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Research shows that remote biomonitoring yields $7 in cost savings for every $1 spent. In addition to automated pill reminders that improve medication adherence at home, MedSignals® remote medication monitoring and reporting devices compile individual and aggregate adherence records—saving you time, money, home visits, and “windshield time.” 

One snapshot shows it all – SmartCharts™ combining displays of vital sign readings along with medicines taken.

Automated medication management and vital sign monitoring
saves you time and money

At an affordable price, MedSignals® can compile comprehensive health information (from multiple biomonitors) and transmit it to the user’s file in an integrated, easy-to-read format. This full-service medication monitoring and reporting system can automatically identify at-risk patents, based on rules and boundaries that you define. You set the terms -- how low can blood glucose scores drop before an email is sent to the caregiver?  How late can your patient be with her Warfarin before someone gets a text message?  Can the doctor receive faxed quarterly adherence reports before the appointment?

Our medication management system can be customized to meet your needs

Our 4 models and functions can be matched to the specific disease states and demographics that concern you. We offer co-branding options, enabling you to display your logo prominently on equipment. Contact us here to learn more about customized models that fit your patients’ needs.

Current trends and collaborative opportunities 

Want to be part of developing a smart phone app that suits your specifications?  At MedSignals®, we are busy building apps that bring medication management systems right to your customer’s cell phones and laptops. 

The pharmaceutical industry (pharma) has adopted medication adherence as a primary driver in designing drug delivery systems and new packaging -- and for good reason: For a drug selling $1 billion annually, a 5% increase in patient adherence can reap $30-40 million in revenue.  MedSignals® can now design customized technology and systems that improve your buyers’ vital sign monitoring and medication compliance. Click to schedule a discussion with us.