Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me For Drug Test?

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Workplace drug tests or any other substance testing can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you were late to find out. Usually, recreational drug users go through a detox process, which means getting rid of any unnecessary substances from their bodies, to pass the drug test with ease.

However, getting a short notice means you can’t detox in time, which leads to worry whether you pass a drug test or not. But you shouldn’t worry. The most common method of screening is urine drug testing, and luckily, it can be fooled.

The best way to pass pee drug tests is to submit a sample of synthetic urine. Fake pee has saved countless careers of recreational drug users around the world and it’s rather easy to come by.

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Believe it or not, one can buy synthetic piss at places like supermarkets, specialized head shops, and even online stores. However, good synthetic pee makes all the difference in passing or failing a urine test, and knowing where to buy synthetic urine near me also matters.

Stores That Sell Synthetic Urine (Near Me)

It is well known that people buy synthetic pee to pass a drug test. For that very reason, people think synthetic urine kits aren’t usually found in ordinary stores. However, this isn’t entirely true.

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It may come as a surprise, but big stores like Walmart do sell synthetic pee, with the items usually available in the gardening section. But, why would Walmart sell synthetic urine near me? Well, the pee in question is synthetic animal urine, which is used by gardeners and hunters.

Spraying that synthetic animal pee over patches of land tricks other animals into thinking that another has marked the territory. This is an effective and well-established method of controlling the behavior of stray animals1.

  • You should not buy synthetic urine from a local grocery store.
  • These products aren’t meant to replicate human urine, and will not help you pass a drug test.

One would think that big pharmacies are an excellent place to look, especially in the states where cannabis, and its recreational use, has been legalized.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case .

  • Big pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS and GNC, do offer detox kits, which help you pass a drug test if you have at least 24 hours.
  • However, the chances of buying an actual synthetic urine kit in a pharmacy store are practically none.

If you need a fake pee kit immediately, local smoke shops come to mind. These head shops are specialized in tobacco and cannabis, offering various accessories, including synthetic urine.fake pee on display in a smoke shop

You should choose one of the bigger, more reputable shops since they tend to have more of the good stuff in stock. You can buy synthetic urine at smaller head shops, but they usually offer some undistinguished brand, which is unlikely to work, and also may be expired.

Calling head shops, and inquiring about the brands they sell can yield satisfactory results. And it can be done anonymously, of course. Most smoke shops now have websites where you can check their stuff, but they may be outdated.

  • As result, finding a head shop that sells synthetic urine near you, which is one of the few recommended brands, can take a while.
  • It may be a better idea to order overnight delivery right now from one of the official suppliers listed below.

Also, keep in mind that due to legal reasons, most head shops advertise their stock as “for tobacco use only.” The same labeling may apply for synthetic urine. Even in the states where medical use of cannabis is legal, discretion is still advised.

  • Fake pee labeled “for tobacco use” is not guaranteed to pass a drug test.

Buying Synthetic Urine Online

Most people buy their synthetic urine online, with alternatives being specialized head shops, or even some e-commerce services like Amazon. Keep in mind that while popular e-commerce services do offer fake pee, the quality of the stock may be compromised.

The market is  flooded with counterfeit products  and genuine synthetic urine kits with expired dates. Using a lousy specimen would mean that your recreational use will not go unnoticed2.

  • So, when you think of the best place where to buy synthetic urine near me, it should be official online supplier.

This type of buy has several advantages over a purchase at your local smoke or head shop:

  • First of all, no face-to-face encounters with the seller or the cashier.
  • Lightning fast deliveries have revolutionized the way we buy things, and fake pee is no exception.
  • This type of service is more discreet, and that’s why more people use it.

But, before you go online and buy the brand you need, make sure that store ships to where you live. Most shops, unfortunately, won’t ship orders to states where cannabis is illegal or states that banned synthetic urine.

  • Official stores listed below ship to all states and usually internationally as well.

Top Synthetic Urine Brands Store Locator

Your location significantly impacts the availability of synthetic urine near you, and for that reason, most people buy it online. There are select location-based search apps that can help you in locating a shop that sells synthetic pee near you. Still, you should consider buying the desired synthetic urine brand online for the following reasons:

  • Some of the best fake pee kits can only be bought online.
  • Each brand has an official supplier, which sources products directly from the manufacturer.
  • Most official stores offer overnight and overseas shipping.

Below is the list of official stores where you can buy select top quality synthetic urine brands.

Where To Buy Quick Fix

Quick Fix is the best and most popular synthetic urine on the market. It has a complex formula composed of creatine, urea, and other chemical markers found in real urine. It also has a correct pH and specific chemicals mimicking human pee.

