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One of the best methods to pass a drug test is to swap your pee for synthetic urine. This is a good, almost bulletproof tactic for fooling the urine test. However, this only works for unsupervised drug test, where you can comfortably swap, and submit your urine sample.

When it comes to supervised drug tests, during which you are observed producing a urine sample, you must choose a different approach or strategy. And that’s where drug detox drinks come in.

These drinks work in a way that enables you to pass a supervised drug test.

In this article, we’re discussing some of the best detox drinks for drug test, which are highly recommended, and which to avoid. We’ll also explain how they work, when and why they might not, and how to use them properly.

Knowing what’s the best detox drink to pass a drug test, and utilizing it properly, can mean a difference between passing a test or failing it.

What Are Marijuana Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are specially formulated drinks that flush out the toxins and drug metabolites from your system. However, they don’t. Same day cleanses remove the metabolites from your bladder so that you can produce a clean urine sample for a few hours.

These detox drinks can be used for THC metabolites or any other drug, but they only work for a couple of hours, during which your sample is clean. When the effects wear off, your sample will be contaminated again, and you might get caught.

Using detox drinks is relatively easy; however, detoxifying should be done correctly, or else the drink might not have a full effect. The most overlooked thing, the one that drastically increases your chances of success, is to stop smoking immediately, and as early as you can. Ideally, you should stop using drugs 72 hours before the actual test.

Cleanse drinks don’t actually cleanse you; instead, they mask the drug substances in your system for a few hours.

After you’ve bought your drink, make sure to shake the bottle well before use, and drink the contents steadily over 10 to 15 minutes. Some drinks require that you drink some water afterward, and some don’t.detox drinks in a smoke shop

The best thing to do is to consult with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should urinate 3-4 times within the hour of consuming your drink. For the next 3-5 hours, your urine sample should be clean, depending on your metabolism, and the number of toxins in your body.

Keep in mind that the more you use, the harder it’s going to be to mask the metabolites and prevent their release into your urine. Regular weed consumers have much higher metabolite number in their system, and a simple detox drink might clean their system for an hour.

It’s recommended for heavy user to undergo a more natural, thorough detox for a couple of days, using weed detox drinks and pills to speed up the process.

Where To Buy Detox Drinks Near Me?

You can get detox drinks, pills, and complete detox kits (drinks, pills, and fibers) at almost any major store near you. Pharmacies like GNC and Walgreens sell cleansing drinks and kits regularly, without a prescription. You can even get these drinks at Walmart and other major supermarkets.

Detox drinks and other similar products are available at e-commerce stores, like Amazon. While you may obtain the right product on these sites,  it is recommended that you refrain from doing so.  Some of these sites offer affordable products, which might be fake, expired, or compromised in some other way.

Still, you shouldn’t be discouraged from ordering detox drinks online; in fact, getting them online is highly recommended. Most manufacturers of detox drinks have their websites, from which you can order your drink.

Usually, they have a more comprehensive array of higher quality drinks available, and most of them offer same day shipping. Also, ordering online is more discreet, since there are no face-to-face encounters with sellers or cashiers.

Types Of Drug Detox Drinks

For different types of drugs, users usually resort do different types of detox drinks. Several different products specifically target different drug metabolites, and you should use a different detox drink for each drug you take.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Detox drinks, by definition, work for all types of drug metabolites. The only exception to this rule is cannabis. While most metabolites are easily flushed out, THC is the hardest to get rid of.

The reason for this lies in its solubility in fat. Your fatty tissue will absorb THC and would slowly release it back into your bloodstream for several days. It will get through your blood to your kidneys, and then into your urine1.

It’s due to this reason that THC metabolites can be found in the urine of heavy consumers even 30 days after their last joint. Compared to cannabis metabolites, other substances are more easily flushed out, usually within a week.thc metabolism chart

Cannabis user should undergo a more thorough detox, consisting of detox pills and detox drinks while abstaining from smoking, vaping, or other methods of consumption.

Because of its effects and metabolism of drugs in your body, detox drinks work for all drugs. Beware of products claiming to target specific metabolites. There’s no such thing as “detox for cocaine,” or “meth detox drink.

It’s just a marketing trick designed to get you to buy some sort of “premium” and take more of your money. All these products flush out toxins from your urine, making it clean and more natural.

