Improve Data Reliability

Demonstrating a drug’s true efficacy can be costly and time-consuming. Accurate results require objective feedback —and a medication monitoring device that passively collects real-time, real-world data. MedSignals® effortless medication management system increases reliability while decreasing labor intensity. 
•  No error-prone double-entry of data 
•  No self-report bias. No more recall questionnaires and self-reported summary data 
•  No more exaggerations to please coordinators

Medication monitoring eases study management time and effort

Reduce attrition. Identify and remedy non-performing participants early. Export data anytime -- ask for reports by email, text, or phone updates according to your parameters.  
•  Self-reported adherence is notoriously flawed, but with MedSignals® medication adherence 
   monitor, every lid opening is time-stamped and recorded — accurately, indelibly, and in real time. 
•  Usage data are uploaded automatically to a host server immediately after the event.
•  Investigators can observe protocol adherence and export data remotely 24/7. 
•  Time-stamped event data can automatically download to your email and be easily exported to your spreadsheets 
•  Reduce “white coat compliance” or last-minute compensation for missed doses

Our medication management system allows you to conduct multidrug studies efficiently

Observing only one pill as a proxy in a multidrug study may save costs, but it does not accurately reflect the intake of other drugs. MedSignals® allows you to monitor several drugs simultaneously — all for the price of one drug. 

•  Helps identify drug interactions 
•  Monitor real-world naturalistic medication patterns. Signals can be turned off for 
   control condition.  
•  Monitor daily doses of up to 12 medications
•  Time-stamped event data are easily exported to your spreadsheets, 24x7 
•  Remotely monitor progress on participants’ charts or on aggregate dashboards of 
   all participants.

Cut costs, labor and participant burden with our medication monitoring devices

MedSignals® reduces costs and labor intensity, as well as participant burden. 
The benefits to you include: 

•  Uploaded data collection from the field decreases office visits 
•  Less equipment to purchase (1 device = 4 drugs) 
•  Quickly identify and deal with non-performing participants or malfunctioning devices
•  No data lost due to battery failures or participant error
•  Copyrighted technical text available for grant applications  
•  The benefits to your study participants include: 
•  No need to bring meds to office visits for pill counts 
•  No diary keeping 
•  Less autobiographical bias and recall loss 
•  Less guilt and “evidence tampering” associated with poor compliance

Our biomonitoring devices are remotely programmable—including group programming

When prescriptions change, clinic visits are usually necessary to reprogram devices. But, MedSignals® dashboard lets you program each bin on the web, remotely and effortlessly. The next time the device dials up to the server, the new settings will be downloaded and programmed into each medication monitoring device automatically.  

•  Scheduled settings are displayed for each bin on a user’s charts. 
•  You can visually spot when pill patterns change, suggesting a possible prescription change. 
•  When prescriptions change, you are able to reset times, quantities, and warnings for each drug from your distant location.
•  We’ll show you how to “copy” settings to program many devices in a group

Our pill reminder devices are reusable for multiple studies
Other electronic data collection devices insist on wasting perfectly good devices after monitoring only one drug on only one person for only one study. Because the embedded battery expires in 18 months, a big investment is needlessly cast into the trash. The good news is MedSignals® medication monitors are reusable. 

We'll brainstorm together how to plan devices you need to fulfill your study design and stay within your budget. 

Custom-program new treatment concepts

Until now, programming a device to execute your new treatment approach often required pricey consultants and expensive apps that were not designed for your intended use. But now, MedSignals® allows you to individually program each activity–medication tips, reminders to exercise, cues to self-test blood pressure -- to signal and speak instructions according to your study protocols. You can also personalize instructions, advising the participant on your cues. Sit back and let the pillbox instruct participants right when they open the lids.

Monitor vital sign readings – integrated with medications taken

What does a BP or blood glucose reading mean if you do not know if they took their hypertensive or diabetes drugs?  Pairing vital sign monitors with medication usage greatly informs your understanding of what’s happening in the real-world setting. 

Pair MedSignals® with VitalSignals® devices that capture charts on one snapshot of the patient’s key behavior.

Harvard and MIT researchers estimate that if all patients with high blood pressure were treated to guideline with antihypertensive medicines, an additional 89,000 premature deaths and 420,000 hospitalizations could be avoided annually. (D. Cutler, et al)