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Millions of people around the world smoke pot and enjoy its benefits on a daily basis. It’s one of the least dangerous drugs as far as addiction and health issues go, and as such – it’s widely used by individuals coming from every social layer. However, it’s still illegal in many countries, and it can hurt your plans for the future.

While the sheer illegality of it doesn’t discourage too many people from using it, the fact that  almost every employer requires you to pass a drug test  does. Whether you had a lovely weekend with some friends and a couple of hits from the bong or you’re a regular smoker, the problem remains the same – how to pass a hair drug test safely?

There are several questions we are going to attempt to answer to get closer to the perfect recipe for passing a drug test. It’s important to point out that these methods may or may not work in your case, depending on which one you choose to pursue.

Either way, if you have a job interview coming up and you’re worried about the testing, take a moment and check some of these methods out, some of them will undoubtedly come in handy.

4 Ways to Beat a Hair Screen

Even though there are more than four ways to beat a hair test, these are the most popular ones and usually the most frequently used by people around the world.

Shaving All Your Hair Off

You might have heard about this method as it is one of the first things that come to mind when hair strand testing is mentioned. Quite a lot of people think that shaving your head is going to work as a way around the mandatory testing for a new job, and while it’s not necessarily wrong,  it’s often entirely unrealistic for a few simple reasons. picture of man shaving his head

The first reason is the fact that you probably had hair when you were interviewed, and you’re suddenly showing up to work completely bald. That little difference may trigger some red flags, and it probably will because you’re not the first one who came up with that idea. It’s important to point out that your employer can use any hair off your body including hand and armpit hair1.

On top of that, they can ask for a urine sample, and that’s probably going to seal your fate quickly.
As far as our opinion goes, this is probably the least effective method of them all.

Drug Detox Shampoo (recommended) – test in 24 hours or less

Unlike the shaving method, this one works the way it’s supposed to. However, an important thing to remember here is the scarcity of useful products on the market. In simpler terms, very few detox shampoos work, and the vast majority of others are just a quick money grab.

The main issue for most manufacturers is that their product cannot break inside the hair follicle and remove the drug traces, which is the only way to pass a test safely.

That being said, there are a couple of products on the market that can and will come in handy whenever you face the challenge of hiding your habits.  The Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (old formula) is one of them . It is one of our top recommended ones, and you can get a better insight into its usefulness and advantages by reading our detailed review.

Light User Loophole

It’s  essential to point out the emphasis on the word “Light” here.  In case you decided to hit the bong once or twice in the past 90 days, then you will more than likely pass the test. However, hair tests are usually looking for signs of prolonged use and are designed to trigger on pretty small amounts of THC in your system2.

The main misconception here is that people rely on the number of occasions instead of referring to the amount of pot they have smoked on those occasions. In other words, you will more than likely fail the test if you consumed a somewhat high amount of marijuana (more than .5 grams) at once, regardless of whether it was ten hits in an hour or ten in two days.

As we mentioned, you can utilize this loophole only if you had a smoke or two in the past three months.

DIY Home Remedies

Apart from commercially available products, there are also some DIY solutions that have a potential to help you pass the test. Bear in mind, these methods may or may not work, it all depends on several different factors. Therefore, the success here is far from guaranteed.

Macujo Method Review

The Macujo method consists of seven reasonably simple steps, and while it may sound a bit peculiar and strange, it has a pretty good track record of success.

The first step requires you to stop using weed for a while.

The second step is to wet down your hair with warm water. Make sure it’s damp instead of being soaking wet.

The third step is to use Heinz vinegar and massage it thoroughly into the scalp and hair. Make sure you repeat the process until you’re entirely sure everything is evenly covered.

The fourth step is pretty simple, and it requires you to add Clear and Clean to the mixture that’s already in your hair (the vinegar mentioned above and warm water).

Step five needs you to wait for about half an hour and let your hair absorb the mixture you’ve made. Wearing a shower cap is recommended for better absorption.

Step six consists of washing your hair with the Nexus Aloe Rid (original formula) shampoo until it’s immaculate.

The final step is similar to the previous one, but instead of using shampoo, one should use the Tide liquid laundry detergent. Be careful with the last step and make sure you don’t get any of that in your eyes as laundry detergents are a potential danger.

See how it works

What Is Jerry G Method?

The Jerry G method is a bit more invasive and aggressive as it requires you to use chemicals that will change the texture and integrity of your hair. This 8-step method starts with bleaching and then dying your hair on the first day with a dye that contains ammonia.

Subsequently, you should wash the color off using Toxin Rid. Make sure to let it dry off naturally instead of using a blow dryer because your hair is quite vulnerable at that point, especially when it comes to heat damage.

