Best THC Detox Kits That Work For Drug Test (Permanent Cleanse)

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Best THC Detox Kits That Work For Drug Test (Permanent Cleanse) 1

While the effects of marijuana fade relatively quickly, its use can be detected in the body for days, weeks, and sometimes even months. If you ever faced a drug test, you’re familiar with how difficult it is to get rid of THC metabolites, still residing in your body.

THC is fat soluble and attaches to fat cells, which makes it incredibly tricky for our bodies to break down and expel it. And though it won’t be detected in your blood and saliva, smoking one joint can be detected in your pee for up to two weeks. For chronic weed smokers, those numbers reach several months.

That’s where the best THC detox kits come into play. These fantastic products help your body get rid of toxins more effectively and in less time, making your blood, urine, saliva, and even hair ready for drug tests.

Types Of THC Detox Products

There are various types of THC detox products available, ranging from THC detox drinks and pills to THC detox shampoos, conditioners, and other types of cleanses. Whatever way you choose, be it detox drinks or detox pills, most of them work best when combined into cannabis detox kits.

Please be advised that all THC detox products work for all drug metabolites, and despite advertising, there are no products designed to target specific substances. However, THC is notoriously hard to get rid of1, and removing it from your system requires more time.

Marijuana detox drinks are specially formulated drinks that help you flush out marijuana metabolites from your urinary tract. To be more specific, they flush out the metabolites from your bladder, giving you a time window when you can produce a clean pee sample and pass a drug test.

However, their effects are quite limited, since most of detox drinks provide a finite time during which the urine is clean. After the effects “wear off,”  Marijuana metabolites will slowly re-enter your pee, making you THC positive again . You can read our reviews of best detox drinks in this article.

Marijuana detox pills are popular cleansing supplements, which don’t, in any way, substitute a natural detox routine that includes abstinence from any illicit substances. They’re used to speed up the natural detox, by almost 50%.

Some of the best THC detox pills you can find are Rescue Detox 10-day and 5-day programs. Their ingredients work to assist with the natural body detox, eliminating marijuana metabolites and free radicals from your system. These programs are an ideal solution for heavy users and people with high BMI.

Drug test detox kits, however, are the most complex and the most effective THC detox products on the market. These kits usually include pre-cleanse and detox pills, detox drinks, and additional fiber supplement, which you ingest adhering to the instructions provided with the respective THC detox kit.

They  do a fantastic job of flushing out the toxins from your body . Some of the best THC detox kits clean not only your pee, but also your blood and saliva, making you completely toxin free, and drug test ready.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best drug detox kits available on the market and their effectiveness. It’s essential to choose the right THC detox kit when needing help to pass a drug test, since failing to do so may incur serious consequences.

Best Marijuana Detox Kits For Urine Test

As we said, when you have to pass a drug test, the best way is to undergo a natural detox. Depending on your toxin exposure, the process can take from a couple of days to a week or more. Resorting to weed detox kits is a smart idea, as these products significantly increase the rate at which your body processes said toxins.

Most of these marijuana detox kits contain a range of products, from THC detox pills to detox drinks, supplementary fiber, and even THC detox shampoos. Depending on your needs, you can find different length cleanses for a pee drug test.

Toxin Rid’s THC detox kits are one of the most popular products for cleansing, as they’ve proven to work exceptionally well. Toxin Rid produces 10 days marijuana detox program (which is the best THC detox kit we know of) along with 5 days program, which do a fantastic job at speeding up your detox process and enabling you to pass a drug test.

Toxin Rid 7 Day Detox Program

Praised by many, this three-part detoxing system is a THC detox kit that gets the job done. After completing the Toxin Rid 7 days program, you can produce your pee sample, and confidently submit it for testing, knowing that it’s clean for tests.toxin rid 7 day detox

Toxin Rid 7 day program features a unique formula comprised of all-natural ingredients with no fillers or synthetics. It also contains no animal products, so it’s safe to use for vegans. Besides herbal ingredients, this marijuana detox kit contains several minerals and vitamin complex, to help you better break down the residual THC metabolites.