In addition to an affordable price, Quick Fix has following benefits:

  • Quick Fix formula is premixed, so you don’t have to mix it yourself. All you need to do is activate the disposable heat pad, strap it to a bottle, and check the temperature.
  • The manufacturer updates the formula regularly, reacting to the changes in drug tests industry. There are countless numbers of positive reviews for this formula, stating that it works every time.

what people say about quick fix

You can read our full review or jump to the official store:

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Where To Buy Sub Solution

Sub Solution is also among top quality synthetic urine products and it has the most advanced formula on the market. It contains creatine, urea, uric acid, and several other chemical markers found in human urine. Clear Choice Sub Solution works even for the nastiest drug tests, like 10-panel screen at a major laboratory.

  • Sub Solution is more expensive than Quick Fix, but it’s even closer to the real pee.
  • Powdered synthetic urine has a longer shelf life, so you can keep it in your desk for a rainy day.
  • Heat activator powder assures quick and even heating of your fake pee sample, so it’s hard to screw up the temperature.

It’s a powdered formula, so you must mix it yourself. The instructions provided with the Sub Solution are pretty simple and straightforward. Just fill the plastic container with warm water, add the synthetic urine powder and shake it gently until its clear.

Then you have to get it as close to 100°F as possible. Sub Solution synthetic urine has a high tech self-heating mechanism, contained in the accompanying vial. Just pour the chemical mixture from the vial into the synthetic urine, and it will heat up.

what people say about sub solution

You can read our full review or jump to the official store:

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picture of sub solution urine kit

Where To Buy Urine Luck

This product comes from the very company that produces Quick Fix. It’s not synthetic urine, but a solution that destroys unwanted substances in your urine. As a result, it helps users fool a urine test.image of urine luck

The product comes in two small vials, which both must be poured into the sample before submitting it to drug testing. The more time the solution has contact with the sample before being tested, the more reliable the results are.

Just like with Quick Fix, the manufacturer updates the formula, making it completely undetectable. Done correctly, Urine Luck has more than a 90% success rate.

You can read our full review or jump to the official store:

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Where To Buy Upass

Upass is one of the oldest synthetic urine brands on the market, with a good reputation. The premixed formula has a color and scent of real urine. The pH value and the concentration of uric acid are on the spot.image of upass box

These values are mimicking those of a healthy person’s sample. It also contains creatinine, sodium chloride, the specific gravity, and everything else it needs to simulate human pee.

However, Upass synthetic pee reportedly contains biocide, which is an artificial preservative used by a lost of brands. But because many brands use it, many labs now test submitted samples for biocide presence, as an easy way to rule out synthetic urine samples.

While it can’t compare to quality synthetic urine brands like Quick Fix and Sub Solution, this “fetish urine” labeled product may help you pass some pre-employment drug tests.

You can read our full review or jump to the official store:

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Where To Buy Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is the very first urination device, or more commonly a fake penis filled with synthetic urine, meant to be used in observed tests. The main idea behind the concept was not only to fool the test itself but the people watching, as well. However, it suffered from design flaws, and an excessive price tag, leading to the creation of many alternatives.picture of whizzinator touch

One of those alternatives is the Monkey Dong. This prosthetic penis attachment comes with a bag of higher quality synthetic urine, and it’s available in six different colors, the better match your skin tone. The simple squeeze mechanism makes it easy to operate, and it features a silent valve, so you don’t raise suspicion.

The company offers discreet same day shipping, and they won’t name you on the shipping label in any way.

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Where To Buy Xstream

This product is also on the budget side of a price scale, and it’s labeled as fetish urine. The manufacturer claims that their product has a proper blend of real urine components, that it makes it incredibly similar to the real thing.image of xstream box

However, its reviews are less than favorable, with a substantial amount of anecdotal evidence of Xstream failing laboratory tests. Whether due to the composition of synthetic urine itself, though highly unlikely, or imperfect heating mechanism, we cannot attest to the effectiveness of Xstream.

Jump To Xstream Review


Synthetic urine is one of the best and most reliable ways to pass a urine drug test. If you’re looking to buy synthetic urine nearby, think head shops near me. Using a store locator, and calling the store beforehand is the smartest way of buying synthetic urine locally.

However, purchasing synthetic urine online is highly recommended by MedSignals, as it has certain advantages over traditional shopping:

  • Some top synthetic piss brands sell their products exclusively online and offer free customer support.
  • Internet shopping is more discreet, and online shops have a wider variety of products at more affordable prices.
  • We recommend buying Quick Fix only from QuickFixSynthetic.
  • They offer free support and warranty for their customers.
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