Best THC Detox Drinks Reviews

As we previously mentioned, detox drinks aren’t miracle potions that target specific drug metabolites, erasing them from your system. They target, and purge all the metabolites from your bladder, making your urine clean for a couple of hours. And opting for a right detox drink makes all the difference between passing a drug test, or failing one.

With so many brands on the market, finding the best one could be a daunting task. You want a detox drink that not only flushes out the toxins, but also contains necessary vitamins, minerals, and creatine, to naturally balance your urine out.

When choosing a brand, opt for bigger 32oz bottles. They cost a bit more than smaller 16oz bottles but offer more detoxifying properties.

Keep in mind that some of these brands are frequently counterfeited and sold on various e-commerce websites.  Ordering detox drinks directly from the manufacturer  ensures you get the best in terms of price and quality.

Here are some of the best detox drinks for drug test currently on the market:

Detoxify Mega Clean Cleansing Drink

Mega Clean, made by a company named Detoxify, is one of the most popular, highly recommended products for flushing out substances from your urine. For more than a decade, this has been one of the best marijuana cleansing drinks for drug tests.view of mega clean bottle

The formula is made out of several vitamins and minerals, niacin, and extracts from Burdock root, and Uva Ursi leaves. Niacin has been scientifically proven to help with toxin elimination, while Burdock root and Uva Ursi leaves extracts are known as natural diuretics.  Drinking this will make you pee like never before. 

Of course, you shouldn’t consume any drugs at least 48 hours before drinking the bottle. Consume 32oz bottle in one go, about 3 hours before the drug test. Within the first hour of consumption, you should urinate 2-3 times. After that, you’re clear for about 3-4 hours, in which you should produce a urine sample for test.

Light smokers have low levels of THC in their bodies, and one bottle of this drink should be more than enough to purge their system. Heavy weed consumers, however, are a different story.5 Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test (THC Cleanse) 1

If you’re a chronic cannabis smoker, you might want to resort to an option with stronger detox properties and undergo a full, natural detox process. In that case, Mega Clean detox drink might help you speed up the process. Here’s a link to the official store:

I want Mega Clean

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse is another popular cleansing option on the market that  works best for casual and moderate weed smoker . It’s a perfect choice for weekend drug enthusiasts, and used correctly, allows you to pass a test with ease. Following the instructions to the letter is of vital importance for Rescue Cleanse to work correctly.rescue cleanse 32oz bottle

Like with most cleanses, you should abstain from weed products at least two days before drinking it. The manufacturer recommends that you do not eat or drink for 4 hours before using this product, to ensure maximum efficiency.

You should drink the whole 32oz bottle in one go, after which you’ll urinate like a waterfall, for about an hour. Please beware, the urination process can be quite intensive, you should make sure that you’re near a toilet.

The great thing about Rescue Cleanse is that it provides a 5-hour safe zone, which is more than enough for you to produce the sample, and submit it for testing. Still, this detox drink is not recommended to heavy weed smokers, as their THC levels are much higher.

Overall, Rescue Cleanse 32oz is a great option manufactured by a company backed up with more than 25 years of experience in passing drug tests.

You can learn more in our full review or jump to the official store:

I want Rescue Cleanse

Detoxify XXtra Clean

This detox drink comes from the same company that brought us Mega Clean. It’s advertised as Tropical Flavor, so it’s not only functional, it’s also tasty.view of xxtra clean bottle

As with other detox drinks, you should avoid introducing new toxins to your body at least 48 hours before consuming this drink. After drinking the whole 20 oz bottle, wait for fifteen minutes, refill the bottle with water, and drink it. Over the next hour, you’ll likely need to urinate often, due to the product working to purge your system of toxins and metabolites.

You should urinate as much as you need to, just make sure to stay hydrated for the upcoming drug test. During lab tests, this product kept the urine samples clean for up to three hours.

Your circulatory system and your urinary tract are connected, so you might’ve heard that this product also cleans your blood, as a side effect of cleaning your urine. Beware of those claims, as they are false.

