Urine Luck Review – Detoxifying Agent By Spectrum Labs

Urine Luck Review - Detoxifying Agent By Spectrum Labs 1

Failing a mandatory drug test can have serious repercussions, besides losing your job. While it shouldn’t get you in trouble with the law, in certain circumstances your employer may notify unemployment agencies or DMV.

Your employer may also choose to disclose test result with any potential, future employers willing to hire you.

Refusing to take the test, on the other hand, usually results in termination of employment. So, it’s in your best interest to take the workplace drug test and pass it.

However, passing a drug screen after partying hard last weekend seems highly unlikely, unless you resort to specific products that can help fool a urine drug test to show negative result.

  • The first method is synthetic urine, a bulletproof way to pass by replacing your real pee with a fake one.
  • Or you might resort to urine additives – detoxifying chemicals that you add to your urine sample.

In this Urine Luck review, we’ll analyze possibly the best urine additive on the market, a product with earned reputation and exceptional pass rate. In a hurry? Jump here.

What Is Urine Luck Additive?

Urine Luck, manufactured by Spectrum Labs, falls under the category of urine additives – detoxifying agents, which when mixed with your urine, destroys all traces of drugs.

Unlike Quick Fix, Spectrum Labs’ famous synthetic urine, Urine Luck additive doesn’t substitute your urine sample, instead purifying it from drug compounds to help you pass a urine test.

  • UrineLuck comes ready to use, eliminating the need for any form of preparation.
  • It doesn’t change the smell or color of your urine, which is crucial as it could cause a red flag during the testing.
  • Thanks to formula tweaking by Spectrum Labs, Urine Luck works and will remain undetectable by drug tests.

Urine Luck Ingredients

Urine Luck additive contains a solution of chemicals that affect drug toxins, neutralizing them without a trace. Unfortunately, the exact mechanics of this process remain unknown. The manufacturer keeps the formula concealed, and they aren’t legally required to reveal it since Urine Luck isn’t meant for internal purposes like being ingested.

Still, proprietary formula does a pretty good job at changing molecular structure of the urine sample, removing all sorts of drugs, including tobacco and alcohol. And since it doesn’t contain nitrites1, acids, glutaraldehyde or pyridine, it’s completely undetectable by drug and nicotine tests.

Instructions & Considerations

The additive comes in two small vials about the size of a pinkie finger, whose contents are to be poured into the sample before submitting it to testing. These two small vials contain enough active ingredients for a 3-ounce urine sample that you would usually subject to a random test.

  • Shake both two vials and pour the entirety of their contents into your freshly produced sample.
  • You should always add Urine Luck to the pee sample and not the other way around.
  • You shouldn’t use your “first load” of the day since it typically contains the highest levels of toxins.

Substances in two vials start breaking down toxins once they’re introduced to the urine sample. However, Urine Luck additive requires to react for up to 90 minutes for optimal results. Hence the following considerations:

  • UrineLuck is designed for GC-MS tests only since those are considered a “golden standard” for drug screens2, meaning it won’t work for instant drug screens and other types of tests.
  • Urine Luck is intended for immediate use, so it should be opened before sample submission. Opening the product earlier might compromise its effectiveness and significantly drop your chances of success.
  • Formulas 6.1-6.9 contained pyridinium chlorochromate (pyridine), which is now detectable by the labs. So we recommend to use only the latest formulation: Urine Luck 8.0-218.

Does Urine Luck Work For Drug Test?

Keeping said considerations in mind, Urine Luck boasts 99.6% success rate, according to the manufacturer’s website. Based on reviews by people online and personal experiences, we find that Urine Luck has a well-deserved reputation and does a decent job at passing drug and nicotine tests.

Regarding THC metabolites, Urine Luck works best for moderate cannabis smokers.
Chronic smokers should instead use Quick Fix Plus fake pee (read review) as means of passing drug tests.