You should repeat the same process ten days later (bleach, dye, wash with Toxin Rid, and let it naturally dry off). Once the day of the test comes, you ought to wash your hair one more time with baking soda paste. Rinse the baking soda with Toxin Rid and subsequently with Ultra Clean shampoo.

Best Hair Detox Shampoo Reviews

Nexxus Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid – our recommendation

This shampoo is one of the most widely used for passing tests because it is capable of breaking inside hair follicles and removing the toxins that way. Contrary to popular belief and advertising, not many shampoos can do this.image of aloe toxin rid old style

Using this particular shampoo in combination with the Ultra Clean shampoo is probably your safest bet when it comes to passing the hair strand test. It should be used every day before the test, at least 5 to 10 days in advance.

Only Old Style formula available from official store is proven to work for drug tests.

If you find Aloe Rid elsewhere, it’s 99.9% likely a new formula which doesn’t work!

In case you don’t have that much time, consider taking 4-5 showers a day. The best way to use it is to leave it lathered in your hair for about 15-20 minutes before you wash it out. Make sure to use it at least 15 times before the test for best results.

While there aren’t many disadvantages, to begin with, its price is something worth pointing out. Due to its popularity, this shampoo has become quite expensive, and it’s one of the most sought-after on the market.

However, even though it could be considered quite expensive, it’s worth every penny because it works. On top of that, this formula will not damage the texture or integrity of your hair.4 Ways How To Pass A Hair Drug Test (Follicle Sample) 1

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid  is not produced anymore and is available in limited supply! 

Click this button to reserve it at the official store:

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Zydot Ultra Clean

The Zydot Ultra Clean is an excellent all-in-one solution for your issues. It is a deep cleaning shampoo as well as an internal purifier and conditioner. It’s also quite versatile as it allows you to remove medications and chemical buildup in your hair effectively without going through too much hassle.image of zydot ultra clean

The critical thing to point out here is the success rate of this product, or rather, lack thereof. Now, this doesn’t mean it won’t work, but it’s not going to yield notable results when used as a standalone product.

In other words, the  Zydot Ultra Clean should be used in combination with other products  like the Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo.

It also works quite well when used with the Macujo method. In conclusion, it’s an affordable addition to your collection of detox products, but it shouldn’t be used as a standalone product.

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Hair Razor

One of the main selling points of this shampoo is the 2% of EDTA in the pre-treatment gel which is a chelating agent that’s responsible for stripping the hair of off any other products.picture of hair razor shampoo

Most importantly, this company claims their product is 400% more effective than any other method including bleaching and dying.

One more good thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t cause any damage to your hair whatsoever. It repairs damaged hair while metabolizing it at the same time.

The exciting thing about this product is that it can eliminate other drugs from your hair, not just pot. It can help you eliminate coke, meth, and opiates as well. When it comes to the sheer effectiveness of it, most people praised it while others haven’t had much success.

The company behind this shampoo guarantees a 100% chance of success and offers a money-back guarantee in case their product fails to meet your expectations.

Synergy Detox Toxin Wash

While this model is advertised as the most effective and most reliable on the market for toxin reduction, it’s more of an advertising gimmick than reality. However, there is a bit of truth in that claim.image of toxin wash

It may be the strongest on the market, but only for light users and consumers of THC, opiates, and benzo. Methamphetamine and cocaine detox is not possible with this particular model.

Toxin Wash has a success rate of about 92% in reducing toxins to undetectable levels. The remaining 8% can be attributed to different factors including heavy use of drugs or the use of zero-tolerance tests that cannot be passed. It’s important to point out that this shampoo only cleans the existing hair and therefore it won’t have an effect on growing hair.

THC stays in your body for 1-3 months, and if the drug is still in your body, the hair that develops after the treatment will have detectable levels of THC.

Total Detox Friend (not recommended)

Total Detox Friend is not a product per se, but instead a service that offers advice on which products to use based on your level of drug use. They provide four different services ranging from instructions only to a so-called heavy kit that they ship worldwide.

The instructions-only pack includes an email link that you’ll receive that leads to a formula with instructions. You also have the possibility of talking to one of their consultants to customize the plan to fit your needs. It’s not the worst thing out there, but we wouldn’t recommend it for several reasons, the main being the lack of an actual tangible product.

Screening By Hair Strand Facts

In case you’re struggling to comprehend the concept behind a hair follicle test, some of these points should give you a bit more insight into the matter. These facts should also shed some light on the inaccuracy of various articles one can find online.

Instead of believing everything you read on the Internet, take a moment and read some of the information we consider are crucial.

Should infrequent and one-time users worry?

It depends on several factors, including the number of times you did drugs. As far as one-time users go, they will more than likely pass the test without any issues. However, “one-time” stands for literally one hit in the past two or three months, as soon as you step over a certain threshold (above about .5 grams), you can expect it to show on the test.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that individuals who took one hit over several months are pretty safe, but anything more than that should be considered detectable.