XXtra Detox is meant for urine cleansing only. It will not detox your blood, hair, or saliva. Also, this product will flush out any prescription drugs you might take, so keep that in mind if you’re using some prescribed medication. Here’s a link to the official store:

I want XXtra Clean

Detoxify Ready Clean

This detox drink helps your body in flushing out traces of cannabis and other drugs from your urine. Other than cleansing all contaminants, it also helps you get rid of other toxins, like nicotine. However, it does have some limitations.view of ready clean bottle

This drink is  formulated for a light cannabis smoker, someone who smokes less than three joints a week.  Also, your weight shouldn’t exceed 200 lbs. For this beverage to work, you must pre-cleanse your body first by taking pre-cleaning pills that come with the product. By taking proper pre-cleanse, you’re increasing the effectiveness of detoxification.

Of course, you should avoid taking any drugs, eating junk food, and drink a lot of water. These pre-cleanse steps will prepare your body for the detox drink, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Once you’re ready, take the drink an hour before producing a sample. During this time, you should urinate as much as possible, to get rid of the toxins from your body.

Overall, this herbal cleanse drink is a great, natural detox that comes at an affordable price. It’s meant for light smokers and provides a 5-hour detoxification window during which you should submit your pee sample. Here’s a link to the official store:

I want Ready Clean

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

This cleanse is a premium one day detox system for people with high exposure or a large body mass. Anyone with high levels of drug metabolites or a body mass over 200lbs should try this brand, as it is one of the most powerful detox drinks on the market.ultra eliminex bottle

Ultra Eliminex will flush the toxins from your urinary tract and prevent them from appearing in fresh urine for a couple of hours. If you’re a chronic marijuana smoker or are overweight, adhering to the instructions, and consuming Ultra Eliminex will help you get rid of the toxins.

The instructions on the bottle are pretty straightforward. You should abstain from any drug use for a minimum of 48 hours. Before testing, you should drink Ultra Eliminex over a period of 30-60 minutes. During this period, you should urinate as much as possible. Within 30 minutes of finishing the drink, you should be good to take the drug test.

Overall, Ultra Eliminex Detox is a great detox drink that seems unbeatable at flushing out the toxins, even in chronic weed consumers, who have large body mass. But since marijuana is bound by fat cells,  we highly recommend including detox pills  such as Herbal Pre-Cleanse formula in your program if you choose this brand. Here’s a link to the official store:

I want Ultra Eliminex

Cheap Detox Drinks To Avoid

The primary purpose of a detox drink is to purge the toxins from your system, so you want a product powerful enough to do so. There are proven, powerful detox drinks that efficiently help you pass a drug test. But there are also brands you should stay away from.

Most of these urine detoxifiers tend to be low quality, cheap, and widely sold at major stores, like Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, and others. It’s because of the marketing, and the fact that they’re sold in major stores and pharmacies, that people buy these brands and fail drug tests.

These are some of the poor quality detox drinks you should stay away from:

Ultimate Detox Cleansing Drink

Ultimate Detox is marketed as a 100% effective way to detox your pee from toxins, helping you pass a drug test. The manufacturer states that the ingredients have been proven to eliminate the toxins, instead of simply masking them.

However, they do not provide the constituents of the formula, or how they achieve such an effect. Since there’s no ingredients list, determining side effects of this strawberry-flavored drink is also very difficult. The results documented by the manufacturer are  insufficient to back up their claim of 100% effectiveness and safety. 

The Liquid Stuff One Hour Cleansing Drink

This drink helps in diluting your urine, which theoretically removes the toxins from your body, or drops the number of metabolites below the cut value. It contains laxatives, natural diuretics, medicinal herbs, and high doses of vitamins.

In terms of effectiveness, The Stuff detox drink has mixed reviews, with people either praising it or claiming it doesn’t work at all. Some users suggested that in only intensifies your natural detoxification process, rather than cleansing your system.

The truth is The Stuff has no unique components that will help you get rid of the unwanted substances from your urinary tract. Simply put, there’s no guarantee that this detox drink will work.


This drink is designed to remove unwanted substances from your body. Even though the manufacturer clearly states that the product isn’t intended to help you pass the drug test, people still buy it for that reason.

The general idea behind this drink is promoting overall health and not detoxification for the sake of passing a drug test. Worth mentioning is the Qcarbo20, a formula marketed as “extreme strength,” that with some pre-cleanse may help you pass a drug test.

Qcarbo, in general, has very mixed results, suggesting it was adequate for only 50% of users. Also, there are some potential side effects, like nausea and stomach upset.