The THC detox kit includes 105 pre-rid tablets, one ounce of detox drink, and one ounce of dietary fiber. You ingest 15 pills every day, for seven days straight, after which, on the last day of the program, you drink the detox drink. The use of dietary fiber is optional; however, drinking it is safe and will work in your favor.

Toxin Rid 7 day program is  highly recommended for chronic and heavy users wanting to pass a piss drug test . Though advertised as a total body cleanse, we feel that Toxin Rid 7 day program might not be potent enough for blood detox in chronic or heavily smoking people.

If you’re one of such users looking to pass a urine drug test, we strongly recommend Toxin Rid 7-day kit. For a total body detox, however, we suggest you opt for Toxin Rid’s best detox, 10-day course.

Toxin Rid 3 Day Detox Program

If you’ve caught a short notice of an upcoming drug test, the Toxin Rid 3 day Program is the right way, that offers satisfactory results. Still, three days may be short, so we advise that best way to pass is to start your natural detox routine straight after receiving the test notice.toxin rid 3 day detox

Toxin Rid 3 days course is a three-part cleanse system that contains 45 detox pills (15 taken every day), an ounce of detox drink, and an ounce of dietary fiber. For the best possible results, please use the marijuana detox kit accordingly while adhering to the rules of natural detox.

The formula includes completely natural ingredients of herbal origin, with no animal products, filler ingredients, or synthetics.

More importantly, it’s fast acting, and uses vitamins and minerals, along with the herbal ingredients, to safely remove drug metabolites from your body.

Toxin Rid 3-day course is advertised as blood, pee, and saliva detox. However, we would comfortably recommend it only  as a urine cleanse for marijuana smokers with moderate toxin levels . Though highly effective, we wouldn’t recommend this 3 day course to chronic smokers, since this marijuana detox kit isn’t meant to deal with high levels of toxins.

So, if you’re a moderate in your marijuana use, you can comfortably rely on the Toxin Rid 3-day program to help you clean your urine and pass a drug test.

Herbal Clean QCarbo32 + Pre-Cleanse Pills

Herbal Clean’s QCarbo32 is the same day detox drink for light and intermediate users that are on a tight budget.

QCarbo32 is a well-formulated and established detox drink that temporarily cleanses your bladder and urinary tract, expelling the toxins through frequent urination. It also contains vitamin complex, minerals, and nutrients that will balance your urine, making it appear clean and natural.qcarbo32

However, the detox drink itself isn’t very potent, so you absolutely must adhere to the rules of natural detoxing. Even then, depending on your toxin levels, there’s a slight chance of marijuana detox kit “misfire.” To further increase its effectiveness,  QCarbo32 detox drink must be used in conjunction with Herbal Clean Pre-Cleanse Pills .

Pre-Cleanse pills are advertised as a daily preparation and maintenance supplement, which enhances other Herbal Clean products. The bottle contains a monthly supply of 60 THC flush pills that accelerate the elimination of toxins. They’re designed to be taken every day and require up to two weeks to take effect.

The main idea behind this kit is that  the flush pills enhance the effectiveness of QCarbo32 detox drink, which in turn purifies your urine , making it suitable for testing.

Keep in mind that this THC detox kit is good for light and intermediate users, and those on a budget. People using cannabis on a chronic or heavy basis are advised to research and use other methods for passing a urine test.

THC Detox Kits We Recommend To Avoid

As we already mentioned the best THC detox kits, we also must mention products that are of lesser potency. Though good in their way, most of these kits lack the strength to deal with the marijuana metabolites in your system correctly.

You should  avoid products below if you’re serious about detoxing and passing a drug test , as their use involves a high risk of failure.