What a 5-panel hair test checks for?

As the name suggests, the 5-panel test checks for the presence of five different drugs: Amphetamine (including Methamphetamine), Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP)3.

Many employers widely use this test because it’s a pretty affordable all-in-one solution. The screening also provides numerical results for components that get detected. It has a longer turnaround in comparison to urine tests, but it also has a more extended detection period which makes it a bit more precise.

The accuracy of hair drug screen

The vast majority of employers opt for hair tests because they are much more accurate in comparison to, for example, urine tests. Also, unlike urine, hair samples can’t be substituted easily, and thus it’s much harder to cheat on a hair strand test.

Hair tests can also offer historical results, meaning one can approximately determine the frequency and pattern of drug use4. In other words, sections of your hair can be analyzed and a time frame of drug use can be constructed according to the results.

How far back does it go?

The hair tests are amongst the ones that go back the furthest. For example, while human hair growth rates vary, it typically grows at an average of half an inch per month. Given that most hair samples have to be at least 1.5 inches long, the test can detect the presence of drugs up to 90 days before the testing occurs5.

For example, oral fluid drug testing can only identify substances that were taken 48 hours before trial. As you can tell, drug test by hair is much more precise and can offer a detailed time chart.

Click here to learn how long can weed stay in your hair.

At-home drug testing kits

Many people wonder whether at-home drug testing kits are worth the effort. They are a great testing ground before the real thing (the actual testing by your potential employer) occurs. For example, you can purchase a kit at a pretty affordable price and see whether it detects any substances.

This especially applies to occasional and light users that want to utilize the loophole as mentioned earlier. If you have some time before the actual employer’s test, we would strongly recommend using an at-home kit to get familiar with your chances of passing it.

What happens if I fail?

It’s crucial for you to prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome. If you’re planning on applying for a position in a well-respected company and are facing a drug test, the best course of action is probably to stop using drugs altogether.

In case you somehow aren’t able to abstain for whatever reason, try some of the methods we have covered in this article and see if that can yield any results.

In case of failure, it’s essential to face the consequences and move on to the next milestone. If you look at it from another perspective – it’s a great way to learn what not to do and what to pay attention to before applying for a new job.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any uncertainties, don’t hesitate to refer to this questionnaire and look for an answer.

Which drugs aren’t usually screened for?

This depends on a few different factors, the main being the type of test your employer is using. In most cases, the employer will use the 5-panel test as it is one of the affordable and widely used ones. That particular test detects THC, PCP, Amphetamines, Cocaine, and Opiates.

However, in case you’re applying for a job in the police department, medical institutions, and government positions, you can expect the 10-panel test or even the 12-panel one. These are designed to detect barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, propoxyphene, and more.

Naturally, they are much harder to cheat, and it’s highly recommended that you stop using any drugs at least three months before facing any of these tests.

How can I cheat a hair drug test with perm?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot pass a test using perm due to a few reasons, the main being the fact that dye doesn’t penetrate the follicles. The same applies to lice shampoos and bleaching products in general. To pass the test successfully one must either destroy the traces or metabolize the drug.

Washing contaminants out is unrealistic and out of the question. Peroxide can sometimes help if you’re trying to cover up the use of cocaine, but it’s far from being a recommended method. In conclusion, you cannot pass with a perm.

Any special instructions for African American to pass the test?

This question pops quite frequently, and while it sounds somewhat silly, there is some reasoning behind it. Namely, African American’s hair tends to grow at a slower rate compared to Caucasians. On top of that, it also holds more metabolites.

In case you’re using shampoo to hide traces, it’s recommended that you follow the instructions and wash your hair accordingly. If you’re an African American, repeat the whole process at least a couple more times to be sure.

Can you pass a hair drug test without buying anything?

The short answer is – No, you cannot. The best way to pass is to stop using drugs for at least three months before the testing.

As we mentioned, some methods can help you along the way, but none of them are guaranteed to work. You will always have a certain percentage for potential failure. The only safe way of passing these tests is by not using any drugs.

The Conclusion

Even though there are several methods you can use to cheat on a test, none of them have a 100% success rate. However, this should not discourage you from trying to pass because you have little to lose.

The good thing about these methods is that most of them are pretty affordable and aren’t a threat to one’s budget. Therefore, you can try several of them before you face the real challenge.

It’s vital for you to avoid wasting time on ways and methods that aren’t confirmed to work. There are hundreds of them online, and most of them are nothing more but a waste of precious time. Instead of opting for unconfirmed methods, try utilizing the ones we have mentioned in this article.

They aren’t guaranteed to work, but you have much better chances of passing a test by using commercially available products like shampoos.

We would also recommend getting an at-home test before you do the real thing to make sure everything is in order.

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