Magnum Detox Instant Flush

This formula is made to be stronger than the manufacturer’s original Magnum Detox Drink, and it doesn’t require any pre-detox. It’s also marketed as suitable for people up to 340lbs.

The new formula is mainly structured around vitamins, minerals, and creatine, but also contains Psyllium husk, Burdock root, and Cascara Sagrada bark. There are clearly stated values on the label except for the last three ingredients, which are a part of the proprietary formula.

The ratio of constituents in the proprietary formula is unknown, so it’s effects on the body remain unknown. Magnum products have a poor reputation, with a formula that is a little more flavored than a soft drink.

Stinger Detox

Stinger detox is a full-body cleanser designed to remove metabolites from all your major systems. While there are mixed reviews, it seems that the Stinger has more negative mentions than positive ones.

First off, the 60-90 minutes instructions are wrong; the full effects would take place about two hours after consuming. The ingredients are common for most low-end drinks, with no soluble fiber in the product, which is a necessity for any detox drink.

The formula is ineffective and simply not worth the money it costs. Keep in mind that this isn’t an FDA approved or lab tested product, so there’s no telling what’s really inside.

Jazz Total Detox

Jazz Detox products don’t have an excellent reputation, and their detox drink is no exception. The not-so-good reputation is well earned, due to many reasons. There is simply no evidence that Jazz detox works, with the ingredients matching those of a soft drink.

After following the directions accompanying the product, drinking the bottle content, refilling it twice, and urinating a few times, you will inevitably fail a drug test. The product is entirely fake, but it’s backed up by good marketing and a ton of false positive reviews online.  If you want to pass a drug test, you should ignore Jazz Detox. 

DIY Detox Drinks

Stories are circulating the web about homemade detox drinks that can help you pass a drug test. The main idea behind these stories is that you don’t need to be paying a lot of money, as you can make them cheaply, achieving almost the same results. These recipes mostly include baking soda, some multivitamin, and some additional vitamin B2.woman drinking unpleasant green juice

Anyone with some basic knowledge of biochemistry will tell you that homemade detox drinks are snake oil, a product of deceptive marketing with no real scientific value. Baking soda turns to salt in the stomach2, and it does not influence toxins being flushed out. And when it comes to multivitamins, though generally healthy, they will not affect the balance of your urine.

Drinks with detoxifying properties, like Green Tea, Goldenseal and Palo Azul, also won’t help you with passing a drug test. Though known for their natural detoxifying properties, these drinks don’t have the necessary potency to remove the metabolites from your system.

Any recipes or homemade tricks you might come across that aren’t backed up by a scientific study should be thought of as recipes for failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Detox Drinks Work For Opiates?

They should. The opioid metabolites are pretty much the same as with any other drug. They stay in your urine for about 2-7 days. The body naturally detoxifies pretty much the same way, no matter what the toxins are, and it does so by sweat and urine.

Using the best detox drinks on the market can significantly increase your chances of passing a drug test, regardless of your preferred substance.

How Long Does A Drug Detox Drink Last?

The effects of detox drinks last for several hours, depending on various factors. Best detox drinks usually provide about 4-5 hours of detox window, during which your urine should be clean. However, the frequency of use, body mass, general health, and several other factors can significantly impact the effects of detox drink.

Heavy smokers have higher toxin levels, and the time it takes for the metabolites to re-enter the urine is lower. That’s why the best detox drinks have pre-cleanse pills included.

Can A Detox Drink Be Detected In A Drug Test?

Generally, no, though it depends on the quality of the product. High-quality products have no damaging substances that may get detected by a test. Some low-quality products might dilute your urine by making you drink a lot of water. Overly diluted urine may come up as an indicator of drug use.

Using the best detox drinks for drug test, and abstaining from toxins for several days, reduces your chances of getting caught to virtually none.


There is no doubt that some of the best detox drinks for drug testing can help you purge your pee and pass a urine drug test. However, even the best of products isn’t a magic potion, and you should adhere to some general rule of natural detox, by not introducing new toxins to your body for at least 48 hours, and maintaining a proper, balanced diet.

Even the best detox drinks need time to work through your body and take effect. If you’re facing a surprise test, your chances are better with synthetic urine (list of recommended brands). But if you have a few days to prepare, we recommend going through a natural detox, coupled with a powerful detox drink.

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