responsibility or offer any refund  in case of a failed drug test.

The safest way to buy Urine Luck 8.0 (latest version) is directly from authorized online retailer. This way, you’ll be sure that your product is genuine, and feature a current version of the additive.

Opting for this type of buy provides the best deals in terms of price, product quality, and shipping options. It’s also the most discrete way of shopping since you’re buying your product from an online dealer’s website, avoiding face-to-face contact with the sellers.

Also, the manufacturer allows you to return any unused products featuring old formulation, replacing it with a new product, free of charge. For additional details, however, please consult the manufacturer. Here’s a link to the official store of Luck urine:

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Urine Luck

Summary Of Our Review

Made by a trusted and renowned manufacturer, Urine Luck remains one of the best urine additives for drug screening on the market. With its relatively good success rate, the product enjoys a positive reputation. It offers significant advantages over synthetic urine products.

It requires almost no preparation work and does a stable job of removing drug metabolites from your sample. It works best for moderate cannabis smokers and occasional drug users.

However, it has some disadvantages, and some inherent flaws in its design, like a pretty significant error margin. The product offers only 90% success rates, and while those odds sound pretty good, we’re not sure if they’re worth the risk of losing your job.

When seeking to pass a drug test, a 10% chance of failure isn’t as little as you might think.

User Review
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Chronic marijuana enthusiasts need to rely more on synthetic urine, like Quick Fix, which is also made by Spectrum Labs has great reviews. Compared to Urine Luck, Quick Fix fake pee has a much higher success rate – 99,9%.

UPDATE: the manufacturer claims the latest Luck urine version 8.0 to have 99,6% success rate. But until we have enough data to confirm that, we recommend to use Quick Fix.

Even though Urine Luck represents a useful and brilliant detoxifying agent, Quick Fix fake pee is much more versatile and reliable solution. As such, it comes bundled with heat packs and a temperature strip. You can order Quick Fix from the official store:

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