Ultra THC by Magic Detox

According to the manufacturer, Ultra THC detox pills are an effective way of cleansing and detoxifying for purposes of passing a drug test. This 7-day THC detox kit contains 42 detox pills with an organic proprietary blend formula, which stimulates urine output for a more effective cleanse.

However, it’s quite evident that the formula contains only several herbal ingredients and none of the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. So even if this THC detox kit cleanses your pee from marijuana, in which we highly doubt, it won’t replace the vital nutrient you lost by frequent urination. Poorly balanced urine will most certainly raise a red flag during lab testing.

Clean Slate Detox 2 Day THC Removal Kit

Clean Slate detox is advertised as a highly effective, fast-acting natural formula that expels the toxins from your body in only two days. Provided that you adhere to the rules of the natural cleansing beforehand.

The manufacturer claims that their THC detox kit features only the finest, medical-grade ingredients and extracts. This formula targets marijuana metabolites and expels them more effectively by stimulating the body’s natural cleansing process.

The truth is that the formula lacks complexity when compared to other THC detox products. It also lacks the potency to detoxify you in only 48 hours properly. Not to mention the claims of targeting marijuana metabolites specifically, which is nothing but a marketing trick.

Green Gone THC Detox Kit

Green Gone seems like a regular good detox course, except its not. It’s designed as an ongoing course of detox pills, which expel the metabolites at a faster rate. The company that makes Green Gone claims their marijuana detox kit is 200% more effective than other options available on the market.

The truth is something different, though. The first alarming thing is the claim of its efficiency since it’s a well-known fact that the THC-targeting formulas don’t exist. Secondly, the product provides a home drug test kit and a disclaimer, which states that passing a home test, but failing a lab one does not qualify for a refund.

Lastly, the issue of price – Green Gone comes at a steep cost for a product that isn’t backed up by a money-back guarantee.

GNC 2 Day Cleanse

GNC 2-day Cleanse is a refreshing fruit-cocktail detox drink that promotes weight loss and overall wellness. It’s produced by the same-name company, the GNC, and can be obtained at any major retail store, or Amazon.

The product features many natural ingredients, minerals, vitamin complex, and juice concentrates. Like other pharmacy store detox drinks, it does an average work of getting your body rid of free radicals, but it does a horrible job when it comes to expelling drug metabolites.

It’s quite understandable, though, as the product wasn’t meant for drug detox, much like cranberry juice. Using GNC 2-day Cleanse will most certainly end with a failed drug test for cannabis.

Herbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Kit

This 7-day THC detox program comes from Herbal Clean, a less reputable manufacturer known for poor-quality detox kits. Herbal Clean 7-day Premium is not an exception; hence, we strongly advise against the use of this product for purposes of passing a drug test for marijuana.

However, due to the brand’s ill repute, and numerous personal experiences and reviews, we advise against the use of this product. It may work for occasional users if they’re willing to take the risk of failing a drug test for weed.

Alpha Clean Total Body Detox

Alpha Clean is marketed as a cleanse for over-the-counter prescription drugs, caffeine, nicotine, and sugar. It’s an all-natural formula, which doesn’t include additives or laxatives, increases the speed of the natural cleansing process, and promotes the restoration of natural energy levels.

However, we strongly advise against the using this product, as it lacks potency to cleanse you of any drug metabolites properly. You may still use it as a cleansing method against the toxins mentioned above, but resort to other products and techniques when it comes to marijuana drug tests.


Most of the products mentioned in this article are quite useful at expelling marijuana metabolites from your system. Though powerful, they’re still affected by various factors, like your BMI and toxin exposure, so consider those factors when choosing the appropriate weed detox product.

On their own, THC detox kits won’t be as effective. Remember to follow the rules of good natural detox and abstain from the introduction of new toxins to your body. Provided that they’re used following the instructions given by the manufacturer, THC detox kits significantly increase the effectiveness of your detoxifying process.