Where To Buy Urine Luck Near Me

Urine Luck doesn’t feature a store locator, so you’ll have to find another means of obtaining this or any other Spectrum Labs product. Urine Luck is not available in retail stores and pharmacies like Walmart or GNC, but you might come across Urine Luck sitting on a shelf of some local smoke shop.

Unfortunately, local smoke shops tend to stock up on products and Urine Luck additive might be the one with outdated formula.
In case you’re buying Urine Luck at a local head shop, please check if the product is genuine, featuring a current version of the additive.

You may find Urine Luck on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay at more affordable price, but there’s a high chance that products listed there are expired, outdated or counterfeit. Also, you won’t be eligible for refund in case of a failed drug test.

The safest way to buy Urine Luck 8.0-218 (latest formula) is directly from authorized online retailer. This way, you’ll be sure that your product is genuine and features a current version of the additive.

Opting for this type of buy provides the best deals in terms of price, product quality and shipping options.
It’s also the most discrete way of shopping since you’re avoiding face-to-face contact with the sellers.

Here’s a link to the official store of Luck urine:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Urine Luck Reliable?

The company behind this product invented the first urine additive on the market in 1992 and has been updating it on a regular basis. It was patented by United States patent office under no. 7,045,098. So yes, this brand has earned its good reputation and will work if used correctly.

Will Urine Luck Work After Being Frozen?

Yes, the additive will still work after it’s been in the freezer. Only thaw the product at room temperature, away from the direct sunlight before using it for drug testing. Do not microwave the product, as sudden changes in temperature might adversely affect the solution.

Does Urine Luck Work For Instant Screens?

This product is designed to fool GC/MS laboratory drug testing and it’s less effective when used with instant test kit. The formula needs 90 minutes to fully break down toxins in your sample, hence it’s only 50% effective for instant urine tests such as testing cup or strip.

Can Dog Pee Be Used To Get Negative Result?

No, you can’t use urine from man’s best friend to pass a drug test. Dog urine is substantially different from human urine, and though it might fool some cheaper drug screening strips, it wouldn’t work with a GC/MS urinalysis machine.

The difference in urea, uric acid and creatinine levels would be the first giveaway of foul play. This would immediately rule your sample out as invalid, causing you to fail the test.

Does Urine Luck Package Contain A Temperature Strip?

This product doesn’t include a temperature strip or bottle. The reason is that urine additive needs to be mixed with real human urine samples. As this is usually done at the testing facility, your freshly produced sample should be already at the correct temperature.

How Long Is Shelf Life Of UrineLuck?

Like other Spectrum Labs products, this pee additive features a shelf life of up to two years. Also, the batch code found on the package can be used to confirm the validity of your product. Products featuring a formula below 8.0 aren’t valid and should be exchanged.

What Happens If You Spill UrineLuck On Your Skin?

If this happens, your skin may turn orange. But don’t worry, this isn’t permanent, and if you happen to spill some over your hands, wash them with warm water and soap a couple of times, and the color should come off. Nonetheless, you should avoid skin contact with the substance from the vials, as it may cause irritation.

How Much Water Should I Drink Before The Test?

According to instructions that are included with the product, you can eat and drink water regularly, like you always do. However, you should pay attention that your water intake doesn’t exceed 10 ounces of fluid per hour on the day of use.


Made by a trusted manufacturer, Urine Luck remains one of the best urine additives on the market and enjoys overall positive reputation. The advantage of Urine Luck over synthetic urine products is that it requires no preparation to work. However, it has some drawbacks like 90-minute reaction time, which makes it suitable only for GC-MS tests.

Also, Urine Luck works best only for moderate cannabis smokers and occasional drug users. Chronic marijuana enthusiasts should instead look at Quick Fix, which is also made by Spectrum Labs and has great reviews. Compared to Urine Luck, Quick Fix fake pee has a higher success rate – 99,9%. You can order Quick Fix Plus from the official store:

Quick Fix Plus

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