Jazz Total Detox Drink Review

In this Jazz Total Detox review, we’ll try to find out if a product that allegedly helped generations of stoners actually works for a drug test, discuss its ingredients, and see if it’s worth buying at all.

What Is Jazz Total Detox Drink?

Jazz detox drinks come in 10 and 16 oz bottles, and they will flush toxins from all major body systems, at least according to the manufacturer. Another interesting claim is that Total Detox’s effect is permanent, rather than it being a marking agent. At the same time, the company promises a five hour “clean window”, which contradicts their previous statement.

The company claims that Total Detox contains laboratory-grade ingredients meant to enhance cellular perspiration, so your body can eliminate drug toxins. We’re yet to see a detox program that works in just a few hours, so we were curious to inspect Jazz detox drink’s ingredient list. Indeed, it’s very different from other detox products we’ve reviewed:

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Riboflavin
  • Zinc oxide
  • Glucose
  • Sucrose
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • L-lysine

According to Jazz Detox’s website, it purifies your blood, urine, saliva, sweat, tears, bladder, liver, kidneys, and digestive system of drug toxins without using any “harmful” herbs. While some vitamins and Zinc are indeed used in home remedies for drug test, we still don’t see how Jazz Total Detox can cleanse every major body system on such a short notice.

Jazz detox drink is available in six different colors and flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, which doesn’t speak for its detox qualities, according to our previous experience. The abundance of artificial coloring and preservatives can also give your urine a weird color and trigger adulteration flag during drug testing. Now, let’s take a look at the instructions.

How To Use Jazz Total Detox Drink

The instructions printed on the label are very short:

  1. Drink the entire bottle of Jazz detox drink.
  2. Refill the bottle with water at least three times, and drink its content.
  3. Urinate 3-4 times to induce detoxification process; this may take 60-90 minutes.
  4. It’s advised to drink more water as necessary, but no specifics provided.
  5. People with weight over 230 lbs should consume two bottles of Jazz Total Detox

It shouldn’t be a problem to follow these directions to pass a drug test, since they’re so simple. However, we can already see that Jazz detox drink relies heavily on urine dilution, which is common for cheaper brands. For larger body size, Jazz Total Detox recommends using two bottles with 10 oz content or one containing 16 ounces of the drink.

Does Jazz Total Detox Really Work?

By this point, it’s clear that Jazz Total Detox doesn’t contain any miraculous components absent in other drinks, and it’s not much different from a soft drink that relies on urine dilution through drinking a lot of water. It does contain a couple of chemical compounds that can fool cheap home drug test, but labs are well aware of them nowadays.

People who’ve passed their drug tests after drinking this product probably did so because of urine dilution, since it doesn’t contain any detoxifying components. The newest Jazz detox reviews on the official website are dated 2015, and more recent Reddit posts state that labs are aware of methods used by this drink:

lab drug tests (probably the kind you’ll have to get) test for creatine because this is a common way to beat drug tests. Creatine doesn’t actually detox you, and if it shows up on a test, it could look more suspicious because it’s used to “cover” all drugs, not just weed.SignHereCo, Reddit

Overall, Jazz detox drink is nothing but an overpriced home remedy in a bottle, rather than a real cleanse for drug test. If it did really work, why’d the company print outright lies on the label, stating it’s not a masking agent? We suggest that you look into alternative products we’ve reviewed, which actually help in passing a drug test:

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Where To Buy Jazz Total Detox Near Me?

The price of Jazz detox isn’t exactly cheap for just 10 oz bottle content, and it doesn’t come with any detox pills included. The company offers One Hour Caps separately to be used as pre-cleanse, but they only contain two ingredients — vitamin B2 and creatine, so we doubt they can increase Jazz detox drink’s effectiveness.

Since Jazz Total Detox is an old and popular brand, many smoke shops have it in stock. It’s also:

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on eBay
  • Available on the official website (at 150% markup!)

When buying directly from the manufacturer, Jazz Total Detox is more expensive than good detox drinks, and in case of third-party sellers, there’s a risk of getting expired or counterfeit product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jazz Total Detox A Masking Agent?

Jazz detox drinks are indeed a masking agent and not a particularly good one. The formula supposedly works to expels drug toxins on a cellular level, but we haven’t found any evidence of that. In reality, Jazz Total Detox is an overpriced energy drink marketed as drug cleanse.

Does Jazz Total Detox Work For Opiates?

Proper detox drinks work for any drug, nicotine or alcohol metabolites all the same, but Jazz Total Detox doesn’t contain any detoxifying ingredients, as we’ve found out.

Can Jazz Detox Be Detected By Drug Test?

Since Jazz detox drink contains known adulterants, it may be detected by certain drug tests, so we suggest that you exercise caution of avoid using it at all and choose one of good detox products available on the market.


Despite being advertised as a miracle one hour detox for all body parts, Jazz detox drink doesn’t contain any detoxifying ingredients. It’s very unlikely that it will help you pass a drug test more than just drinking water and diuretics. There’s plenty of good detox drinks on the market for you to choose from, while the only thing Jazz Total Detox will cleanse is your wallet.